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    I get why there are minimum stop distances for guaranteed stops due to market volatility and slippage, but what is the logic behind having a minimum stop distance requirement for normal market stops? If there's any slippage I have to pay for it anyway. Taking Litecoin (E1) as an example, there's a minimum market stop distance of 1.25 points. If I'm buying 100 Litecoin, that stop would get triggered once I've lost 125€. Is there a reason why I can't have my position closed when it's going down 0.7 points (70€) during trading hours? Why do I have to lose an artificially imposed amount of money before my stop triggers, especially since I myself would not have this limitation if I remained glued to my monitor? Shouldn't the minimum stop distance just be the size of the spread?
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    Key day...Is a technical reversal....New high.....with a daily close below the previous days low....For the Dow its 28782.....
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    If and only If it can hold the first wave up to 13250, It looks more like a bear flag to me...But it may just be a series of ABC X corrections....It needs to break the tops line now formed to confirm that indeed its going to push higher....If it fails...Then down we go,.....
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    It's picking up now. Speculators upping their long bets
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    Dow races straight up to R1 on the US open which is just a touch below the all time high. H1 chart;
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    Zut alors, Samwise Gamgee 🐮
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    Fallen around 2.8% today, down to 6772.5 now.
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    May be seeing a short term retest and rally at the breakout zone on NY Sugar. If we do get a higher high then the next target resistance would seem to be around the 1540 area and a break out through this puts the market into clear air for a long term rally IMO. Short term retrace bearish moves still a concern until the breakout but the signs are good and the chances grow with each resistance broken, given the bullish set up outlined in the opening post.
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    Trading Composure @TradingComposur 9m It's hard putting a trade on knowing you could lose. Unfortunately, instead of embracing that possibility, most traders develop unhealthy coping mechanisms. They place the trade but convince themselves that they're right by overly focusing on details that confirm their views.
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    https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/what-are-igs-shares-cfd-product-details This IG site, dated today, lists the margin requirements for ETFs traded by retail clients and includes many US-domiciled ETFs. The site also lists separately the margin requirements appropriate to professional clients. Therefore it would seem that retail clients are permitted to buy US ETFs, is this correct? I also note that on the dealing tickets the US- domiciled ETFs have KIDs (Key In formation Documents) and therefore comply with the PRIIPS regulations for retail clients.
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    The US/China phase 1 trade deal expected to be signed this afternoon (GMT) but there seems to be a lot of uncertainty as to what, if anything will be revealed as to what's actually in it. Could well be a market moving event one way or the other.
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    as is often the case in an uptrend, an early check of support before an attempt to drive higher. The opposite is also often seen in a downtrend, a check of resistance before an attempt to continue lower.
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    The U.S. indices are all testing support this morning 😎
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    no futures on the index yes but I was thinking of Aurora as was mentioned by the poster above.
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    Hi, once you have downloaded mt4 from IG, open mt4 go to 'File' > 'Open an account' highlight the IG demo feed, click Next and follow the instructions including check to receive newsletter. The platform will generate a login and password for your new demo account.
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    Dow attempted to push higher and lower yesterday but supported at 28768 and capped at the recent and all time high. The deal signing today may provide a spur. Not much on the calendar other than the continued bank earnings and US PPI. Dax and Fstse waiting on S&P and Dow to move.
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    I'm long on Aurora, but feel it may take another year before it starts pushing upwards (if it survives at all). Wouldn't IG commissions on your long position eat all your potential gains over years or am I missing something? I find it very expensive to have long positions on anything using IG portal. Am I missing something?
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    Let's see a pullback to here before we get nice and long, eh Tabitha?
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    Christopher Nicolas Dembik @Dembik_Chris 3m This is certainly one of the most important economic news of the past months. Our leading indicator for China credit impulse is back in positive territory for the 1st time since the end of 2017. Running at 0.7% of GDP. It confirms our positive narrative for the global economy
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    GOOD, glad to hear it.
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    ALL RIGHT. I'll get my nose back to the grind stone and work on a plan
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    for most beginners yes, but often they come back with a new approach, eventually most with adopted a rules based strategy that testing shows has a positive expectancy but we've gone over this again and again. Others just keep dancing around in circles expecting to just pick it up some how but I've never heard of that working.
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    I would like to change the title of this thread as I no longer believe it will be a short drop, although technically that is still possible. I now believe this pair will run some distance and the nature of the breakout of the weekly chart channel is consistent with a wave C (or 3 of C to be more precise). Again a possible short term relief rally and retest of the breakout zone but either way I expect this pair to move rapidly down to test the 12700 level.
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    Dow 30 in my view
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    Overnight Indices down but recovering a little this morning, Bonds up, USD and Crypto down. UK PPI and CPI data at 9:30am. US PPI at 1:30pm. US/China phase 1 deal signing 4pm.