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    'price per point' would imply a cfd platform but in order to sell contracts you don't hold the broker needs to find someone to lend them to you, if no one is willing to do so then no deal.
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    Yes, turning point for Dow was before FOMC rate announcement 2 weeks ago. But we all know how unpredictable and out of touch the markets are.
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    Find the full article here: https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/market_alert/2020/06/25/British-Pound-GBP-Latest-GBPUSD-and-FTSE-100-Under-Pressure-Again-MSE.html
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    Sorry for not being on the forum in a while. I tried it in October / November... just a simple question, could you use a 0-1, 1-2 wave movement to predict a 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 wave movement. I used Fib numbers to predict the last 3 waves once the first two were formed. I made a very small long in October after the first up day of wave 3. I can't be bothered to calculate all those bats and butterflies and flying donkeys or whatever. I think it was simply luck that this followed the plot I had made. You can see that from time to time it deviates. I have not traded Elliot waves since.
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    Still getting a 500 error when looking for my balance, although it did just auto-deal for me Obtaining market data seems to be working fine.
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    HI ,could some shed some light on two incidents ,within 2 seconds of each other , last Thursday I noticed on the ASX, I had two transactions that triggered nowhere near the stop GTC's I had set The First MAH I set 0.164 on the 21/05 but it sold today at 0.2575 +63% The Second is GSS I set 1.398 on 04/05 but it sold today at 2.04 +68% Got the flick from two of my better stocks, what if anything can I do about it.IG brushed me off saying it was "positive slippage" but it was nowhere near my set stop
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    Thanks for your post. With some popular markets we offer '(all sessions), this means you can trade on the platform in the pre and post market. (example Apple). If there's a US stock you want to trade pre market you can but you have to call us to deal. All the best
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    Hi Caseynotes, I understand you're trying to be helpful but you actually haven't been. A quick search on the forum with the screenshot you provided hasn't delivered a very detailed and non-vague answer. The Australian stock market has two exchanges - ASX and Chi-X. There is very little volume that gets done on the Chi-X so its predominantly the ASX where most of the volume gets done. I'm currently looking at a five minute chart of Nearmap (NEA), a highly active mid-cap stock. On IRESS and Tradingview, the first 5 minutes (10:00am to 10:05am) shows the volume as 121,000 shares which is correct. ProRealTime/IG shows a volume at that time of 74 which is just not possible. Can someone from IG please answer this as this is completely messing up scanner for ASX stocks? Thank you.
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    Why levels are so important for trading.
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    Dax and Dow H1;
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    Just thought it interesting how today in the top 30 gainers you had 4 BEAR ETFs. One SP500, one Oil and Gas and two microsector. If you expand to top 50 gainers, you get 4 more including Dow, Russell 2000 and small caps. Is this an indicator for things to come? US GDP tomorrow.