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    Morning all - please see below info sent earlier this week: There will be a delayed open on our cryptocurrency and weekend markets on Saturday 26 October, to allow for scheduled maintenance. We’re planning to reopen these markets at 12pm (UK time), rather than the normal 4am, however this is subject to change. We’re sorry if this causes you any inconvenience. If you have any questions about this or need assistance with your account, you can find answers in our help and support area or IG Community. Alternatively, our highly trained client services team is available by phone or email 24 hours a day from 8am Saturday to 10pm Friday. No changes to plan- on track for midday at this time. Thanks, Ludwik
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    Coffee has just made a reversal that brings up a long term rally scenario. Whereas I had been tracking further declines, but only to set up a major long term rally phase, there was always an alternate scenario such that the end of the Bear was already in. That alternative scenario now looks increasingly likely such that I cashed all my Shorts and went Long late last week (week just ended). The technicals: The bearish move off early July top (1-2 Purple) could be seen as either an A-B-C or a 1-5 but the A-B-C is perhaps a bit more obvious. There is strong PMD at the turn and rally point as 2 (purple) The rally up to 1 (green) again could be read either way but the bearish move down to 2 (green) is a definite A-B-C in my opinion. Had the subsequent rally been a short lived consolidation type move I would have readily believed that the bearish move would continue but after a short 1-2 (brown) the market rallied hard. Still if this rally was short lived it might be an A-B-C that set up a strong bearish move but then the next bearish phase shaped up like a Pennant or more likely a small scale 1-2 and then rallied again Now that price has broken back above 10,000 and made new higher highs I am much more convinced of the long term rally scenario. Obviously we need to see price break above the 10500 level to be more certain and then a break through the long term channel line (circa 11,000) is the next important move and then ultimately a break above 11,500 seals the deal. As there is a potential for this market to reach $30/lb there is plenty of time and lots of reward on the table. Frankly, given the nature of markets like stock indices, I find this opportunity far more compelling. Where else would you get a 20,000 point opportunity? Maybe if the Dow has a total meltdown... Of if the massive destinations for Gold and Bitcoin come off but that is all uncharted territory. This isn't! Just look at a price chart since the mid 1970s...
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    That's right - all orders would usually be triggered & filled basis the opening price. We would, of course, pass on any positive slippage on limit orders.
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    Agreed - not ideal. Unfortunately no other way around the maintenance & updates required this weekend. Again sincere apologies- we remain on track for a 1200 open without any further delay. Ludwik