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    Buddy, you don't need me to tell you....but just in case I do; You're over trading and not sticking to your trading plan. To the rule, you were up £35, but then lost 4 trades in a row to a total of -£100. It's not just the value, but 4 losing trades in a row means you're off game. That's it. You're done. Personally, when you got -£50 it was over for the day. At least we're still learning, but giving it away like this and that 5k marker is a long way off. I was up £300 last week in 2 days, but I think it was less than 10 trades in total and less than 1 hour trading. However, that's OK, coz, although we might have detailed what we're hoping to do, it's still OK to Make Mistakes so long as we're learning what Not to Do going Live. Because it's the Demo, I've not been paying attention or been distracted, I've still been placing Random Trades to see what happens at various times after the bell. What is happening is the more Random trades I place, the more losses I incur. We're either trading Breakouts or looking for Reversals. Trying to play both one after another on the same stock is a sure fire way to give back profit you've just made. Remember, the direction either long or short is only assured for a few minutes after the bell. Playing after this and you're in random territory. Limit how many trades you will place as well as maximum loss and profit. I know you know this, but I like to hear it back to for my own sake also. Let's see what tomorrow brings for us both.
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    That's my boy I've been distracted again; my woman's B'day weekend, but it's today. I now need to make a card lol. I'll skip today coz not in the right frame of mind. Catch up again later and back on it tomorrow.
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    That's what I'm gonna be looking at. Gameplan: Focus on basehits (£10, £20 profit). Don't go into red. Daily goal: £100
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    @dmedin, this has been something that a lot of clients ask for. I will ask our feedback team. We're set up for other markets so I'm not sure why we're holding back on stock options. If it is still a no, I will give you their reason why.
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    @dmedin why is this not proof to you it can work? these are 4 'risk managed' trades using a £500 account. My risk on each one would have been £50 or less. What is there to doubt? i really don't understand you, but i think you've been studying the wrong strategy for too long you simply don't believe it, or won't believe it. Why aren't you trialing along side with us doing this? Go on the Demo, Look at the watch list, give it a go. What's the problem? Risk no more than 10% each trade. Max loss, Max Stop etc. Get in get out 1:1 Aim for 50/50 PL Then come back and say it doesn't work. We'll talk more
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    This is hopeless, I mean really. Wtf am I doing with my life ...
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    Alright, it's been a psycho thriller today Ending the day down: £107.40 Good start with PCG, two trades in the green. Then two trades in the red. Essentially back to 0. Then saw TGTX going wild on the scanner, so jumped in. Obviously, I made it again to just buy the top of the move. Happens to me all the time. Lost a few bucks on that. AR, also from the watchlist was next. Total thriller. My first position went straight into the red, then I took another position on the reversal. Worked out in the end with £36 and £30 profit on those two positions, but been sweating all the time. In between small trades on TGTX again, but stopped out at break-even. Finally DTIL. Shouldn't have really traded this. Down 40% on the day and was trying to catch some reversals. Didn't work out. Should've sticked to gap and go, then at least would've finished the day on break-even. My account is still up, but back at £683.7. Let's see if I can bring it back to £1000 this week.
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    Drop and rally as expected. Will it breakout strong this time?
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    Jeremy Naylor has done a short piece on Goldman Sachs retains forecasts and where you may find some trading ideas with gold. Gold's down 6% since high earlier on this year. I are not telling you which way to trade, just to keep you informed.
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    So the recent US indices dip was yet another buying opportunity and of course the permabears diving in short once again only to be flushed in short order for about the thousandth time since 2012. It seems they don't care being wrong all the time for years on end so long as they might be right once some time in the future. This of course is not trading but has more to do with Je-sus complex prophesying and most definitely needs an income stream outside of trading to support it. The only people who do profit from it are the professional peddlers of doom and gloom and there are many, but why are so many so susceptible to fake messaging? In the link below are several short vids on how the media manipulates the news and so dictates what people think both in regards to the markets and in general. https://tacticalinvestor.com/permabear-it-takes-a-special-kind-of-stupid-to-be-one/
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    Requires Fracking big time. At present Fracking seems to be the devils work in the Zeitgeist. I imagine that will change when the lights start going out...
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    Yes because they want you to keep your money invested. That is how they make money so they have a vested interest in punters keeping their money in. Yes in a bull market but as soon as things turn nasty (1929 nasty) that strategy fails spectacularly. Unless you believe it will never happen again...? It took 30 years for the stock markets to regain the 1929 highs.
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    Overnight the US Indices just pausing back up near the all time highs, Oil broke though near term resistance on Friday while Gold hang close to key support. Not much on the calendar today, FOMC rate decision on Wednesday.
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    Not this week but last week, I noticed at one point the Swiss Index was moving in the exact opposite direction as the EUSTX50. So, I think that some of the things which used to take place with the currencies are now taking place in the Indices to avoid the risk of Central Bank intervention.
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    Silver has broken lower, close below on he day required to confirm but the signs are good. Gold yet to do likewise but following, looks like the retrace has resumed. Stock to continue higher or USD to turn lower again or both?
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    @DSchenkThe desk don't offer as many smaller cap stocks because there's not as many people wanting to trade the market and due to the price the amount being hedged is small. However I can see there is demand for these so I will speak with them and update you. I will also see if the minimum cap for US stocks can be reduced. The cap itself is only a guideline.