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    Look out everybody,,,I just bought cable...God loves a trier ...or so they say .... I think it is A to $1.32 off $1.29 and we ve just completed C of B ,,,filing London gap left over from New years day at $1.2950. C will take us back up to $1.32 or so before a plunge lower.....So I m a bear who is willing to hold £ just to sell later....
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    GAW announced record breaking half-year results this morning, here is a few key points: Big jump in profits to £58.6m up from £40.8m Revenue £145.6m, £125.2m previously Royalties receivable up to £10.7m for the half year, a 94.5% increase from the same period last year. Share price up around 7% since open (at the time of posting).
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    Conversely ....£ getting bids on the back of Gilts going up,,,,Foreign buyers covering £ short....not unusual
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    Steve Place @stevenplace 16h "The Nasdaq Composite is currently 36% above its 200 week moving average. At the 2000 peak, it was 150% above This market is not like the Dot Com bubble."
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    If accessing from the Academy section there should be a clock confirming current local time with the webinar times referenced to that, see pic below.
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    Mmmm could nt hold 90 bid, guess we re going to take aleg down to $1.2910 now ??
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    So for Day Trading this is still no cheaper then, for £50k of APHA its ((549/545) - 1) * £50k = £367 When TradeStation US charges $10 for the same trade its seems using IG for these stocks only makes sense if your Swing Trading.
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    We have our news and analysis preview on earning. This includes a video as well as a breakdown of the expected earnings for each bank. US earnings preview: Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and more
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    FTSE 100 in a triangle of indecision . ....Looses momentum in this 7630 area
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    S&P homing in on the all time high again. Daily chart;
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    5 trading strategies from Tradeciety, It's new, published just a few days ago, I've not seen this yet but these guys are pretty good so likely worth a watch.