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    Logging in this morning, I found all my positions were missing. Looked again a few minutes ago and most were back, but there were still two missing off the list (UK shares). Whilst I don't doubt that the problem is related to weekly maintenance, and the missing items will be back by Monday, the number of these 'glitches' is somewhat concerning, and doesn't inspire great levels of confidence in their systems. I daresay, the current grand farce may also be contributing to these problems with staffing shortages.
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    One of my open positions have disappeared form the positions tab. I had a total of 5 open positions, the number beside the positions tab says 4. There are only 4 positions displayed. However the account totals row in the bottom is behaving like the last position is still there, the total positions sum takes into account all 5 open positions, likewise with the market value and profit/loss columns.
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    My account balance is correct , but my open positions does not include one share . It would seem this is a general Tech problem , so I`m expecting it will be resolved .
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    I'm missing positions from the ASX, LSE and NYSE. So, it isn't limited to US positions. Have had no response from the help desk via email. Attempting a call...
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    I am now having the exact same issue, I have 4 open positions and my largest one (which is a US position) has just disappeared. my P/L shows the total as if it is still there as a line item, but it isn't there... When I go into the stock in the trade screen to sell, the "SELL" option is blocked out as it thinks I don't think I own any. I called up the IT Helpdesk and they advised it is a glitch, and are expecting the US positions which have disappeared to come back on line after the weekend.
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    Same thing has happened to me. I have five open positions that have disappeared. However the balance seems correct..... Positions are not visible in opened or closed sections.... I have contacted the help desk via email Can someone please explain
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    @CharlotteIG Is this something you can assist the community with? I notice others in different forum posts are complaining about the same thing.
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    The same thing happened to me after the scheduled maintenance today. I'm missing seven positions! The sum total seems correct. I've just shot an email to the helpdesk. I'm assuming they're going to be receiving a lot of these emails, and I sure hope they get this fixed pronto.
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    Is it possible to add more data points in 'positions' tab like %? If one has multiple position opens , it can be quite confusing to understand P&L position by just looking at $ value specially if market is changing so much. So if user can have % P&L next to Profit & Loss column it will help them understand the true gainers and drainers. Regards, VK
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    The IG site seems to not allow placing of pending orders on stocks. The deal tickets have the message Market is not currently open to trade. This has been the case all day. the IG status page says all is fine. Anyone know what is going on? Other friends have reported the same issue. Cheers...
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    casynotes a helpful chap
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    Mine are randomly appearing. Should be 29 in total. Shows 24 on the mobile app and when I login through the desktop, I have 22. Sometimes if I hit refresh, it'll go to 27, then I refresh again, and back to 22. Same positions disappearing each time. What's going on?
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    All my positions have disappeared!
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    Hi What is the cheapest way to transfer shares from my IG share dealing account to my IG ISA Shares account. Ideally I want to avoid the financial loss of selling and immediately buying back online. Thanks. Paul