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  1. Market action proves it again: this market hinges on the Fed: The US Fed has proven itself as the most important game in town for traders. The FOMC met this morning, and lo-and-behold: the dovish Fed has proven more dovish than previously thought; the patient Fed has proven more patient that previously thought. Interest rates have remained on hold, but everyone knew that was to be the case today. It was about the dot-plots, the neutral-rate, the economic projections, and the balance sheet run-off. On all accounts, the Fed has downgraded their views on the outlook. And boy, have markets respond
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  2. @Bradipo, an on going problem with flash is that it keeps getting reset on browser updates. I'm not familiar with your browser set up but you need to go to site permissions (padlock icon on page url in chrome) and make sure flash and java are set to 'allow' (for IG pages) and not 'ask'.
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