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    From the IG download app pack using the mini terminal makes placing trades and bracket 'at market' orders far easier. Fill in the required amounts and press buy or sell. The stop loss and take profit levels can slide to new positions as needed once the trade has been opened and the placing of pending orders on the order ladder is a simple click.
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    https://www.ig.com/uk/myig/dashboard has been showing this (attachment below) for over 30mins. I can log into the trading platform but not into the spread betting platform How is one supposed to open new trades and, more importantly, close opened ones? This is the 4th different major technical bug I experience in a week. This is far from being acceptable for a trading platform. (Text content of the screenshot for search/indexing) --- Sorry, something went wrong. Go to the trading platform Try to load MyIG --- Meanwhile https://status.ig.com reports lies:
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    Who's buying all the gold! 😍
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    IG: some folks are losing money here because of your platform's very poor technical quality. Would be great to hear how are you going to address this. Other folks: as workaround looks like opening directly https://deal.ig.com/wtp solves it.
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    same issue here in the United States. https://www.ig.com/us/myig/dashboard directs me to that same error screen. I can get to my live forex trading account by clicking the "Go to the trading platform" but can't access my demo account which I usually get to from "My IG" EDIT: I am able to get to my demo account through the IG Forex app on my tablet.
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    We've now added news codes into the new platform:
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    US RUSSELL 200 is now Limit up
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    Are you chasing the price after making some money and doubling down once it retraces from the high/low? Are you also over leveraged and need to close positions as a result? I have done the above countless times. If this is you also, take your own advice "Should have just held on to positions put in place at the start of the day". It's greed mate. We all have it. Why not try close all positions in the evening after each day and go and enjoy yourself away from screen? Or don't use too much leverage with open positions overnight if you want to keep them? You sound like a humorous chap so I do want to hear you in a happy and positive state.
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    Practice makes perfect but the last couple of weeks have definitely been far better than the last several months...
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    hi, see this thread on Limit down.
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    I have my own post on this today. Couldn't amend Stop OR Close Trade. Info was actually missing from the chart.....refreshed the page and the trade was over......at a loss. It's not the first time it's happened in 12 months either. More fool me I guess, but i will be bringing it up with IG as I screen recorded it.
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    This is currently unborrowable. Spanish regulator has now imposed a market-wide ban on short-selling until the 17th April. Which is why the index is currently unborrowable. You can check it on the get info section.
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    No info yet. I have got a felling that because I was in profit for Wall st March, they didn't want me to be able to close it and take the money. They are most likely gonna try and manipulate the price to close me out at a loss on Friday. OR MAYBE I'M JUST A CYNIC. 🙁
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    chart not loading up when I opt to use old platform. Can someone please help..?
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    Its not only now...their customer service has all along been less than satisfactory...Few years back still ok...but now not so.... Perhaps...they find it easier to get contributors to answer on their behalf....holding fort for them.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70I7a_jN6VM What companies have high cash reserves which are going to be needed once this is resolved? Who has decent dividends and decent cash flow who are going to get through this? We DONT want cash strapped non-necessities - leisure, hotel, restaurants, retail etc.