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    I don’t think I am destined for the Bahamas.
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    don't need to show every trade because I've said dozens of times how I trade which is obviously a lot more helpful. So for the hard of thinking I'll repeat again that I post the important levels because price moves between levels of supply and demand. The levels posted in advance were in the past important so may turn out again to be levels of dispute between buyers and sellers. Between these levels are areas of range expansion, this is were I look for pullbacks on the lower time frame charts for entries to ride price onto the next level target. However knowing what to do is not enough for some, they actually just want someone to continually give them the answers, they probably picked up this appalling habit in some cr@p socialist inspired education system.
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    oh dear, no respect from bi-polar bs boy 😆😆😆
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    I am simply proving that my account is exactly like yours, that I am not a "merchant" and anything you say about me is just out of your own frustration.
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    Change the record, it is broken. retail.mp4
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    That's great Charlotte. Another big financial scam (after Nikola and Sh!te Dance) to f*k the retail punter up the a*se with. Come on you clueless b4stards, line up over here in dunces' corner
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    You'd think the 75 per cent or more of people who keep losing money would consider doing that 🤔
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    How is 'trading the news' on one minute time frame working out for you? Aren't you tempted to start selling TA courses yet?
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    I normally download datasets to test my techniques before trying them on the demo platform. Sometimes the markets are not giving you the action that you need to test your entries. My approach is datasets locally -> demo account -> live account I like this data feed: https://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/marketwatch/historical/ They have the major markets that we normally play on. Quite useful to test things out.
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    @HMB Just in case it could improve anything, this is a message that I get from IG on my dashboard. I personally think that shorter time frames are bound to failure. I can' prove it, I am just talking from my own experience. It is difficult to let your trades run over a few days because of the DFB fee but in the long run it pays out.
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    I would not try to give advice to someone with an average holding time of 1 minute because I think anyone attempting that should not be in need of advice. I doubt I could be profitable with such a short holding time. I am profitable with an average holding time of 15 minutes but have found that it is very onerous and not optimal. At present my average holding time is about 1 hour scaling into and out of a swing trade. Any changes to money management need to be forward tested because you may not be able to implement the change in practice.
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    Hark now Gabrielle, hath the trumpet of the L-rd been sounded?
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    Yep, a big old steaming pile of cr4p. Phew! What a stink!
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    Oh dear 🤯 It looks like a massive pile of sh!te out there right now!
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    I want to practice it in the demo when I have spare moments. I have a lot of spare moments these days.
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    why would you need hints when I've explained to you in detail at least half a dozen times what I do. You might also recall I've pointed out a number of times that you're not a good listener, you could try working on that.
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    great post and very true i have been trading more or less every day during lockdown i have two suggestions for utube traders to follow both are free and want no money no scams no subscription fees etc , first is brian watt also known as mr yen this guy has terminal cancer is a mean regression trader u can watch previous shows from channel , very good over 3 months he has not had a loosing trade he is v opinionated and wont be to everyones taste ,based in usa so starts 1400/1430 uk time second one is :trades by matt : bases in usa also excellent free and has several help videos , very calm the opposite and very different trading style of brian watt , check them both out i assure you you will learn from these two guys .both are also on twitter , @realbrianwatt and @tradesbymatt, good luck
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