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    Hi, you are correct, there is some very important math to consider concerning trading. Have a look at this thread linked below and consider; risk reward ratio, win rate, risk reward against win rate showing profitability, probability of sequential losing trades as it relates to % of account balance staked on each trade (risk management). I wouldn't worry too much about hedging in the early stages unless you were looking to hold a very long term position through thick and thin, the rest of us just run away 🙂
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    Now I would protect my trade by moving the stop 0.5p above your entry, I want it close to try and avoid getting closed out if it gets a bit volatile over the next hour or so. 👿 P.S. I hope this has helped.
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    @dmedin It's now just gone 07:30 and the FTSE has just tested 7500, it could go down to test 7493 as you can see on my chart but 08:00 could bring a rapid rally so if I wanted to trade this long I could buy now with a close stop just under 7500 or use a buy order just above 7510, personally I would choose the former because even it it reaches 7510 it could still test 7493. 👿
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    @dmedin Charts only show you what has happened, from that you have to analyse the most likely event going forward and to do that you need to understand how the markets work. There will always be at least two out comes and most often there are three, many traders only think in terms of up or down forgetting the sideways move yet in the middle there is almost always a sideways move if only for a day or two, this is the turning point. It may be a huge spike but that will retrace around 50% or more, it may be a series of failed attempts but you can see it in the charts. The most important thing to me is understanding the difference between a pull back in the trend and the trend itself. When you expect the market to do something you can wait for the market to come to you. I am going to show you on the FTSE chart over this week what I mean, starting now. This H4 chart shows me 3 things, firstly the FTSE is in an up trend, secondly the FTSE is pulling back or retracing the previous rally (caused by trumps reversal at the G20) and thirdly it shows me two probable points for reversal (levels of support) if you wanted to go short here you would need to scalp inter-day on an M1 or M5 chart, because although it's going down it's expected to reverse, given you would want to hold your trade it looks like you would be better off buying a low. Sorry it's a bit long winded but you wanted a thought process. 👿 FTSE H4 Chart Below is the FTSE last Friday on an M5 chart ( I wish I was trading that and not the Dax last Friday) you can see it has reached the first level of support so we wait and see what happens Sunday night. If this turns up over Sunday/Monday we could use the low as a stop-loss in case I am wrong. I will follow this up for you tomorrow. 👿 FTSE M5 Chart
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    LOL @dmedin I feel you. However if you are interested in trading individual stocks and are not considering what the sector or indeed the whole index is doing then how do you decide if the individual stock is going up or down? Or put more pointedly where in the cycle is the stock you are interested in? If you are not using a technical analysis technique to do this (line EWT) then you have to look at fundamentals. Personally I prefer to do both. I do not think intrinsic value is a good basis for trading, investing maybe but it doesn't matter what the intrinsic value of a particular stock is in a market crash, everything goes down... Regarding your question about individual stocks vs the indices, that would seem to be a good topic for specific thread, if you would care to start one. I am sure there are many different opinions on the forum that may be beneficial to hear.
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    Thanks for the response Casey. I solved the problem by changing the phone number from +44 to a random other location, which ungreyed the box. Then changed it back to +44 and was all okay.
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    I like your idea about getting a competition going.
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    Th That open drop last monday cost me $2100, if only i had the nerve to hold it for a couple of days, would have made a approx $1500 profit, but thats the game we play.