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    If you email us from your registered email address and include your name, date of birth and address alongside your request to delete the share dealing account we will be happy to assist. The email address you need is helpdesk.uk@ig.com
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    I had an email from IG helpdesk a few weeks back asking if I would be interested in joining their research panel. I think they mentioned that anyone that had opened a position in the last six months was 'on the list'. If you sign up I think every few months they will get in touch regarding 'projects' - could be anything from your experience of using IG, to testing out new products. Later on they mentioned face to face interviews and focus groups when the covid situation allows. It's not really my thing, and to be honest I don't have a lot of spare time at the moment to be bothered with it, but if you want to get involved and haven't been emailed,then it might be worth contacting the helpdesk about it. I don't think it's entirely unpaid - they mentioned something about Amazon vouchers as recompense.
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    How about Senior Software Architect, my current position? I am 42 springs buddy, wash your mouth before talking about me.