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    You can use the Money Flow Index indicator: Or the market sentiment through the main web: https://www.ig.com/uk/marketanalysis/ig-indices/wall-street If you can't see it make sure that you are logged in with your user.
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    so yet another failled profit limit trigger. can see the short trade on gold was automatically opened just after midnight (red circle on chart) with a take profit limit which the price went through by several points past the spread about 3am and ... nothing, price went back up and has just now come back to the 1936 level. needless to say I closed it out manually. and no its not a stop loss, its a short and the dotted line is a take profit limit. there is no stop loss on the trade. ignore the prices on the left thats just where the cursor was when I took snapshot. can someone from IG look into this?
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    The Fed's new policy mix would appear to have significant adverse implications for the US$. The US is a massive consumer of international capital through its twin (fiscal and trade) deficits. The Covid shock saw the US$ lose interest rate support for the dollar, the new Fed policy locks that in that loss and steers investors to expect lower real yields – not something that currencies usually like. All else equal, the US$ would appear to need to fall to entice foreigners into US assets. The US is not only the most vibrant major economy, it also has an armful of tech leviathans changing the world and dominating global equity indices. The Fed’s policies have no great relevance for Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla etc but, in fostering periods of higher inflation, it is endorsing stronger economic growth which will broaden the attractiveness of US equities. With Japan’s economic revolution under Shinzo Abe having petered out before Abe stepped down for health reasons and with the ECB likely to take a year to complete its policy review – and biased to under-deliver, the Fed has added to US exceptionalism rather than detracted from it. The new policy is not about creating inflation for its own sake. It aims to sustain the conditions that might be consistent with higher inflation; conditions which should support US corporate profits. None know how ‘hot’ a modern advanced economy needs to run before inflation becomes a problem. What is clear is that, in the US, the threshold is, probably well, above the average growth rate of the ten years pre-Covid (2.4%). The Fed know that monetary policy is nearing the limit of what it can achieve. They are effectively passing the baton to politicians and encouraging them, through fiscal policy, to have a go and they will.
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    It is definitely on the app (android), I use it all the time...not sure I could remember my actual password...lol
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    Hi rwi, biometric authentication is already available on IG app, I use it multiple times a day. If it doesn't work on your smartphone perhaps check if it's enabled in settings?
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    I've been trading away for a couple of weeks now and yes, the platform is pretty easy to use. There is a "but" however - the running profit and loss only shows what would be gained through selling a share at a higher price. It does not consider the initial cost of placing the deal, or how much it would cost you to sell again. It's a misleading figure that must have left some others out of pocket in the past. I'm fiddling away with a seperate spreadsheet that does include those little "extras". It would be excellent if you could figure into the profits all of the charges and make that figure represent the "actual" amount the user will pocket.
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    Around the same time RN Elliott was around in the same era 1930's onwards
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    They say that stocks take the staircase up and elevator down Lets see how fast the elevator can go when the time is right? I guess puts are going to be expensive? https://sentimentrader.com/blog/massive-surge-in-speculative-trading-again/
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    Cheers! Yes, I discovered that post too after a bit of searching.
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    Check out the weekly dividend post (at the top of the forum), if you're short the FTSE on c^m-dividend day then you will get whopped with a fee at 16:30 in addition to the daily interest fee. (But if you're long, you will be credited the dividend at 16:30 😇 )
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    Thanks for this - but I think it's ok. I did some further research, and discovered the Trading Analytics function under 'My IG'. This referenced the adjustment, and I now understand how Dividend Adjustments work! I had closed the position a little after 4.30pm and hadn't understood the significance of this. So the discrepancy was just a consequence of my ignorance. I clearly have a lot to learn!
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    I think you could be referring to market depth, which shows a list of orders for size and quantity, for both buyers and sellers. This will need a separate subscription - have a search for Level 2 Data in the forum, as I believe there have been a few posts about it.
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    yes, the usual MO is to howl blue murder on the forum then note there's a complaints procedure, initiate the complaints procedure, then come back on the forum and say 'actually it's all sorted' or not bother and just quietly carry on trading with IG anyway. In the last 4 years I've only heard of 2 that ended up taking their complaint to the FCA.
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    am pretty sure that if I had lost real money on a broker tech failure I wouldn't be wasting time asking for a response on a forum. The complaints procedure is clear (see the link in the Contact Us page). Email IG directly, if not satisfied with the response escalate by referring it to the compliance team and after their report if still not satisfied you may go to the FCA. IG aren't allowed to discuss personal account information on a public forum.
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    Thanks for your post. You're correct the profit on the account should be (5942.2 - 5936.9) x 0.25 giving you a profit of £1.33. If this is not reflecting on your account please reach out to our help desk on helpdesk.uk@ig.com so they can look into this. All the best
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    I wrote this to a friend last year: We entered the UP phase in Dec 2016 The beauty of all this comes once you know the Internals because they just repeat in generic form/shape but specifically in TIME The plunge of Feb 2020 didn't happen out of the blue - I'd published the date years in advance (see yellow box on the chart below) but more specifically, the plunge is DIRECTLY linked by sequence to the 1987 crash shown above - Markets grow and evolve, but the Time Cycles that are present at every major turn and crash remain the same If you run the TC shown in the chart below from the 1981 UP start date on the 2nd date/hit it lands directly onto 1987! - In the chart below the Mar 2020 date is the 1st hit - the next time it hits "could" cause another 1987 type event, unless march 2020 was it (there is no way of knowing until it arrives) I might publish in the future a series on Time Cycles, because once you understand the Internals and big TC's it debunks every economic and Investing theory out there and you understand why the markets do what they do - Elliott Wave have been calling for the mother of all market crashes since 1986! It's not going to happen no matter how much they label and relabel their charts to justify their thinking EVERY market has it's OWN TC's that determine its growth and decay - So what works for the stock market will not be the exact same numbers for other markets. Picture the above chart in 3D (I've mentioned that before too) The flat sections are base building - happened in 1897-1915 / 1932-1949 / above 1966-1992 and 2000-2016 In the chart below it refers to a low - that does not mean an all time low, it will be the turning point which creates a swing low - on the chart above the last time this happened was in late 1994 which created a low point and then whoosh
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    S&P pushes up to the monthly R1. Dax sits above the weekly resistance level (red). FTSE and S&P daily charts. Dax and Dow H1 charts;
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    It's great, I was also working on these lines to find the historical patterns and trade according to these patterns, I worked on the following graph to find the patterns:
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    I have no direct link with IG or knowledge as to exactly how the system works but going by discussions on the forum over the years including input from IG staff IG's price data is directly linked to accounts and is also sent to the company that actually builds the charts which is IT-Finance. This means that any glitches appearing on the charts that are occur during the chart building process will not automatically adversely affect your account. The 'prevailing market data' can only be IG's current best bid/offer prices at any particular time and is the data used to trigger account orders. Occasional false spikes seem to occur on every broker's platform as is reported on social media and usually don't affect an account but sometimes the problem originates further up stream and can do, but any financial discrepancies that do occur and are reported to IG and here on the forum seem to get resolved fairly quickly.
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    You can find the streaming API definition at: https://labs.ig.com/streaming-api-guide There are some code examples at: https://labs.ig.com/sample-apps This is the client I use in case you find it useful: https://github.com/oneangrytrader/brokerapiclients/blob/master/IG.Csharp.Api.Client/IG.Csharp.Api.Client/Streaming/IgStreamingApiClient.cs
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    Should get this printed out on a t-shirt and wear it in public
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    The gold market again... Interesting that you are talking about the same market. If I search on the forum for the same issue they mostly point to metals. Gold appears a few times.
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    I am not trying to add more fuel to the fire, just went to search if this is common problem when setting up limit orders and it seems to be the case. Basically your limit orders are not guaranteed to be executed if there is no one to take it. How can you prove that there is no one to take it? You can use level 2 data. I do believe that you have set up that limit trigger and didn't get executed, mainly because it seems to be happening often when there are price gaps on very volatile markets. There is one way to prove that there is someone to take it if you use level 2 market depth data. By using level 2 data you can see if there are enough orders there that should match your limit. I don't think the broker would want limit orders to be ignored, that would be as you say an unfair platform and would get noticed by many traders easily. Looking at the broker's business it seems unlikely that they would force that trigger to be voided. I am certainly sure that the gap set the price to a level where orders were not present and there wasn't anyone to take your limit, think about that your limit level must be exact otherwise it doesn't get executed. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/05/buystoplimit.asp#:~:text=A limit order is ineffective,currently below the market price.
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    yes the customer service has been garbage since the start of this 'everyone stay at home and save the nhs' covid farce but then again so has my bank's.
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    Oh, John the Baptist! The voice of one crying out in the wilderness! Make straight thy paths ... repent ye, for the day of the Lord is nigh.