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    My wave 1 placement was premature, no matter, another leg up is fine and the further the wave moved the more secure my breakout Long trades will be. Don't know when or where the first wave 1 will conclude and don't care as I am not seeking to trade this short. I am waiting patiently for a sufficient retrace to add to my current Long positions and patience is the key thing here. On the Daily the bounce off support has been decent and so far looks good for a turn. Do need to see that short term 1-2 and rally away to confirm.
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    @nit2wynit, i like your thoughts about not losing, but gained an education, pretty positive take on the situation, good to hear
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    @nit2wynit , i wouldnt keep changing the amount you use just because you had a win. hell while your still learning and playing on the live market, i would only be using $1 a point, so that u can get a better feel for it and not risk too much, yes if you get it right and it moves 10 points its only $10, but if it loses it could be $100 instead of $10. it prolongs your stay in the live market by letting you risk smaller amounts, ultimately,small regular gains will far outway massive 1 hit wonders mixed with big loses.