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    Hey everyone, After speaking with out technical team they confirmed: I got your case with API on the forums. We have an incident on it INC0455486. So far we have fixed for the live and waiting on demo If you're still experiencing issues with your live account please email us, explain the issues and reference the incident number above. Demo account issues should be resolved within the week. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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    Hello Will IG be contacted me with reference to SIG PLC offer to current share holders I have not seen anything on my account yet to allow me to take up this discounted offering Can you advise please Steve
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    The basic fast forward run is just a matter of making the selections described above to test if an indicator might actually be profitable or not.
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    Dax taking a closer look at R2 while Dow considers R1;
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    I 100% agree with you. This has been pushed to developers but I'm going to show them your post too! We need this when people are using TA. Thank you for this!
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    @CharlotteIG At a minimum we really need the option to turn off Sunday candle being factored into moving averages/RSI/pivot points etc on the web platform. ProRealTime lets you do this and more, but the web platform needs that one option as a bare minimum as it f*ks up day trading on Monday and skews the other indicators for the rest of the week
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    This request has been discussed again with developers. I will update the forum as soon as I have some news around this. All the best
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    FTSE and S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1 charts;
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    A nice, bullish day, Eileen 🐮
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    Recommendation position for 25 CFD : Indices and Stock [22/06/2020] Green for Buy and Red for Sell
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    I agree, a clock would be useful. However, I use the updated time on a liquid market in my watchlist to see the time. Prices in S&P500, DJIA etc are updated every second so the last update time is good enough for me (web platform only though as updated time is not an option in the mobile app).
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    My suggestion would be on both the app and the web platform, but I understand that the app may not have the space to incorporate the time, so maybe just on the web platform if not possible on both.
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    If you use the assisted creation and build a trading system with these conditions by clicking on the chart You can then look at the code and see how its done Then you could probably use the info to build an indicator? At least learn something about programming😉 https://www.prorealtime.com/en/help-manual/create-trading-systems
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    Hi Phoenix, you have a better chance of finding your answer in the prorealcode forum than here. https://www.prorealcode.com/forums/ Good luck
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    🤔 yes, as I've mentioned before, if when demonstrating a pattern on chart structure you select random price action that doesn't actually show what you are talking about people tend to get even more confused. 🧐 this is not surprising, your entries seem based on spotting a particular pattern and assuming it will automatically play out and are then surprised when this usually doesn't happen. A mentioned previously on a few occasions you should be looking for a combination of aspects to converge on top of appropriate chart structure that has positive expectancy from your own testing.
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    The MT4 Strategy Tester can be used to manually test indicator based strategies in fast forward, it can also test trading algos (EAs) that produce an end of test report. Click on the Strategy Tester icon in the Tool bar. Select Indicator or EA test. Choose the indicator you want to test from your Navigator list, choose the market and the time frame to test on and then press Start. A new chart is created with the chosen indicator installed.