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    I traded out of my cable posi at 6 am...went short and made a few points back...when London came in pre numbers. Looking at Yen ....Stong resistance at 109.60 If she breaks ....Which I think it will ...Might get a run to 110.60 Which is 0.618 % of the down move from Y122.... Looking at buying Wheat too...but not easy to job in and out of that....(Chicago) Limit short Apple...😬 Almost limit short Us 500 😰 Got a brand new pair of undies on lol
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    Amen! Holding about 7 types of crypto but feel pointless in trading it. Got trades pointing downwards currently on FTSE and hoping for some middle east doom & gloom to cash in on🤣
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    I have been tracking a few soft commodities to see if there is anything to this idea of a reflation (wider economy inflation) across all commodities. The idea is that the Fed policy will eventually produce the much sought (by the Central Banks at least) inflation but that the Fed will not be able to control it so we will get runaway inflation that will be led by commodity prices. This has proven correct on Coffee so far... Sugar is a contrarian play as the received wisdom is "sugar bad!". However, as has been suggested by @TrendFollower I think, there seems to be an under supply at present as producers exit the market. Again similar to coffee but for different reasons: for sugar is seems to be a consumer health driven issue but for Coffee it is good old fashioned supply/demand. On the Technicals front the situation is similar between Coffee and Sugar on the charts with a wide price range and the markets completing a touchdown at or near the bottom in an A-B-C wave form, suggesting the next move will be up and will go higher than the recent highs, it certainly has been on Coffee! Note this is also similar on Gold... The recent move down looks like and A-B-C with strong PMD at the recent turn (monthly chart). Wave C concluded on the Fib 76%, not marked on chart On the weekly we can see a possible 1-2 (pink) rally and retrace within a channel that was then broken and failed a retest before rallying further in a series of 1-2 waves Zooming in on the daily we can see a V-Bottom at wave 2 (pink) and then the 1-2 (blue) produced a double bottom with PMD at wave 2 (blue). There is an ice line across the top of the V-Bottom that coincides with the next 1-2 (green) and is a strong area of resistance (now support after the breakout). We now appear to have a 1-5 up to wave 1 (brown) and a short wave 2, which has just broken higher as I am writing this... There is still a possibility that we see a retest of the ice line (crica 1290) but if the break of 1380 is confirmed then this is, for me, a bullish sign. A next resistance level break would seal it for me. If this is a turn bullish then this trend could run for some time and many points.
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    But he lags the democrats😁 "'Trump’s stock market rally is very good, but still lags Obama and Clinton" "The Dow Jones industrial average has gained about 45 percent since Trump was sworn in nearly three years ago. The Dow was up about 53 percent at this point in Obama’s presidency and a whopping 57 percent in Clinton’s early years in office." https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/12/28/trumps-stock-market-rally-is-very-good-still-lags-obama-clinton/
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    That's the media for you. I'm sure they had lots of justifications. Typically media outlets cotton on to trends towards he end not at the beginning. If they were any good at doing anything except reporting what has already happened they wouldn't be in the media...
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    If you wanted a bit of action the long bond has had a 300 point whip saw day already 😂
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    Bit late for 2019, but to answer the above questions I wrote an article: Santa Rally – Christmas Growth in the Stock Market
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    A wee bit action starting now, Samwise Gamgee
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    Potential Coffee breakout of a down sloping channel on the 1H coincident with the Fib 50% and where Wave C = Wave A, a typical EWT relationship. There is PMD on the 1H and Daily charts and EWT rules for a retrace are met. Clearly the chance of a further drop is still very much there and we may yet see a small bearish retrace and retest of the breakout zone, if confirmed but this is still a decent shout for a Long IMO.
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    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 18m “11,000 points gained in the Dow in the 3 years since the Election of President Trump. Today it may hit 29,000. That has NEVER happened before in that time frame. That has added 12.8 Trillion Dollars to the VALUE of American Business.” @Varneyco @FoxNews The best is yet to come! everyone's waving 'Dow 30,000' hats! I want one😉
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    Made a bouncy-bouncy off resistance-****-support 😻
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    I do buy indx sometimes.....I bought FTSE 100 at 7629 at 7 this morning as hedge against my SP short , then i dumped it at 7630 for a point profit.....You bulls would have been proud of me...
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    Yes....Leg higher is building just now...helped by bond market going bid......I d say a push to the o/night highs then lower......Still aiming at Dow 29084 ....But that will be wave 5 and top of Fib extension.....
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    I d say , we ve had a p/back to support on Sp at 3273, leg higher to highs then Woshh down we go ......Apple holding market up at $310 , once its finished , sayanara !!
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    So often the case. You can say the same of Keynes and Friedman... Certainly the Central Bankers are amping up the theories of these guys. An Austrian! An Austrian! My trading account for an Austrian!
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    yes but a slightly negative report on a bullish market isn't going to cause fireworks, will be interesting though to see how things go into the end of week close, will there be profit taking or adding in?
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    Free market 'classical liberalism' certainly isn't the answer - neither are deregulation and privatization, both of which have been proved disastrous in recent years. For example, per Adam Smith, if you read his Wealth of Nations you find he wasn't in favour of nearly half as much of the BS that 'classical liberals' advocate for in his name. Even Ricardo acknowledged the labour theory of value.
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    yes, amazing. the market has failed to crash and burn on a massive 15k miss on the 160k target. must be down to overall bullish strength then.
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    No one (or institution) has the power to stop the crash once it takes hold. Corruption, or just plain old vanilla manipulation out of good intentions, will eventually implode. The case the Bears put forward is that the more effort that goes into juicing the markets the harder the crash will be. It isn't the first time this has happened and those that believe this time is different will be just as wrong as the people who said that before. Of course timing is everything but you don't have to trade the top, just recognise when it has come in and change your directional bias. What I am saying is that if Boeing breaks lower then the trend has changed. I don't know how far down it will go, the arrow is (or course) directional not quantitative...
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    Not too shabby, about at 32% return over the year...Donald will be happy.
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    bears tryin to pick the top be like,
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    sometime you see some early movement on a nfp day but always quietens down as the hour approaches.
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    Love it....! What can I say.....I ll get bullish around Sp 4000
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    Lineal regression line based on the current rally projected for the year ahead, don't strain your neck.
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    I posted on my Bitcoin - Price Behaviour thread but felt it relevant for this thread too that Bitcoin on the 'daily' is still making a series of 'Lower Highs' which is bearish. If you draw trend lines on the 'daily' then there still is the potential for another move down into the $6k's for Bitcoin. This cannot be ruled out. Bitcoin would need to break out of the current trend channel for the likelihood of this decreasing.
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    Dow and S&P blast off up into clear space, Dax clears recent resistance, Ftse needs to break daily chart resistance to move on to the weekly resistance. US NFP today, the Wednesday ADP nfp was a good beat so maybe the same today. h/t to FXStreet for the ADP/NFP payrolls comparison chart.
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    🔈🔉🔊📢📣 actually they probably do listen but just think that re-reading TA for Dummies would be a whole lot easier.🤩
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    If it encourages more trading then I would have thought IG would be all over it. If not, somebody in business development has missed out on a gold star on their year end assessment this year.
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    Both the 2013 ProRealTime upgrade and the 2016 one both took just under a year after being released by PRT to be rewritten and released on IG, that is in line with the recent update that the new IG version should be arriving beginning of Feb. A cautionary note though is that the IG version doesn't usually have all the features that the premium PRT has. I was looking at your Streamdeck and it looks great, it's a re-programmable controller and has been out for a few years now, looks like it was originally aimed at the movie making crowd. I remember when the PRT 2016 upgrade came out it had a new function to use a controller to input data, in the top right corner on PRT (if I remember right) are different icons to select the input device, one was a keyboard and the new one was a game controller, are you sure that it won't work using the current PRT version?
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    @CharlotteIG, My first price target is at least the 20 DMA on the 'daily' of around 37500 area. Now it could end up higher than this as the DMA's change day by day depending on historical price action. If that gets taken out then my next price target would be the 50 DMA on the 'daily' but for now I am anticipating a move down towards the 20 DMA. If this does not materialise then it could prove to be rather bullish for Tesla and we could see a sharp upturn but the price action with either confirm or reject my assumption. If major US indices continue their decline then I expect Tesla to be taken down with the likes of Apple, Netflix, Microsoft and Tesla play an important role in them.
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    Dow Fib projection 29084, and coincides with 1.618 extension.....makes it a B top ......Careful out there my bullish friends,.....B tops are traps ..... Characterised by low volume and poor market internals.....Sounds familiar ??? Look at the market commentaries....Nobody s very sure why the market is here.....Talk of Trump trade deal.....Yeah fine.....In the price...End of war with Iran.....????/ Low interest rates ??? Look at the bond market ....10 yr Us much more likely to look at 2 % than 1.7%......