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    FTSE 100, DAX and Dow have turned higher despite sharp losses on Friday. With key resistance up ahead, will the recent market uptrend continue? Our senior market analyst Joshua Mahony wrote about the FTSE, DAX and DOW movement. What is everyone thinking of this recovery and do you think it's going to continue with this bullish behavior. FTSE 100, DAX and Dow surges higher after Friday declines
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    @Tiffany- thanks for your fast response. CABA US – non-leveraged only for the moment, however it will be assessed for a couple of months then they may add it to leveraged. PGNY US – set up for both leveraged and non-leveraged account. The account you pick depends on what you want to do to be honestly. With share dealing/ ISAs you will physically own the stock and receive dividends. The commission for US shares on non-leveraged accounts is $15 or 2 cents per share (you will be charged the larger of the two. Further to this, you do have our custody fee on share dealing which is £24 per quarter. You can find out more about share dealing fees by following the link here. With a CFD account (leveraged) you are also charged commission per side which is $15 or 2 cents per share again on each side. When trading the Cash we also charge overnight funding. With these account you will only have to put down 20%-25% of the market value to open a position. With Spread betting you're not charged commission, you're charged spread. This means when you open the position you will be in an instant loss but the profit/ loss you make on that position can be realised as soon as you click close position. There will be no commissions. This type of account is also not subject to capital gains tax. With the Spread betting account, you can trade the cash which has overnight funding but you also have the option to trade a forward contract. This has a larger spread, and expiry date but no overnight fees. You can choose to roll forward contracts if you wish to used them and hold them long term. The option to rollover is on the MyIG page when you select Settings> Rollovers. Like the CFD you will only have to put down 20%-25% of the market value to open a position.
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    Hey @Cheerywalnuts, thanks for your post. The movement on the cash price was the dividend adjustent for Wall st. Adjustments are made 21:00 GMT, (so 5am Singapore time). We post the expected dividend adjustments on the community on 'Our Picks'. The Wall St adjustment that evening was posted as 32. 6. If you want to see how dividend adjustments work on Cash markets you can find out more by following the link below: How do dividend adjustments affect my position?
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    Huge beat in ZEW figures: EUR German ZEW Survey Expectations (NOV), Actual: -2.1 Expected: -13.0 Previous: -22.8
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    Indicator showing the correlations between the SPX500 and a number of currency pairs and indexes across several time frames.
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    Dax and Dow looking set to push higher, Ftse and ASX still trapped by resistance. BAML global fund managers survey of asset allocation shows push into equities and sentiment for global economy for the next 12 months turns positive.
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    Interesting issue @dmedin, and one I have struggled with myself. I have a few personal insights for you, if care for them, as follows: Firstly I use multiple time frames for both analysis and as trading triggers, although I usually use the 1H chart as my main trading window, within the context of the bigger picture. With respect to EWT I never use it exclusively, and it is never an actual trigger for trading, merely an analytical corroboration. In other words I need to have a credible EWT set up but don't use label positioning as a trading trigger; it is too rough a technique for that. With respect to Daily vs 1H, often I cannot see the internals on the daily chart (e.g. a wave 1 with an internal 1-5 pattern) but the wave labeling should sense in the context of the rest of the labeling on the daily. In such cases I will then look to see if I can see the 1-5 internals on a shorter term time frame (4H/1H); occasional also 15 mins but below 1H things get less reliable for me. I will happily trade a price action move that conforms to my trading triggers even if the specific EWT at that point is not conclusive as I often see it in hindsight, however the contextual bigger picture EWT has to be present and credible for me to trade. If we look at the Daily chart for Coffee (below). The May bottom at present looks like a trend ending turn (a large wave C - see my previous posts for why I think this is a C). The rally up to wave 1 (purple) could be seen as either a 1-5 or an A-B-C, indeed my first thought was an A-B-C, which is what I was posting initially. However the move down to wave 2 (purple) is a clearer A-B-C, which suggested the previous rally was a 1-5. With another rally and retrace to follow (1-2 blue) and a strong straight rally to a new higher high vs 1 (blue), I can surmise that the current rally is part of a motive wave that will eventually breakout into a confirmed trend change and long term bull market. I cannot see the internal 1-5 on the wave 1 (brown) rally until I look at the short term time frame charts. However the wave 1 label is consistent with the rest of the daily chart labeling and I had a number of indicators suggesting a turn back down and I was anticipating a bearish retrace to set up a strong move to test the key 11,500 level. So far this is playing out. It must be noted that until we get a breakout and a higher high than the wave 1 (purple) point I cannot rule out a consolidation phase. Indeed there are 2 unclosed gaps on the recent rally, one right at the beginning, which could mean the whole rally gets retraced to a new lower low. If that happens then the wave 1 (brown) is negated. Like a lot (all) of technical analysis the price action needs to confirm which scenarios are possible until there is only 1 left. While I believe my Fundamentals case is strong for a long term bull market the technicals help to sort out the timing via the various scenarios in play. Currently my lead scenario is for a retrace to wave 2 (brown) and then a rally to test the key resistance level. However a deep rally might begin to change my mind. The case for my lead scenario is strong, including the strength of the wave 1 (brown) rally. It will take an equally strong bearish price action move to negate this.
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    The next 'crash' is being calmly organized and put in place, piece by piece. Hell, they even pay agitators to raise up the crowds of protesters and striking union members. The question is, who is going to profit from all the carefully orchestrated suffering this time?
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    How about these MTFs, 15 min chart with 1 hour Heikin Ashi overlay. 15 min chart with 1 hour 2 x MACD (12, 26, 9 and 24, 52, 18). 15 min chart with 1 hour RSI and 7 MA period overlay.