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    Is anyone using Trade of the Week as a Reverse Indicator ?
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    'The next recession is coming, that's for certain!' ... is not actually telling you very much. Every man and his dog is predicting a recession, imminent, in 6 months, in 12 months, in 18 months, in 24 months. right. We know this happens every time there's a downturn in the data but there have actually only been two recessions in the last 20 years. But this time it's different - yes well it always is, but what about the debt, well that's been around like forever, as that great 20th century economist Ronald Regan 🙄 said back in the 1980's "the debt's big enough to take care of itself" Boom Boom. Ah, but the yield curve inversion, guaranteed that is. But does that really work so well now yields have been decreasing for decades and are going negative across the developed markets, even Alan Greenspan last Thursday said he expected the US yields to go negative in the future. Japan has had negative yields for an age, with such tightly packed spreads is an inversion as meaningful as once was? History shows downturns in the data are more likely to lead to a new stock market rally than a recession and especially so when hedge funds are at minimal holding. The last two recessions we didn't really see coming, y2k and the bubble and bust then the sub prime fiasco (bubble and bust) but this time we know what's causing the data to drop, it's Trump trying to get China to play by the rules, it won't but it could end tomorrow. Keep an open mind, don't swallow garbage wholesale, wait to see what happens, be equally prepared for a new leg up as for a leg down.
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    This would be a good little project to develop with the API, When the spread drops alerting tool.
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    Well, that's settled then: “Now is the time to plan for the next recession – because the one thing we know for certain is that it will happen,” James Smith, Research Director at the Resolution Foundation, said. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-economy-recession/act-now-to-get-ready-for-recession-think-tank-urges-britain-idUKKCN1VT0VC
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    @dmedin, In all of the humour added by @Caseynotes there is a very important point. A point that must be understood. First of all, spread betting is merely a vehicle to use to get to a destination. There are other vehicles available and it is your personal choice which vehicle you choose. For example if I want to invest in a company for the long term then I use a different broker to IG. If I want to trade a trend either 'long' or 'short' then I use IG's Spread Betting account. Why do I use Spread Betting? Well the two main reasons are the use of leverage and the other is that profits are free from Capital Gains Tax making it a tax efficient way of trading. Now the two reasons I have highlighted are totally irrelevant if you are either a bad trader or a good trader using a bad trading strategy when using Spread Betting. I will try and identify strong trends to trade using Spread Betting. Trading with the trend is crucial on Spread Betting. The stronger the trend the better. So it is not just about spotting a trend. 'Trend Strength', 'Momentum' and other indicators have to align to try and give you the best chance of a profitable trade. The amount of traders I have come across on just this IG Community alone that do not have the following is staggering: Trading Plan Trading Strategy Trading System Now without the above the odds are going to be against you and the probability of success diminishes. Also it is not just above having the three points above but they must be effective and efficient in trading the markets. Spread Betting is not gambling. It is merely a trading platform. Gambling is using trade capital to trade without an effective trading plan, without an effective trading strategy and without an effective trading system. It is the individual that gambles not IG's Spread Betting platform. An ineffective trader could invest thousands of pounds on a share in the hope that it recovers or goes up. If the share price continues falling and that trader loses thousands of pounds then it is the trader who is the gambler and it does not matter if they used a traditional share broker, invested via an ETF, bought a mutual fund or traded using a CFD or Spread Betting account. It is the actions of the trader that is the issue and at fault. Once you have a defined trading plan, a clear trading strategy which can be executed and a trading system capable of delivering the objectives of the trading plan then you will decide which platform or structure to use for your trading / investing. So the platform that you use will be dependant on your trading plan, trading strategy and trading system. Now guess what? If you have no trading plan, trading strategy and trading system then how can you pick the most effective trading platform to use? How can you come to the decision that a Spread Betting account is better than a traditional Share Broking account? How can you determine that CFD is better than a Spread Betting account? @Caseynotes, put the point across in a lovely humorous way and I have tried to put the point across in a more serious way and hopefully both will resonate with most types of readers here on IG Community.
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    Having another disastrous trading day ... why do I do this to myself?
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    and it's a good question, just not sure who you could ask to get a definite and 100% accurate answer. As said above I think a period of consolidation is the next most likely play.