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    Kiss goodbye to your job if you work in the oil industry.
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    Absolutely - I view things a bit differently to others which for me makes 100% sense of the markets, so periods of "irrationality" for me can easily be explained. Elliott Wave in 1999 published "Conquer the Crash" - the emphasis was on a deflating economy (USA) in the true sense of credit deflation for their expected ultra massive stock market crash they expected in 2000 - Low Int rates and QE were touted as possible weapons to be deployed - EW were though touting the end of the world stock market wise, that did not happen, but the Fed did launch the deflationary missiles - which they will say saved the markets How I look at this differently covers a couple of aspects - some of which I'm not expanding on: Interest Rates just as the Stock Market work out in cycles - The last time Int Rates were low was 1930-1951 - this was a period of 21 years give or take, the 2000 crash brought low but not ultra low Int rates which have remained as per the 1930-51 period, the 21 years are up next year, so IF rates return to normality after that the cycle is tracking that of the 1930-51 cycle - We shall have to wait to see if that happens or not I don't agree with the markets not working normally - For me they are doing exactly what is expected - The Stock Market follows a 15-19 year cycle, I know this for a fact as I've plotted it since the Dow came into trading in May 1792, the cycle is UP then DOWN/FLAT sequence then UP again etc- just as in 1929 the DOWN/FLAT cycle was due so was the same repeat in 2000 (hence a possible cause for the current QE/Int Rate cycle) - These UP/DOWN sequences link in with periods of stock market, credit and wealth Inflation followed by deflation in those items, how much the stock market declines is depending on where the cycle is - there's a Fibonacci calculation to determine this but it's not something I'm disclosing - It's the reason WHY the stock market crash of 1929 looks very similar to the 2000 crash - you have to look at and work with the speculators market at the time, in 1929 it was the DOW, now its the Nasdaq100 Now for the past 10 years I'm 100% convinced that the stock market follows that 15-19 year cycle sequence - I've done enough research to satisfy myself - All that has happened is that the current Nasdaq100 has increased its energy - I'll admit without knowing all the causes of the cycles it might sound a little bit far-fetched - below is a screen grab of a website from 5 or so years ago - the DATES aren't exact to my cycles but you can get the picture and someone else is confirming the UP/DOWN sequence too - the sequence is: 1899-1915 / 1915-1932, 1932-1949, 1949-1966, 1966,1982, 1982-2000, 2000-2016, 2016-2034 The markets have for the past 228 years followed cycle expectation - I don't see them moving away from it ever - You just have to look at the markets in the right context which I admit very few people do - But when you understand the cycle and its internals, puts everything into perspective My estimation of this cycle is that plunges will only be corrections with the emphasis upwards - for the USA markets I first became aware of cycles in 2010, had perfected them by 2012 and since 2012 the market has been virtually spot on It's up to every trader out there as to how they view data, the markets and form their expectations - for me cycles tell me what to expect for the coming years, which for me has worked the best of all the methods I've researched and used to Trade/Invest Obviously I don't have a crystal ball, but I'll be very surprised if the low of 4th November 2016 in the Nasdaq100 is exceeded before 2034 (the low that kicks off the 15-19 year UP cycle has never been hit during the UP cycle phase in 228 years) always a 1st time for everything but probability says it's very low to happen
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    as is the case when a rare major outage occurs hundreds pop up on the forum within minutes.
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    Out of IG's 250,000 clients how many come on this forum, Tom?
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    Just wanted to confirm my account was correct when markets opened on Monday. Thanks to the IG guys and girls who worked over the Bank Holiday weekend to fix everything following the Tesla Stock Split.
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    You can find the streaming API definition at: https://labs.ig.com/streaming-api-guide There are some code examples at: https://labs.ig.com/sample-apps This is the client I use in case you find it useful: https://github.com/oneangrytrader/brokerapiclients/blob/master/IG.Csharp.Api.Client/IG.Csharp.Api.Client/Streaming/IgStreamingApiClient.cs
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    May be thats why Warren B for very first time in 100 (almost) years invested in Gold just now....
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    Overall I think the platform is pretty good (esp compared to most other brokers) but there is always room for improvement : 1) Bugs have to be fixed faster - Currently there is one where you can change a limit/stop on the platform and it registers it for a few seconds then reverts back to previous level. Thereby when you look at it an hour later you are looking at an incorrect number. Very misleading and can't stress how important this is. Issue has been outstanding with your helpdesk for almost 2 months now,, they are aware of it but seems no priority to fix 2) Ability to trade options on equities online as well as allowing stop/limit orders on all options. One of the reasons I don't trade them with IG. You need stops and limits functionality, it's not a nice to have. 3) Put in a toggle on platform (and PRT - the PRT market hours feature does not work) to switch off weekend data for technical analysis and also separate one to further only use market hours data for charting and calculations. Currently the way you are doing it skews all the indicators massively. 4) Fix all the incorrect spikes in your prices. Some are obvious. A quick fill form that users can submit with the ticker and period should be easy to implement and quick for all. 5) Top movers by exchange with ability to view and sort the columns by ascending/descending returns. It's currently sorted by most popular which quite frankly is pretty useless. Please add in a toggle for % change 6) Mkt cap on each chart, maybe in a small box on a corner. This would be invaluable as currently you have to look it up elsewhere. In future you can add in the ability to show price/sales, P/E, Revenue. Not a whole load of data but enough to give you an idea of the company's position in a snapshot. Having to navigate away from the chart to look this up just wastes time if IG already have the data to hand. 7) Calendar showing important announcement dates for your watchlist/holdings 8)If there is a cost to borrow when going short please indicate what it is. Currently, it just says "May be a cost to borrow...." without you knowing what it could be. 9) Ability to show % return since position was opened. Currently it only shows daily change. 10) VWAP and anchored VWAP indicators to be added 11) PRT really needs to be updated to v11 now. Its been 2 years since its release.....
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    that photo gave me flashbacks,, 15+ years going into the financial district with the masses of people on the subway. Depressing as f@ck , listening to all the cringy talk like 'implementing strategies', 'low hanging fruit', 'providing excellence'. Got hacked off with it as I thought I might go postal, went to Asia years ago and never came back . Life is too short. Sun, cheap lifestyle, beaches and no politically correct BS talk or having to acknowledge the 472 different genders we have now 😄
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    unfortunately , not only do you have to phone to deal, phoning is the only way to get the prices.....the only other way is to open a dealing acct with an options broker eg saxotrader, interactive brokers...firstrade..tastyworks etc
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    The Nasdaq’s ballistic move up in recent weeks may have come to an end (not that I trade it).
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    To follow up to my previous comment, I spoke to IG on the phone and they confirmed that demo accounts do not handle corporate actions well, including stock splits. I feel this should be made abundantly clear without having to dig through the forums or call customer service. I was trialling some trades I'm thinking of opening on my live account, and seeing a sharp loss on them on my demo account with no explanation given at the time does not fill me with confidence in leaving long dated positions open.