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    Best thing to do is read what people post - you soon work out those that haven't got a clue - I "ignored" him weeks ago, so I don't see anything he writes - just ignore him, don't bite He'll fail to see that the reason people charge for information is because of the likes of him and his attitude, its definitely a reason I've not got involved with the public during the past 11 years, the world is full of people just like him I would not loose any brain power on him or replying to him
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    Hi all, I have mainly use SB for day trading however analyzing all past trades I notice that the main reason for losses is due to the wide spreads on SB. My direction is more often than not correct. However unless the market (equities) is strongly trending I need a decent move in the price to compensate for the bid-ask spread. What inevitable happens is that intraday trades based on a 5min and 30min chart end up lasting all day and I have to close out end market close. Naturally stop levels, choice of liquid stocks need to be addressed but one some trades it seems like if I just bought the shares it would have been a better option. The main issue is that I can't short sell shares (in real time) Anyone done any analysis on this? Perhaps better to stick to FX, commodities?
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    There seems to be a correction in Brent oil every 10-14 days since the April lows, occasionally prefaced with a smaller drop and bounce. Is this just another correction before next leg higher or are we gonna see a narrower range traded here for a while til the second wave of Rona sorts herself out?
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    The potential support/resistance is on the charts and that much is not hindsight. I have sort of taken the day off and am watching a TV show and have only traded the Dax today. I don’t think I can give a running commentary on what I am doing without it adversely affecting um what I am doing.
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    Hi @David30b @dmedin @Caseynotes, We found that it was a problem for all users who have BitDefender installed, it creates extensions in certain browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari which then blocks the New Web Trading Platform from loading up. The easiest way to get around it when using chrome is to type chrome://extensions/ in the URL field, then disable the BitDefender extensions. Our developers are working on a permanent solution as it may happen after every BitDefender update. Hope that helps. Anton
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    I can see that you have posted in the last hour about 10 messages in random threads. I guess that is coming out of boredom. I am not sure what you are after but I would prefer if you don't make assumptions about me and don't get me involved in your posts. I don't see how I can reply to "THT doesn't like you". I hope you are joking and you are just trying to kill the time, otherwise I can flag you as the forum troll. If that is the case I will not feed you again.
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    hope it worked for you
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    Would it be possible to add more weekly options on indices? (same as FX) At least current week and next would be fine
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    S&P storming into a very bullish Friday close, strong sign of confidence going into the weekend. Daily chart with monthly levels. (what's bi-polar boy been ranting about, run out of meds again?)
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    It reached the daily pivot and fell to support at its highs during the early European session and bounced up to the pivot again.
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    I started trading very short term when the market was falling hard and I had no confidence in the longer term and I was immediately profitable in it. Being profitable from the first trade has only happened to me previously in the GBP/USD. I had this thing looking at the GBP/USD, EUR/USD and EUR/GBP and waiting until 2 or 3 of them were bouncing into support/ resistance. I transferred this approach over to Indices where it works better. So maybe the 78% of traders you are referring to only need to identify a sweet spot.
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    For those moves glancing at the charts every 15 minutes is probably better while you don’t have an open position. I set price alarms around areas of interest and sometimes use a chime when the 5 minute candles close. Catching two 100 point moves a week is achievable.
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    Indices down, Bonds up. Oil and Gold down. Today US PPI. JPY up, USD down.