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    Hey Guys, I’m glad to announce I will be your new community point of contact. I'm taking over from @JamesIG. I have worked at IG for four years on our trading floor but have moved to manage the community. It will be great to hear any feedback you have for IG and I will happily push these idea to our developers. Do make sure if you need anything answered to @ me and I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks, Charlotte 😊
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    no it's not true and you should know as the question has been answered dozens of times.
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    Found this video there the other day, which shows how IG hedges. (At minute 2.00 approx) They don't hedge individual customers, but overall positions. So if 100 customers trade let's say FTSE 100, 50 short and 50 long (with same size), they don't hedge at all, cause the customers hedge each other. If 80 would go long and only 20 short, then at one point they hedge and go long on the underlying market.
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    Hey all Those who have been here a while will know that I oversaw the transition of our Community from the previous 'red theme' to the forum platform we're using today. It's been great getting to know the more active members and following your trading style and interests, and helping new traders get to grips with the platform. I'll still be floating around from time to time as a passive member so whilst @CharlotteIG will be the primary point of contact, tag me if needed (just be aware the reply may take a few days!). I'll still be at IG but heading up our new Products team. Our key focus is to develop and optimize the different ways you can trade on our leverage platform - new assets, new products, new markets - it should be an exciting time. Thanks for the conversation, and speak soon. 👍
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    Hey @dmedin, as Caseynotes mentioned we don't make money from our clients losing. Whilst I can't speak for other firms, I can confirm that IG is a regulated company who hedge the same way as clients. We make our money from spreads/ commissions not clients losing trades. We prefer for clients to win because that would then encourage them to trade more. You can read more about how IG make money here: How does IG make money
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    Err, day trading? No thanks! His roller coaster can be smoothed out if he switches to longer term trading. Day trading is a roller coaster, that's part of that game, especially intra-day. He is right about his emotional pressures, it is because he is over trading (too many traders seeking to generate massive hits in one go). He is wrong that the way to address this is to go back to a small account as he will not have addressed his underlying emotional issues and trading errors, they will emerge again if he is successful (i.e. his account grows). In the end trading is about accumulating wealth over time not about generating a steady income. The opportunities the markets offer are lumpy so you have to be ready to take advantage when they are offered. A big part of trading successfully is to not trade, most of the time.
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    Good news. Ross from Warrior Trading is starting over again. With a small account challenge. Starting with $500 !!! His last small account challenge started about 3 years ago, also with around $500 and he turned it into a million $ within bit over 2 years. Might be the perfect time to also create a small account and trade alongside him. Should be a good learning experience comparing on a daily basis what trades you took vs him, your profits vs his, etc. Also for the doubters, like @dmedin who believe it's not even possible to grow a small account to a million - if Ross can pull it off twice within a 5 years timeframe - then everyone can do it. No doubt about it. All you need is passion for the game, concentration, resilience and the right mindset to pull it off. I'm gonna set-up my demo account today (I'm actually out of cash - wasn't joking earlier) and will focus on US market open for the next couple of weeks. No more indices, commodities, etc. Not sure yet if I'm also gonna give UK market open another try. I guess I got to do something in the morning as well. If I manage to grow the demo account consistently over a period of 4 weeks, then I'm gonna go back to live. Who else is in giving the small account challenge a try? @nit2wynit, @dmedin, @Mercury, @Caseynotes, @TrendFollower, @elle ...
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    It won't be entirely possible to trade along side as a lot of the shares he Trades aren't available to us on SB with IG. Buuut. some of them are, so it's all to play for. I've grown my account from £1000 to roughly £1750 trading breakouts over 1 week. Sure it was the Demo but it's real enough to me. I only place maybe 2 trades per day at Market Open. If they Fail i wait till the next day. The hardest part, as we've discovered is finding them before the bell at 2.30 Didn't trade today. Been cooking.
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    Love this thread - reads like a comedy show
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    91% of IG client accounts with open positions in this market expect the price to rise 👍😎
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    Scroll to the bottom of the page
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    yes not normal, but in my defense most of my posts are just repeats ☹️. Just need this last trade to push over the line and I'm done.
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    Can you look into removing the type of contributor a poster has on their profile based on pure posts alone as someone new comes on here and views posts from a "Respected Contributor" and such and they think this person knows a lot but in reality it's hundreds of posts of 💩
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    @DSchenk- For US exchanges we can't offer L2 order book data, which is why the charges are the same for L1 and L2. Apologies that hasn't been clarified sooner.
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    Fair and obvious ... the British way of doing business
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    why? the only reason you've got going for a trade against trend is the potential of a double bottom if price can break the neckline. if it can't then it's forming a range and you've just bought at the high 😮
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    Don't know about PRT but on IG's web sades platform it can't be reset lower, only higher so you would need to blow the demo account then refund it.
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    Ross starting over, does this mean he is going to give up all the expensive subscriptions as well? As pointed out in early Sept from vid posted on this thread Ross explains he is paying $250 a day for his direct market access platform and high speed connections which doesn't include the commissions on his trades. Anyone trying to copy may struggle to keep up.
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    Can't seem to shake off the never ending run of bad news.
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    @Fib550 After speaking with our dealing desk they confirmed that there's always been a credit for short positions held. This can be changed by the desk or our risk analysis team but you will be able to see the changes on the information section on the deal ticket.
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    Hey @Fib550 I've had a look at your previous chat. If you're trading in a Dollar contract then when your profit/ loss is converted back to sterling we would use our fx rate to convert as well as add a 0.5% fee within that rate. If you're trading a sterling contract your profit/ loss is in sterling so we will not need to convert it.. Therefore the 0.5% fx fee is not going to be applied to your Sterling positions when you close it.