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    I closed my open position at profit, profit credited into my account balance, but position remains open, my margins shows zero $, my P/L shows zero $. Later time, IG mkt auto closed my SAME OPEN position AGAIN at a more unfavourable price, yet i had a more favourable stop loss price. Anyone else had similar problem, and manage to get IG to remove /reverse the incorrect 2nd close of the same position?
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    The 'talk' of the government bailing out Sirius is just wishful thinking. TeesideLive: Sirius Minerals 'may offer investor incentive' to solve cashflow problems Buy bonds and receive free warrants which will convertible to shares. DOI: I'm short Sirius at 10.404.
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    I found that History > Trade History > Download History gives me a what I need to work out the gains fairly easily.
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    I'm sure you've already posted this but it's pretty hard to beat for basic free content. https://www.investopedia.com/technical-analysis-4689657
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    I had the similar issue. My position was force closed. But subsequently it was auto closed the same position again at a later time. Meaning there is a double deduction from my balance. IG reversed one of my withdrawal. I submitted another withdrawal request while maintaining some positive balance for future trades. Later at night when I try to log in, my balance when into negative balance. Seriously what is wrong. Causing so much distress and inconvenience.
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    Same thing happened. I closed at a loss. Later system closed my same position at a higher loss. Now i have double losses in my account.