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    You are correct, neither IG's version, nor PRT premium show your account balance and so on. This shortcoming has been known for a long time. Why it is the way, I can't tell.
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    Possible something because the market is closed and platform isn’t behaving?
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    Saw a great tweet - " Trump can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent"
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    yeah @Bell, I suspect you are right, an actual meet at the G20 between Trump and Xi was only officially agreed yesterday and whatever comes out of that will be the next big driver. I don't worry myself too much about the longer term we have all seen these major markets turn on a dime, or a two sentence Trump tweet even. Also saw an interesting EU wide poll during the week reporting that for the first time ever the greater % of those polled though the EU would not survive in the long term 😧