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    Hi - facing a new issue on the platform. My charts are being wiped out and set to the same default every few minutes/seconds. No matter what I configure, within a few moments it defaults to a 5min candle stick with no other indicators - what is happening?
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    Righto, having used this web platform every day for the past year it decides to go mad. Really important trading day... every 30 seconds or so, every bleedin' drawing I've made, adjustment to chart, timeframe etc all resets back to a default 5min and deletes all drawings WHAT IS GOING ON!!
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    imagine how many people looses money right now and they cant even log in to close them IG just loves to play games there isn't any platform issues
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    Problem with Charts. Defaulting to 5 min charts.
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    MBS is not a man afraid of chopping off his nose to spite his face. Nor is Vladimir Vladimirovich. Was concerned on Friday when the expected agreement of OPEC+ failed to materialise. Was even more surprised when OPEC+ became OPEC--- and the oil market became a free for all, no holes barred race to the bottom of the price of a barrell. With lack of demand due to the unexpected Corona virus , the ever loving friendship group that was OPEC + started to fight over remaining revenues. Russia needing the cash obviously refused to bend to MBS's will and here we are. Naturally this does not bode well for Exonn or Total or any of the big 5 oil companies. Even Saudi's short lived gains in market share will be measured against the significant loss of revenue achieved by having a fire sale with 30% OFF. It was cheap before friday but now it is bargain basement cheap. WTI, Brent and Gasoline represent bargains, but how much lower can they go? Either way it is carnage. Look to buy the Dow at 22k and oil and gasoline futures now for December expiry.
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    ig outrageous cant believe they justification
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    What a disaster. Guess I'm leaving IG and heading to AJ Bell then!
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    Translation: we're happy to keep taking your money even although our platform is sh!t.
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    They have 'prioritized dealing over analysis' in other words IG is happy to let people use their buggy system to place trades which costs money even although it has fallen on its @rse. Highly irresponsible! They should have closed trading altogether until it was fixed.
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    Yep , same here I managed to shut my day trades as had no levels to work to as kept disappearing , cost me a a lot of time and pips. Bad day to be doing a update should be on a weekend when the markets are quiet and not many trading
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    Just had this back from them: Due to high traffic on the site we had to prioritise dealing over analysis. In order to maintain good execution we disabled some of the chart analysis tools. We hope to enable it again after the UK market close but it will depend on platform traffic. Apologies for the inconvenience.Thanks for your email.If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, we've recently launched our new Help & Support site which gives you answers from our huge knowledge-base, online community, and education hub.Regards,Anton LiebenbergTrading Services
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    Yeah I'm complaining to them - this is unacceptable to have a platform failure lead to a financial loss. We don't tolerate this with banks, we shouldn't tolerate it with a broker either.
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    as a day Trading looking for Volatility.........this simply isn't good enough......
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    In all the time I've been here, I've seen this happen every time volatility spikes. It's almost, ahem, coincidental.
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    Yup Rally my symptoms of the issue are the same. It doesn't matter how frequency the changes are made on my side or to which quote, they all revert back within a few minutes (at most) or a few seconds.
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    I made over a grand at the weekend from my shorts 😮
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    You don't receive the premium when selling options via spread-bet/CFD as you are not actually writing an option, just a trade based on the movement of the underlying instrument e.g never any possibility of shares being assigned etc. You may be able to do this over the phone, but not on the site, currently. Possibly not writing naked options, not sure of IG policy. I think its an interesting question how any virtual initial premium might be reflected in P&L if options sold expire OTM, as planned Maybe someone else has more knowledge on this?
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    Everything I’ve read on this thread sounds like bizarre behaviour from IG. Intentionally breaking their chart and analysis offering during periods of high volatility sounds like a case for a lawsuit under contract or consumer law....or maybe even negligence since this has happened repeatedly...
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    Following my comment earlier about trapping us traders, I decided to increase my short position for tomorrow. The trap is likely to come sometime this week where it shoots through the roof without giving us an opportunity to react quickly enough. Thus, just shorting because we feel comfortable will mean a margin call.
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    That's totally an unacceptable reason to disable chart tools , surely the platform runs locally when we load it up, what resources of IG would that take up, I can't understand how removing peoples analysis makes execution quicker? Annoying.
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    I've just managed to get through to the charts and technical side of IG on the phone. A woman told me they're very sorry they're 'updating the platform' , to which I said, I didn't receive any notification there was going to be a platform update and interruption to my trading? She told me, I can still trade however the timeframe might reset . I assured her this isn't the case and i'm unable to keep it in any selected time frame or keep indicators on the chart without it reseting in a minute or so. I was told this would be resolved within one hour. I then mentioned i'm currently in a forum on the IG community with other clients also dealing with the same issue, and this forum was already an hour old. She more or less just apologised. Honestly it really just feels like they're messing with the platform whenever it gets crazy. Why would they chose to preform an update at US open on a crazy volatile day? Sounds like a bad excuse or she just didn't know what to say, either way, as a client, I feel like I'm being made to sit out on a profitable day and it sucks! Sort it out IG!!!!
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    Has this been raised with the support team. Deafening silence from those peeps
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    Hey This issue is also happening to me! Extremely annoying , it's happened before exactly the same, on a day that was similar in volatility. Feels like IG are against the clients on days like these. Please fix!
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    Hi, my platform setting have all reset to default removing all indicators and changed the colour from dark to light. I've had trouble logging in most of last week too and clearly today is no exception. Can anyone give me an idea on why my platform settings have reset to default?
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    It'll fall even further than the U.S. indices. Britain isn't a global power any more.
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    Probably not a good time to open new positions due to volatility. Should just rely on previous positions already opened to lock in profits if it goes our way.
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    I'm also facing this problem. Every now and then all my chart drawings are lost, colour palette and chart settings are reset. The worst thing is this happens every once in an while and when it happens, the settings reset intermittently in a few minutes if you try to draw anything or change any settings away from default.
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    IG has flipped everyone to insane 5 minute charts, which are so volatile you will get stopped out whichever direction you go in.
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    Good for you! I got the impression you went the other way.
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    Message to IG's IT team
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    Likewise I also just got booted out of everything and can't log in. Great time to have platform issues isn't it - not like volatility is huge right now 🙄 No wonder they warn most clients lose money - they naturally would if they can't enter/exit positions.
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    where have you been hiding for the last 20 years? but more importantly have you got the toilet rolls stocked up?
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    yep im having the same. IG just kicked me out and won't let me back in. I guess they are having issues... again...
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    Replying to @getongab @JosephsEddy @realDonaldTrump Dan Scavino uploaded full 7 minute video to Twitter and proved this 13 second clip was accurate. Dems trying to cover for Biden's problems.
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    Just to add some numbers to those percentages; steveswitzerland @steveswitzerlan 18m Friday's close #SPX 2972 - 5% circuit breaker 2820 (where we are now) - next breaker at -7% comes in at 2764 - after which at -13% comes in at 2586 - and god forbid at -20% ie 2378 the day is over and trading is halted for the day!
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    Dax not really sure what to do here lol.
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    NYC and Cali are both controlled by Trump hating Democrats who are trying to stir trouble, 76 people with flu = 'state of emergency' 👀
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    The 5% circuit breakers have come off a couple of times briefly only to be reapplied shortly after, not sure what the state is at the mo.
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    I called oil $40 or less on 3rd Feb, now to be bold $72 IN 6 MONTHS and Dow 60000 18 months may take a few weeks to true bottom,peek a troughs first
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    Morning all, Downside price limits for US futures: At present we have hit the 5% circuit breaker. US futures limits increase to the main session levels at 1330 UK time (0830 Chicago). https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/price-limits.html#equityIndex Clients are not able to sell (either to open or close) when futures are suspended in this state. Please note this is a function of the underlying exchange. This will apply globally for all brokers, not just for clients of IG.
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    Biden's clangers are a daily occurrence. MSM won't report them.
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    Try this But you cant change steps its only 1 (if price rise 1 stop rise 1)
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    I've since noticed that it's a secure connection requiring SSL, so I've realised this thread shouldn't be much of an issue any more. Thanks
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    WuFlu world chart update, new cases outside China chart may be starting to flatten out; Meanwhile New York City declares a 'State of Emergency' as 76 people have caught the flu!!!!!
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    I'm intending on using the OAuth method for authenticating an application with the IG API. In order to use OAuth, I'm required to post my production account password as plaintext in the body of the request. When using v1 and v2 of the /session endpoint, there is an option to encrypt your password securely. However this option isn't present in v3 for the OAuth method. I'm hosting this app on Azure, and although the network is safe there are still other production apps running on our subscription and thus the plaintext password could be easily intercepted through our audit logs etc. Can anyone think of a more secure way of doing this, without using v1 or v2? Cheers.
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    Hello, Disregarding spreads and commissions, your exact loss should be £400 not, £800, ensure you have done your calculations correctly, as it does not make sense to me, Cheers
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    Thank you for your useful information and time you put in to this, you have a new big fan.
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    You may well be right @786Trader there are a lot of fundamentals based theories around so yours is as good as anyone's. My hypothesis is not based on Oil fundamentals but can be summed up in 2 words: Deflationary Depression. Regarding the Dow, this attached is my long term view.