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    @Pikto, With the second day of Brexit related voting in Parliament, Gold, has remained in its bullish tone. With a further third day of voting tomorrow I am expecting further uncertainly surrounding Brexit and Gold has a high probability chance of going beyond $1310. You asked me on Saturday if Gold would go above $1302. Well Gold's price action has answered your question.
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    No problem @Nelsy-Boy, trends should always exhibit a zig-zag succession of higher highs and higher lows (bull), if that pattern is broken the trend has at least stalled or may have collapsed all together. The pullbacks are caused by profit taking, the continuations are caused by re-entries, there has been no real bear participation up til now because the bears have all been sat here waiting for price at 3340, after all, why sell at a lower price when price is rising. This is why support and resistance is the king of indicators, they are obvious levels on a chart for like minded types to hang out and wait for price to come to them.
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    I've built an Excel Add-in and have added some client sentiment formulas. What I find interesting is the much higher proportion of long positions across all asset classes. Surprisingly the FTSE100 is the least shorted of all the major stock indices. In the FX world, IG clients are long on all major pairs, regardless of whether they are effectively long or short the USD. I will post this again with updated data, will be interesting to see how it changes over time (I suspect it won't actually change that much!).
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    Hi Andy, I can confirm the the API works with IG Switzerland. Some responses come in german. This is the only difference I noticed so far.
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    At 5:00 am, Gold is performing a lot stronger than Silver. With the Brexit uncertainty and another vote today on No-Deal Brexit, it is taking the lead and showing Silver the way. I think Gold will remain positive while the Brexit uncertainty lingers. The mere fact that it is staying above $1300 is positive. What I find interesting is that an IG Analyst provided its usual if Gold goes above x price then it will be bullish and if it goes below x price then it will be bearish with a chart stuck in there too! Surely that IG Analyst must know about the Brexit votes and how Gold could potentially behave but there was no mention of Brexit in the analysis which really does make me wonder of the worth of providing such analysis?