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    Thanks for your post. If you apply for a share dealing account with IG you can then open an ISA account. Once the ISA account is open you will have the option on the platform for an ISA transfer form. This means we will take care of any cash or stock transfers from your previous broker. All the best, Charlotte
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    Too close to the whipsaw of the London open but keep an eye on 3511.
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    Overnight Indices and Gold up. Bonds down. Today AUD rate decision. Ger PMI, EU CPI, US PMI. FX correlations.
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    I have some shares certificates that I own from my previous employment, the company is listed on the FTSE100. How do I go about adding them to my IG trading account for online/app platform sale? many thanks
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    Hi everyone, I have just reard that many Chinese stocks which I am interested in buying such as Nio have found to be ineligible for ISA according to Trading212 users. As a result, they are being forced to sell any of the positions in the stocks listed below tomorrow 2.30pm (GMT). This is the message from Trading212 to their users. Can someone please confirm if IG will follow suit? Should I therefore avoid purchasing any of those stocks in the ISA and just use the General Investing Account instead? I also have shares in Sea Ltd. Please can IG let me know what is going to happen to my position there and what to do. Many Thanks Asif Amarin Corporation PlcAnpac Biomedical SciencAgora IncAscendis Pharma a/sAutohome IncAvadel PharmaceuticalsBest IncBaidu Inc SponBilibili IncsponsoredBurning Rock Biotech LtdBanco Santander MexicoCia De Minas BuenaventurBaozun IncspnCanaan Inc.Chunghwa Telecom LtsponCriteo SasponDada Nexus LtdEndava Plc SponDouyu International HoldNew Oriental EducatiospEnel Americas SaEnel Chile SaFanhua IncsponsoredForesight AutonomousspFutu Holdings LtdGreentree Hospitality GrGravity Co LtdsponsoredGsx Techedu IncGenetron Holdings LtdGw PharmaceuticalsHdfc Bank LtdHimax Technologies IncHuya IncImabsponsoredChipmos Technologies IncIqiyi IncJdcom IncJiayin Group Inc9f Inc.Jinkosolar Holding CoJumia Technologies AgKitov Pharma LtdLizhi IncLuckin Coffee IncLatam Airlines GroupspLexinfintech Holdings LMogu IncMomo IncsponMaterialise NvPuxin LtdNice Ltd SponNio IncNiu TechnologiessponsNetease IncOneconnect Financial TechnoOnesmart InternationalOpera LtdOrchard Therapeutics PlcPinduoduo IncPintec Technology Holdings LQudian Incspon360 Finance IncQiwi PlcsponsoredQutoutiao IncRedhill Biopharma LtdspRuhnn Holding LtdSea LtdSilicon Motion TechnolSogou IncTal Education GroupTripcom Group LtdTeva PharmaceuticalspTalend SaTencent Music EntertainmTrinity Biotech PlcsponTrivago NvTaiwan SemiconductorspUcloudlink Group IncUnited MicroelectronspUxin LtdVipshop Holdings LtdWeibo CorpsponWipro LtdWns Holdings LtdWanda Sports Group Co LtXunlei LtdYunji IncZai Lab LtdZto Express Cayman Inc
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    I'm in Indo as well. Using NordVPN. Can recommend it.
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    This is all good. I should have known but this was due to the share split. Didn't expect the shares to be removed from my account while that happened but understand. Thanks for the quick help IG Team.
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    I've noticed that there is no option on the drawing toolbar for a "horizontal ray" which is an option on most trading view charts. There is a horizontal line option and although acceptable it is definitely not as practical. Maybe I am missing something as I am new to the platform but I've never come across this before. Please let me know if I am. Thanks.
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    Hi, might be an obvious question, but I am trying to buy a position in AMD on my Share Dealing Platform. When I try to place the order I get the message: MARKET NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE with a note under that message which reads This market is no longer available online. I would appreciate some advice? Thanks
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    Not all ETFs can be traded on an ISA due to taxation rules (beyond the control of IG). There are also some ETFs that are available, but IG will only allow 'professional' clients to trade. Safest bet is to use the tool that screens the ETFs available for trading on an ISA wrapper. https://etfscreener.ig.com/?cols=AssetClass,Currency,NetAssets,PrimaryExchange,ReturnM12&filters=GlobalSector,ISA,LeveragedFund,UCITS&map=null&ISA=Yes&page=1&sortCol=NetAssets&sortDir=-1
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    On the deal.ig.com mobile web dealer: please take us to the CHART when we check on the open trade in the POSITION/ORDER tab. It makes no sense that we have to go back 2 steps through the MARKETS and Watchlist/Previously Traded to look at the chart.
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    Sorry to go on. Just wanted to add one more thing. You provide PRT access at a £30 per month value for free if we trade a certain number of times. How much would it cost for you to provide access to TradingView.com (link your APIs and whatever to their platform so we can use it to trade with IG), and if it's a similar price to PRT could I please get TradingView instead? PRT is clunky, old-fashioned, missing many useful features and French.
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    IG, please can you add the option to remove Saturday and Sunday candles from MA and Pivot Point calculations. This has been asked for for f*king ages. Just recently someone added four hour calculations to the Pivot Points, have no idea who requested this but it's not as important as getting rid of weekend candles f*king up Monday's data.
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    Please assign the IG labs forums to someone that doesn't ignore messages. There must be someone that can respond to technical questions. There are posts that have been sitting there for months. https://labs.ig.com/node/702 It is very frustrating to see that there is no one to help there.
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    Hi guys, I’ve been trying to find a software like Think or Swim to provide premarket volume indication but as I live in the UK I can’t use that software. Do any of you have some ideas on a good software to use?
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    I am also getting this error on a line when the market opens or just closes but it then lets you do something in about another hour - it is really annoying!!!