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    I wonder what my Grand father would have made of this.....he was trading shares in 1930....Supposedly made a fortune on the 1927 BULL wave....Lost his shirt in 1930..Made it all back and stuck it into other things instead....
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    Probably, Dont forget to use a wide stop😉 "To summarize: while the range of returns across 1-year periods have varied from negative 37.0% to +53.2%, the annualized returns across 20 year periods have a much tighter range from +0.5% to +13.2%." https://themeasureofaplan.com/us-stock-market-returns-1870s-to-present/
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    great, so this is just an average run then and bound to continue for at least another few years. 🥳
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    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 18m “11,000 points gained in the Dow in the 3 years since the Election of President Trump. Today it may hit 29,000. That has NEVER happened before in that time frame. That has added 12.8 Trillion Dollars to the VALUE of American Business.” @Varneyco @FoxNews The best is yet to come! everyone's waving 'Dow 30,000' hats! I want one😉
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    well in today's market yeah, not much to write home about on that chart;
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    Made a bouncy-bouncy off resistance-****-support 😻
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    yes but a slightly negative report on a bullish market isn't going to cause fireworks, will be interesting though to see how things go into the end of week close, will there be profit taking or adding in?
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51060580 "unprecedented levels of promotional activity". Don't know about anyone else but the sales were off the charts this year and many started months before Christmas. Not exactly the consumer strength we are having shoved down out throats by big bank paid economists...
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    ah, you edited your post after I had replied, I would be wary of staying in short for too long during any retracement especially around these levels which is essentially the bottom of a consolidation period in what is still a bull market.
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    with a chart that looks like that why wouldn't I be going short already? 🤨
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    Reminiscent of the interview with Mark Douglas.