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    with 10's of thousands of markets out there it's often the case that the broker will wait for client interest before including a company onto the platform. The hedging by IG is not to bet against you but if required works the other way around. So if IG wants to hedge against your trade they will take out the same trade in the same direction so if you win so do they and they can pass their profit over to you, if you make a loss they take that loss to compensate their own loss.
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    @dmedin, Another Carbon Emissions related thread if you are interested. The Natural Gas short trade has been a profitable one for those who have partaken.
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    @dmedin, 😁 I can definitely resist. There is nothing like 'Following the Tape' as Jesse Livermore would put it. For me personally, it is all about following the price action. This will lead to identifying trends as early as possible. It will also help in identifying the strongest trending cryptos. Then look to trade in the direction of the trend and not against it. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)
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    The gap you've highlighted is also something I am keeping an eye on. Although it could go as low as 1.05 which you've also marked out.
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    What a difference a couple of weeks make!! A false break out to the downside mainly driven by the deescalation of US - Iran tensions created a short squeeze in the Yen. Target would be gap fill at which point I expect the short sellers to return
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    Sometime you just get taken by surprise by sudden reversals
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    not sure what you are trying to say, you may have heard this from me before though, indicators are just a guide but price action on appropriate chart structure is real so learn chart structure. on the chart above there is down trend and then consolidation, another down leg and then consolidation, a break to the upside then consolidation followed by a break up and lastly a reversal bar. There aren't any pullbacks on this chart. Learn chart structure.
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    That's how it starts, especially for a retrace as opposed to a motive move. After a sharp jump with a gap and then close of the gap with a strong bearish move (1-5) there was a good chance of a relief rally. Price bounced off the Fib 50% on positive momentum divergence after a credible EWT 1-5 so the chances were high of a relief rally. 2 ways to trade it: Preemptive early Long after a small 1-2 with a stop just below the previous low for a very low exposure trade and excellent risk reward, which is what I did because wave Bs are tricky so the earlier you are in the better as whipsaw can easily stop you out Wait for a break of short term resistance, but as I mentioned this leads to greater exposure and leaves you at the mercy of that unpredictable wave B. There is a third way, which is to wait for the wave B to end and get short. Soon I will move my stop to BE and sit and wait for the move to play out one way of the other.
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    twitter.com › Guruleaks1 › status GuruLeaks on Twitter: "Sven Henrich aka @Northmantrader ... 23 Mar 2017 - Replying to @Guruleaks1 @NorthmanTrader @CNBC. be aware of market gurus who don't trade with real money. Henrich doesn't manage ... twitter.com › Guruleaks1 › status GuruLeaks on Twitter: "Be suspect if ur Guru doesn't eat his ... 23 Mar 2017 - Always ask to see ur gurus verified P/L, many pretend to trade while collecting sub ... Replying to @Guruleaks1 @NorthmanTrader @CNBC.
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    Good day, Anybody with any technical analysis on the SA40? I know it does not always follow the bigger indices trend but I like to trade it. So would appreciate some input. Thanks all
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    One thing you can be sure of is that beginning of year forecasts for where the year will end or what will happen during the year will not be accurate... Still if we take it as an indicator of the near term then that would support my thesis for the next quarter at least...
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    I can't remember a time when Oil remained in such a tight range... I suggest the Journo who wrote this may not actually know much about markets in general, never mind Oil... I remain with my LT target around the $85 level on Brent. Form a purely technical perspective the price action is consistent with a complex retrace such that we should expect a move back toward the $60 level before a strong rally. Short term price is getting held at the Fib 50% level just now and after such a sharp drop we might anticipate a relief rally to maybe about $68-69 before a resumption of the bear move to $60. There is strong PMD on the 1H chart at the lower point in the drop. But it's oil so anything can happen, as we saw with the drone strike...
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    They did the same thing to Bernie Sanders, makes him look bad but doesn't tell the whole story (he offered to shake her her and she refused) https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-stock-options/investors-see-smoother-path-for-u-s-stocks-as-warrens-election-odds-slip-idUKKBN1ZF17Y
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    Bespoke @bespokeinvest 13 "golden crosses" across stocks and ETFs yesterday. Here are a few of them:
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    US data continues to improve, US core retail sales another beat.
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    This is a useful little tip on timing pullback entries and shows how you can spot when a pullback is profit taking (by the bulls in this case) and not a serious attempt at a reversal by the bears. A case of waiting for the bears to obviously fail before looking to enter. Your Trading Coach @YTCtrading "It's not always as visually obvious as appears here, but this is a key principle underlying ALL my pullback entries."
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    "Our call of the day from the founder and chief executive of Ciovacco Capital Management" He said the bigger picture for stocks is now coming together. “A sound argument can be made that the stock market made a cyclical low in 2018 within the context of a secular trend,” Ciovacco said. He was alluding to that big equity drop in December 2018, while a secular trend refers to a rising or falling market trend. It can last from five to 25 years, peppered by smaller bear or bull markets, respectively. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/years-of-stock-gains-are-ahead-but-also-scary-pullbacks-says-strategist-2020-01-16
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    S&P500 breaks through 3,300 and DJIA through 29,000. USD, gold and oil flat with cryptocurrencies weaker: Built using https://www.excelpricefeed.com
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    still waiting for someone to meme the pic above 🙂
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    Russian Government Resigns To Allow Putin To Change The Country’s Constitution. New cabinet sworn in;
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    Dow and S&P make new highs, Dax still trying to escape key resistance and Ftse though remains in touch with key resistance lacking drive.
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    There's a 60 point spread on this stock (so you're paying IG £60 just to trade it), so it's out of the question to SB/CFD on it. It's also a really expensive stock to buy, £75 for one share? Wow. At least it pays a dividend of 40p per share hahahaha