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    Should wait for the close, I guess, but this NDX correction looks much less violent than the moves of major indices in March. Narrative that it's mainly "froth" being "removed" seems to make sense. Also the claim that this move includes dealers reducing large delta-hedges for calls sold recently to retail. Given that, the distance from ATH to low today should be enough... or not? Long with stop below today's low.
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    No I haven't read any books, but I am a fan of heiken ashi candles. Maybe I might actually get somewhere if I actually read some actual books. The internet is 75% **** on this subject.
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    Thank you dmedin
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    I agree, already showing signs of big buying pressure. What happened in March was totally different. It's more like what happened in June.
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    Perhaps the best strategy is to just bet on near term continuation especially after a landmark breech (PP, Fib, S/R).
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    https://www.ig.com/en/help-and-support/cfds/fees-and-charges/how-is-funding-on-forex-positions-calculated#:~:text=A tom-next rather than,cost on a long position.
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    S&P stopped at the monthly R1 and retraces down to the monthly Pivot. FTSE and S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1;
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    yes, that's what I'd do too if I was out of pocket because of a broker tech failure, spend all day ******** around on a forum, obviously I wouldn't contact the broker directly to get the issue sorted as soon as possible because er, ... REASONS!!! I'd also happily chuck in completely unsubstantiated disparaging comments about the broker thinking it would add weight to my bs. You can't use the complaints procedure because you are really a just a demoballer, that's the only real reason.
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    Check out the weekly dividend post (at the top of the forum), if you're short the FTSE on c^m-dividend day then you will get whopped with a fee at 16:30 in addition to the daily interest fee. (But if you're long, you will be credited the dividend at 16:30 😇 )
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    Thanks for this - but I think it's ok. I did some further research, and discovered the Trading Analytics function under 'My IG'. This referenced the adjustment, and I now understand how Dividend Adjustments work! I had closed the position a little after 4.30pm and hadn't understood the significance of this. So the discrepancy was just a consequence of my ignorance. I clearly have a lot to learn!
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    Hi all, Do certain markets on average have higher price action and volume? And if so which ones? I've been trading GBP/US dollar and now i'm reluctant to change purely through habit. Also does the margin requirement for each market influence which ones you trade? It makes a big difference in what you can afford if a rate is 13000 vs 7000 for example if your position size is large. Thanks
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    I only noticed because the price headed back to the same level, I looked at the chart and I thought hang on this should have triggered hours ago. I didnt wait for the trigger then, I closed it out at a profit by pure luck.