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    tis a LONG and winding road to the final tape on Dec 31
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    Both Gold and Silver are looking super bullish. Yes there may well be a pullback at some point but it seems like a new upward move is materialising. Silver hit $18.00+ and Gold has surpassed $1500 which are both very important psychological price points. Longer term Silver could try for $20.00 and Gold has that elusive $2000 price area which I don't think it can hit without major economic turmoil, severe market corrections and a worldwide downturn. This is just my personal opinion at this point in time. In any upward strong move Silver is like 'Gold' on steroids. So potentially there are more points on offer with Silver than on Gold but Gold would be the lesser risk in terms of volatility.
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    All in long only ETTFs ? 😉
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    Do you know about TLS strategy? I've only been on FX for two weeks, but I'm getting good profits this way. Trend / Level / Signal You can check this image. I will tell you about more information this strategy. Hope you guys get some help this way. LOL