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    Possible bounce off the channel line. Note also the small gap closure.
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    Has the Russell 2000 signaled the turn back into rally mode? The US small caps are often a bit leading for the large caps, the Russell went green earlier than the others just now. If any bearish trend push back down is halted short of the low and ideally pushed back into the green there is a good chance the retrace is done and he rally can resume. Obviously need to break the 1510 resistance zone to be sure.
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    There are many forms of TA @cryptotrader, there is even a professional qualification, the CFA, that covers all or most of them. I use a number of techniques blended into a system of rules and indicators but almost always in the context of a fundamentals/macro backdrop. I use Elliot Wave Theory to get a big picture cyclical view and to confirm shorter term moves. I am a swing trader so my method is chiefly about identifying trend changes early and then once the trend is established and confirm I switch to trend following. Note, support/resistance, which I also use, is a form of TA. Regarding your specific observations: the candle you mention is less of a factor for me, I tend to only deploy candle price action on the daily+ time frame but it is a form of spinning top or doji candle, which can mean a trend reversal in context (i.e. not always). There was a decent IG video training session on candle patterns, probably still in the archive if you are interested. The gap is of interest because charting techniques (also a form of TA) hold that most gaps are filled quickly. The Supply/Demand proponents regard this as unfilled demand so usually the market reverses shorty after a genuine gap fill (i.e. one that is filled quickly). Gaps that take months to fill are not relevant in this context as they are really so-called breakaway gaps that were not filled during the phase in which they occurred. The market simply went into a trend change and the fill was a by product of this. Of more relevance to me was the fact that EWT suggested we ought to get a small counter trend retrace before a larger rally. Charting suggested that the support zone around the channel line - grey one - and/or breakout zone from the alternative channel line - blue one - would be a strong candidate for a counter trend turning point back into the main trend rally. Fibonacci retrace suggested the Fib 62% level, where it cut the channel line was a high likelihood turning point, which is where we got that doji candle on the 1H chart. However now of this is confirmed until we see a higher high, which is where good stop placement and money management comes into any system. So there are a few TA types there including: Elliot Wave Theory Support/Resistance Supply/Demand (which in my book is akin to, or causes support/resistance) Fibonacci retracement and Charting techniques I also use a few oscillators, especially momentum and I especially look for divergence on momentum (where price is higher (or lower) while momentum is the opposite. This occurred at the previous turn (3 Oct) and is dominant in my method unless or until that low (in this case) is broken or an opposite momentum divergence (a negative one) occurs later. That is all quite technical I know but hopefully you get the basic idea. If you google any of the individual elements you will get more info.
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    While Stocks and precious metal traders wait on tender hooks for a potential turn (or breakdown...) over int he Coffee market things seem more straightforward with a break of a key support zone. Onwards to test the next I reckon and if that breaks then next stop 8000.
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    Hi, see this page for investment transfer forms (If you are dematerialising stock then please also include your physical share certificate with the stock transfer form). https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/important-documents https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/investments/transferring-investments/how-do-i-transfer-my-investments-to-ig
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    not as simple or as regimented as that, the next level could well be a TP as I expect some kind of resistance at each level and so wait to see which side takes control then look to climb aboard.
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    Keep an eye on the indices, gold tracking up as indices track down but the indices bulls are trying to turn it around here, no word on Chinese retaliation as yet to the US move earlier.
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    yeah. I'm looking for dips between levels or breakouts/breakdowns from levels on the lower time frame charts.
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    https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/904353/sirius-minerals-boss-turns-fire-on-investor-bulletin-boards-904353.html Be-careful what you say about Sirius Minerals, The CEO is on the war path with Retail investors. Or in other words..."There is no smoke without fire"
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    American stock in pre market, looking at a 30% + spread as 6.25 at 9.95 - likely correct but a shitty market so not likely to be a good traded price
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    Thank you guys, I e-mailed the HelpDesk, an hour after which the booking of Working Orders started to work as normal, and continues still now. I still do not know what causes the problem, however. If it happens again I will post here or on the labs page.
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    Gold staged a break of that short term support zone but has since been stopped at another short term support level. I am looking for a break of this secondary support to open the way for a strong bearish phase. Risk to this might be a bearish phase on stocks as these markets do seem quite correlated in an inverted fashion, however there is no reason why gold and silver can't beak down while stocks also go bearish for a time so I am not getting hung up in stocks in relation to gold.
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    Coffee is continuing on my road map with another decent red day and a lower low. There is now a risk of an A-B-C, as is often the case, which could propel the market into the alternative rally scenario but I think this is less likely now after 2 strongly bearish days. If and when it breaks past the 9200 level I think 8000 is assured at a minimum.
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    Friday saw a boost to the markets keeping the Dow in touch with the highs. And bad news for all ewes hoping for a recession, here is the S&P sector quilt for 2019 so far (and previous years dating back to 2009), oh dear, not a single negative for 2019 ☹️. If it wasn't for me you guys would only see what you were looking for. https://awealthofcommonsense.com/2019/09/the-2019-sp-500-sector-quilt/