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    @Mercury & @dmedin- Thanks for sparking this chat back up again. I feel like with everything going on with Brexit (focusing on EURGBP) and trade war we sometimes forget about Cable movement. DailyFX have wrote their thoughts on cable. Something you might find interesting, let me know GBP/USD: Overtaking This Price Could be a Game Changer- British Pound to USD Outlook
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    During the US Thanksgiving holiday, we will be making some changes to our usual trading hours. These adjustments will take place between Wednesday 27 November and Friday 29 November 2019, after which we’ll go back to normal trading hours. (All times below are GMT). Wednesday 27 November Usual closing times on US markets, US equities post-market open as normal. Thursday 28 November US equity markets will be closed. US index futures close early at 6pm. We will make an out-of-hours price on Wall Street, US 500 and US Tech 100 until futures re-open at 11pm. The Volatility Index closes early at 4.30pm. US Crude closes at 6pm, Brent Crude closes at 6.30pm. The US 30-Day Fed Funds Rate and the US Dollar Basket close at 6pm. Metals, including Gold and Silver, close at 6pm. US soft commodities will be closed. London Sugar No.5 closes early at 5pm. Friday 29 November US equity markets will close early at 6pm. There will be no pre or post-market trading. US index futures and the Volatility Index will close early at 6.15pm. We will make an out-of-hours price on Wall Street, US 500 and US Tech 100 until 9pm. US Crude closes at 6.45pm, Brent Crude closes at 7pm. The US 30-Day Fed Funds Rate and the US Dollar Basket close at 6.15pm. Metals, including Gold and Silver, close at 6.45pm. Cotton opens late at 1pm. Chicago Wheat opens late at 2.30pm. US soft commodities (except New York No.11 Sugar) will close early at 6pm. Lumber trades 3-6pm, Live Cattle trades 2-6.15pm. The futures desk and all 24-hour indices close at 9pm, FX closes at 10pm. Let me know if you need clarification on this.
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    So Natural Gas has touched the price area I have highlighted. I am expecting it to turn within the rectangle area upwards. @Mercury, is right to point out that there is a 'Supply Glut' in Natural Gas and the US is one of the biggest holders of Natural Gas. This is a more shorter time period trade for those who are interested. I am not suggesting that Natural Gas will go on and make new all time highs or go on an upward trend for the next year or so. I think during these winter months it may continue in its current directional path.
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    Not the best start back in today. Watchlist Trades Was trading well in the beginning on IFRX. Then tried to make some gains on CHS, which didn't work out as planned. Raised the stakes a bit and went back on IFRX. Got too cocky in the end and booked a big loss on a $0.10 flush out. Glad I'm still on Demo
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    force open allows you to have two open trades in the same market going in opposite directions. If you choose net off instead then they will aggregate to either cancel each other out or leave you with just the one trade still active if the two trades were of different sizes.
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    Don't worry, we will run out of food and water long before the seas rise or the currents reverse and freeze us all. On the plus side, we will have plenty of natural gas to keep us warm...
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    Global warming is the long-term rise in the average temperature of the Earth's climate system. It is a major aspect of climate change, and has been demonstrated by direct temperature measurements and by measurements of various effects of the warming. Wikipedia. Earth's climate arises from the interaction of five major climate system components: the atmosphere (air), the hydrosphere (water), the cryosphere (ice and permafrost), the lithosphere (earth's upper rocky layer) and the biosphere (living things). Wikipedia. However, speaking more accurately, global warming denotes the mainly human-caused increase in global surface temperatures and its projected continuation. Wikipedia. The instrumental temperature record provides the temperature of Earth's climate system from the historical network of in situ measurements of surface air temperatures and ocean surface temperatures. Wikipedia.
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    Ok, so let's have a look what was going on with Ross whilst I've been away. In terms of trading strategy, this video got released: https://youtu.be/_NAM_oTYUQM There's a nice pdf you can download for free here: https://www.warriortrading.com/small-account-strategy-lesson/ In short: Scanning the market for biggest gappers with highest relative volume. Price under $20, above $1 Entry set-ups: Pullback patterns on 1min and 5min charts Risk Management: Risk $50 to make $100 (or 10% of account size) Daily max loss -$100 (or 20% of account size) 3 consecutive losers and out for the day In terms of broker: https://youtu.be/Tm-mOUMkM8E Answer: CMEG (offshore, to work around PDT rule in the US) In terms of charting: https://youtu.be/8wkucabTMk4 TD Ameritrade, cause charts are for free In terms of Starting capital: https://youtu.be/RTuq7QXniFc Answer: $500 Matches with my defined rules for this challenge. Can't wait to dive in again. Unfortunately just found out it's Thanks Giving this week 🤯 No trading on Thursday, and prob no point on Friday neither.
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    Good start this analytics dashboard, but long way to go. It's 2019! A top Data Analytics Dashboard should be standard procedure for any broker The analytics form ProRealTime contains a lot more data and lets you drill down a lot better.
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    Thanks for that @CharlotteIG, my analysis is similar in that I have a turn and breakout on GBPUSD and current consolidation, probably in a Flag, which suggests a continued rally on breakout. I believe this is overall a counter trend rally and the long term trend remains bearish. Naturally the UK election, Brexit new referendum or not, Marxist based government or not, Scot,and indyref2 or not is cause for concern but I imagine USD weakness might supersede this to some extent. My EURGBP analysis is indicating a period of EUR dominance to come soon, which may also be attributable to the UK political situation, at least short to medium term. therefore I prefer to trade EURUSD rather than GBPUSD, although I did trade the initial breakout but have cashed for profits.
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    I don't know much about Natural Gas, except for its uses in power generation, but as a market it doesn't look like there is a supply side issue with Natural gas globally. I have heard a few energy experts opine that there is "loads" of natural gas so based on this as an overarching fundamental I would expect to see prices declining. https://www.statista.com/statistics/281873/worldwide-reserves-of-natural-gas/ A look at the long term chart (below) would seem to confirm the above supply side thesis. I suspect, but do not know for sure, that annual weather patterns have limited time frame impact on price. Naturally producers increase prices into winter and may use a bad winter as a justification for higher prices but the long term price trend is clearly not consistent with good/bad weather alternating, we have had some cold ones, including snow and ice storms in Florida (I can't remember exactly but this happened somewhere between 2011-13) over the time period of the current Bear market. Some wags may say that this is consistent with global warming... 🙄 From a purely technical perspective there is nothing supporting a price breakout to the upside yet. The price movement since the all time highs has been in a large A-B-C form, that is potentially in an ending channel formation at present with very significant PMD so seeking a breakout rally would seem to be right. However it is by no means clear that the Bear has bottomed out and turned. The ending channel often exhibits an A-E wave form before the end. Irritatingly the E can be truncated (i.e. not fall below the D nor touch the lower channel line - ho hum!). As price remains within the consolidation phase no breakout has yet occurred and with the price action it seems at least evens that we will see a lower low and quite possibly a return to the all time market lows before speculation get going. However I don't as yet see where a long term sustainable demand over supply issue will emerge to drive this commodity back towards the ATHs, unless this is purely an across the board reflation or hyper inflationary cycle. Of course that is the very nature of a Black Swan event... That said, I know very little about Natural gas...
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    @CharlotteIG, All it takes is for the weather forecast to be slightly out, for it to be warmer than predicted this winter and supply not declining as much as expected for Natural Gas prices to decline rather than appreciate. The fundamentals can change the technicals very quickly.
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    Poll tracker out yesterday;
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    No breakout this week obviously but yesterdays candle was a spinning top, which either means a tend change of a breakout is on the way (yes up or down...). Still if we do see a positive candle on Monday that breaks higher that will most likely be a breakout confirmation. As such the upside potential is fairly significant and the move could be fast and furious. On the negative side, with the USD is rallying just now, and likely to continue for a bit, which could give some impetus to a breakout, the longer term set up for USD is bearish.
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    Crude Palm Oil continues its rise in price. Palm oil output deficit to push price upward in 1H20: Expert https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/palm-oil-output-deficit-push-price-upward-1h20-expert Identifying the 'Strongest Trending Assets' has been a trading principle and mantra that I have stressed on many of my posts. This is an example of an asset that is trending strongly and one where points / profits can be achieved in the correct directional trade. It can be achieved by doing nothing complex or confusing but merely following the price action and trend in the direction it is moving in. The key is to identify these assets in the first place and as quickly as possible. If it can be identified at the earliest opportunity then it allows the profit potential to be greater.
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    The issue has now been resolved so the new post should only take 12 hours max to be approved. Apologies to anyone this affected.