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    The zigzag Indicator is the holy grail of Indicators/lines if you fathom out how to use it correctly - A zigzag Indicator highlights vectors and points of Instantaneous Balance Stability - The clue was given in my How to Win thread which showed them on some charts - Keep referring to W D Gann for some reason!
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    Hi all, There are a bunch of really interesting IPOs approaching - Asana, Snowflake, Unity Software, Ant Group, Air BnB. I'm wondering what has been your experience with IG quickly listing new companies on the IPO date. I've just done a quick search through the August IPO listings on the NASDAQ IPO calendar, and the only companies I can find through IG is CureVac and Duck Creek. Most others, although trading, appear to be unlisted. I was also interested recently in investing in the SPAC Pershing Tontine - the biggest SPAC in history - but it took three calls to IG for the stock to even be listed and trading correctly, which ended up being a week an a half after IPO date. So, should I be relying on IG to list the big ticket IPOs on the actual listing date, or should I be considering another broker when it comes to IPOs. Interested to hear your thoughts and previous IPO experiences.
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    Overall I think the platform is pretty good (esp compared to most other brokers) but there is always room for improvement : 1) Bugs have to be fixed faster - Currently there is one where you can change a limit/stop on the platform and it registers it for a few seconds then reverts back to previous level. Thereby when you look at it an hour later you are looking at an incorrect number. Very misleading and can't stress how important this is. Issue has been outstanding with your helpdesk for almost 2 months now,, they are aware of it but seems no priority to fix 2) Ability to trade options on equities online as well as allowing stop/limit orders on all options. One of the reasons I don't trade them with IG. You need stops and limits functionality, it's not a nice to have. 3) Put in a toggle on platform (and PRT - the PRT market hours feature does not work) to switch off weekend data for technical analysis and also separate one to further only use market hours data for charting and calculations. Currently the way you are doing it skews all the indicators massively. 4) Fix all the incorrect spikes in your prices. Some are obvious. A quick fill form that users can submit with the ticker and period should be easy to implement and quick for all. 5) Top movers by exchange with ability to view and sort the columns by ascending/descending returns. It's currently sorted by most popular which quite frankly is pretty useless. Please add in a toggle for % change 6) Mkt cap on each chart, maybe in a small box on a corner. This would be invaluable as currently you have to look it up elsewhere. In future you can add in the ability to show price/sales, P/E, Revenue. Not a whole load of data but enough to give you an idea of the company's position in a snapshot. Having to navigate away from the chart to look this up just wastes time if IG already have the data to hand. 7) Calendar showing important announcement dates for your watchlist/holdings 8)If there is a cost to borrow when going short please indicate what it is. Currently, it just says "May be a cost to borrow...." without you knowing what it could be. 9) Ability to show % return since position was opened. Currently it only shows daily change. 10) VWAP and anchored VWAP indicators to be added 11) PRT really needs to be updated to v11 now. Its been 2 years since its release.....
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    There is a highly-paid IT manager at IG who is basically looking at each of these suggestions and saying 'Nope' to each one. 'Don't have enough money or time' - lazy overpaid b'stard
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    Trialling Stops please, a must for the ISA!
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    Would like to see stop loss and trailing stop loss available for share dealing and isa. Did not realise it was just for spread betting account when I changed platforms as I have been used to using s/l on my isafor years. Not very often they came into play but were very useful during the drop in march when I could not be monitoring all the time.
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    Sorry to go on. Just wanted to add one more thing. You provide PRT access at a £30 per month value for free if we trade a certain number of times. How much would it cost for you to provide access to TradingView.com (link your APIs and whatever to their platform so we can use it to trade with IG), and if it's a similar price to PRT could I please get TradingView instead? PRT is clunky, old-fashioned, missing many useful features and French.
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