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    Hi there I use the iPad app as my primary trading platform and have the "Remember Stops & Limits" option on. However, this seems to only work when you are not in full-screen mode and have the large deal ticket/alert/setting tabs available etc to the right of the screen. When I switch the chart to full-screen mode (so that you now just have the smaller Buy/Sell boxes in the top righthand corner) when I press either one the smaller deal ticket ONLY remembers the deal size and you need to fill in the stop and limit distances EVERY TIME. This gets quite frustrating and I am not sure whether it is a bug in the app or this is intentional. If it's intentional, I am not really sure how this makes sense - to have it apply to one of the deal tabs and not the other. Any chance we can get this sorted so that"Rember Stops and Limits" applies across the entire platform? Thanks
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    The Dow (and others) at a significant position on the daily chart, a break to the upside will throw it back into the higher band range while a break to the downside ... Friday not a good day for major breakouts but given the Feds new respect for the emotional turmoil of the markets and so their easing up of a systematic rate rise approach and given an easing of US-China trade tensions further upside is anticipated. But, as ever, new news can make the markets reverse on a pin head so as always, be ready for anything.
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    Hi @Victor1, see pic below, RSI fine on pc, I'm sure you've noticed the terrible reception you have on the top bar.
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    no problems here
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    How can organise for the dividends to be reinvested in the same shares automatically Thanks