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    Dunno, really. Maybe. Haven't thought about that in depth. Reading the book about Simmons - contains a story where one of their algos cornered the potato market and no one in the firm knew why. Guess if that was what I wanted to succeed in, I should have started three or four decades ago to develop the corresponding affinity. But it seems I rather failed catastrophically in trying to control my emotions.
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    I'm a pure price action trader now. Power of hindsight for the win
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    It ruins the whole day. But according to the day trading gurus, one only needs to trade for 1 - 2 hours a day before going back to enjoying one's skiing resort or time in the Bahamas.
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    absolutely. after an hour or so, one is mentally exhausted - just when you would need your mind's strength most to make you stop, in particular if you're down on that day (I have no idea about institutional algos/AI - I only guess there are by now quite a few which do that. you make an average 16bps per day and you got 40% p.a.. (250 trading days, assuming constant capital for simplicity) - then you can hire someone to write fancy long-term market outlooks for you, and pretend to your clients you know how the world works... but of course I'm probably wrong. maybe they have easier ways)
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    Seems like a stressful and risky way to try and make a few quid
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    That would make sense as March was a HUGE deleveraging event. So alot of positions would have been liquidated.
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    For those who religiously trust indicators here is "The signal fire" Instructions: Play as loud as you can
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    Sure, and highly specialized institutional trading systems are WHOLLY applicable to retail punters ... OMG, this is so f*king stupid. Try this approach first. Find a trend and follow it. Maybe then you can whip out the highly specialized tools of an institutional trader on your minute-by-minute chart 😉
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    Many people prefer higher time frames and do a lot better with them. There isn't a single high-flying wealthy investment manager out there looking at minute charts, for example. Follow established trends. People telling you to snipe and scalp are basically leading you into the fire from where you will be burned.
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    stoch and cci turns around the end-zones or rsi bounces off the 50, they are all similar and make good triggers but you need to be going with the prevailing wind to increase the probability.
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    could have done and would have been ok but I prefer to stick to the trades in the longer term trend direction and take entries when the quicker oscillator (stoch) gets in synch. Less trades overall but higher probability.
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    I wish you the best of luck in your 15 minute time frame trading journey, but I warn you now that you are going to get f*ked - financially and more importantly emotionally and in terms of lost precious time which you will never be able to claim back.
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    Intraday volume is difficult to read and not as clear as on mn, wk and daily charts, consider oscillators.
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    It cannot be easier to parse JSON into classes in C#. Just create a .cs file and use the option "Paste Json as classes in Visual Studio", then a simple line with Newtonsoft will have your object ready. var yourClass = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<T>(json) A day to parse a JSON object?, you just have to use the right tools. It takes 5 minutes and you end with a full object with proper nested types in a hierarchy. Not to mention that everything is strong-typed as well as included in the intellisense helper. And you are going to tell me that you prefer hard-coding strings as keys to get them from a dictionary? Come on...
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    I know. I question my motives every day to no resolve. ha
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    Well, the OP states that there are different types of traders, and I do think a person has to find what works for them in practice. For me the “Dow & Dax” thread Caseynotes started was a bit of a gold mine. The last 30 days. There can be consistency from discretionary trading with charts. Finally the challenge was “Would you share yours? Then we can insult each other as much as we want.”, but I noticed that you skipped a step before launching into insult again…
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    In my fancy long-term outlook (not published anywhere)..., I wrote a while ago that this is likely Japan, and we are in a long-term sideways move. DAX, RTY, NKY, ASX... so far haven't yet been able to reject this hypothesis. In this narrative, NDX/FANGBATMAN were an exception - and I think that's over now. Even gold and real estate I expect to go nowhere. But obviously I know that I have no idea, so immediately forgetting this, and turning to something I read on FX Street, in a piece by Barbara Rockefeller: the long run is a series of short runs. Leads me to the same conclusion - try to profit from oscillation. However doing the opposite of what I did in the past was usually a safe bet.
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    second screenshot shows the issue - min. guaranteed stop distance is 10 points, but usually the very short-term range doesn't give you that, so you end up closing with a reward to risk much less than one to not watch the trade move against you. correspondingly you need more winning trades. first picture was lucky... all before the cost for the guaranteed stop and all demo trades - no need to mention that I found that much harder in real
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    I have Go Ahead Group shares which have been rendered worthless as I can't sell because of the message 'This market is now in a non-dealable state' What does it mean, what's the cause and how long will it exist?
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    I am surprised that IG does not support NinjaTrader here in UK. Are there technical reasons why ?