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    Thought this was related: https://www.coindesk.com/the-sec-just-released-its-crypto-token-guidance
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    I believe the MT4 RSS is a 'free' service, whilst the IG News fly out is actually a data feed we have paid for. Unsure if we can copy it over. Let me check and I'll let you know.
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    @elle, Your charts have been bang on the money so far and has influenced a change of thought for me. You called the pattern we have witnessed a while back so well done for that. I actually followed your charts on US indices and though I could not see it at the time (hindsight is a wonderful thing) I can see your thought process better now. I think from memory you posted a chart of how the Dow has behaved previously on such large drops during this long term bull market in US stocks. Past behaviour can not guarantee future price behaviour but this pattern has played out like you envisaged.