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    gloves came off - WH super-spreader turns on the heat. wouldn't be an American election if it didn't get more thrilling than the polls suggest... would it
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    oh sh!t, I told you it was treacherous 😢
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    thanks Josephine! finally...! raising stop to 11485. still almost profitable this week... and it's already Tuesday!
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    ...this one is still more relevant, I think... guess it's Softbank, maybe they built up the hedge first to then buy calls later (there were some rumors about a new whale buying calls on US large tech stocks late last week...)... anyway, the weekly reports to the CFTC published on Friday are as of COB Tuesday... so whatever you want people to see, you build up today, I suppose...
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    don't worry - compared to SPX OI it's tiny - probably nothing
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    raising stop to 11465
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    who is Josephine..? ...and why is she not covering her shorts, yet..?
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    I would go to https://www.prorealcode.com/ and post it as a question there - If its not on the library then Nicholas will be able to build it/code it for you - maybe free or for a fee
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    Sounds like a truly sh!t job. https://jobs.natwestgroup.com/jobs/5670942-rates-trader-associate No mention of Ichimoku cloud, Dow Theory, candlesticks, being limited to one market (interest rate swaps - yawn) F*k that!
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    Very nice, and here we can't even stay in the pub after 10pm. We should send this picture to Boris.
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    Never thought it was a hoax personally, but economic resources would have been better spent on isolating and helping the vulnerable rather than blanket nation-wide bans on everyone. A Tory government is particularly badly suited to deal with crises like these, because Tories don't govern for the majority, they are the party of the rich and powerful.
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    ...pre-market consolidation with further establishment of support around 11450, I'd hypothesize...: Nancy, Steve, anything...?
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    yes, I am with you. There was a video that I can't refer to now (I forgot the source) that linked all the financial news prior to the referendum. It contained many things that are shown in this video as well as a few scandals like the Panama papers that involved the Tories. Brussels started asking for personal affairs of British politicians abroad and that didn't go well. One of the major points in the video was the attempt from Germany to move the City of London to Frankfurt a few years ago. It is a shame that I can't link the video, it made very clear sense.
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    That arrow needs to be more obvious. I didn't see it and used Commsec instead with no need to fill out a form. Form done now. 👍
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    I thought i summarize my experience so far day trading in case any newer folks are interested Day trading is much harder than swing trading and especially at those lower time frames. From 100+ day trades so far I am certainly no expert and I like being honest, I am on average losing but I learnt a lot. My thoughts so far are: 1. Forget 95% of youtube, it's full of turds just trying to market courses, **** out their channel. Same with forums, no matter what topic it is (fitness, languages), a lot of people lie their asses off and pretend they are experts but in fact know jackshit about it. Even the supposedly guru's are full of sh@t. For example the guy who wrote that best seller "Trading for a living", Dr Elder. He came up with his own "impulse system" and brags about it. It just MACD and Moving average, nothing more . Aslo on their own private forum (which I was on for $60 a month) the group consistently underperform the S&P and even their best Gold start traders barely out perform it. Everytime you asked a question you got told, "buy this extra course for $100's Its the same with Anton Kreil, $15k for a course? I have no idea if he is good or not but its seems to me that it's the easiest thing in the world to prove your validity. Publish your trading accounts, get them audited by an auditor, show tax statements, do live streaming etc If I was building a business as a trainer that's what I would do. 2. Having said that there is a lot of useful information that if you look at it objectively it can be great advice. Keep a word document and write down your own points. Ignore every cherry picked chart they show you (apart from the educational content), use your own, scroll back a 500/1000 bars and then start looking at the extreme right hand bar, moving forwards bar by bar and ask yourself "ok what will I do here", you will soon find out that even if you got the direction right, spreads, commissions, trend reversed too quickly, stops etc killed it . It will paint a very different picture than what youtube baseball-wearing-cap-on-backwards hipster is telling you. 3. Day trading is a job, not a hobby and a difficult one, you need to put in the hours, research, do your homework, keep a trade journal take notes and analyze what you have done etc 4. You are essentially trying to make cash like flipping a coin over the long run with one side weighted in your favour. 5. Forget working on hunches or "I think the stock price will go up / down" You are doomed to failure. A proper system is the only way 6. Risk Management is the most important concept by far in my view. The generally advice is never risk more that 1 - 2% on a trade. I personally think that is too much . I would keep it at 0.5% max until you work what you are doing. 8 losing trades in a row at 1-2% and it starts to hurt and self doubt really creeps in. 7. Demo always seems like a good idea but in reality it never worked for me. I put on trades forget about them, have no psychological connection to wins / losses. You need to use real money, even if it's just the bare minimum to see those losing ££ . I have put on 4 trades over last few days.All 4 were up 2 x Risk but because I am a total **** I didn't cash out and all hit stops resulting in 4 losses. It was only £80 between all 4 but the fact I got greedy (yet again!) annoys me 8. If your profitable with a year you're lucky. My aim is to just break even by christmas to see if I can sustain a modest living in this. I have income from other sources anyway. 9. The reality is that its a heck of a difficult job to make money day trading., Brokers like IG, and all the others make money by continual flow of clients coming in losing cash and eventually leave, hence the large marketing. I don't blame them, it's a business model, not a hippy self help group, but just be realistic. 10. Most news, ideas is **** and pointless. I worked in investment banking on the trading floor for 15+ years. Every Monday we had to come up with a trade idea for clients , Derivatives / inflation, bonds, 90% of them were sh@t, I know I wrote them, we just had to do something. It's the same with market news, broker webinars etc, trading channels / ideas etc, the staff are tasked to do something. More noise, more videos, more website hits, more trades = more commissions / sales. 11. Don't jump around from stock to stock, to FX, to crypto. I believe if you are not making money in two or three the problem is you, not the asset. They all have their own personalities, e.g. Coca cola barely moves, Tech stocks jittery as hell, respond to news, others hardly at all, so you need to spend sufficient time on see what influences what. 12. as above, don’t jump around with different trading strategies, 200 different indicators etc. You need to limit all the moving parts and focus 13. Best way I found to improve, (so far) , For every trade, I immediately write down why I entered the trade (note 5) , for example Long MA Strategy (a) Rising 200MA (b) Rising 20MA , (c) 20MA crosses over 200MA (d) price near 20MA seems like a winner on paper but I still kept getting stopped out. Then afterwards write down what happened, e.g. after the trade exit I put screen shots of 3 time frames (daily hourly / 15min) into a PowerPoint and detailed where I went wrong. Several things became clear such as - 2min charts was pointless, you would never make the spread back - The risk / reward (1:2) was to high, a 1:1.2 would have paid off > 50% of the time . - I was fannying around with stops, for no reason. etc - I'm putting on trades because I'm retarded, e.g. long trade, on a bearish trend in larger time frame The point being, you start to learn about your technique and they way you trade which no book can possibly know. Heck it's boring but I am starting to see patterns about the way I trade (= c@ck up). The best traders I saw in banks were the OCD ones. The wannabe Burberry wearing chavs all got pushed out or sent to Starbucks to pick up the coffee The million dollar question: can you make money? At this stage, I am still undecided. I think there is light at the end of the tunnel but its going to require work, a plan and mental commitment for sure. Anyway, long post but hope it's useful for some folks (apologies for the obscenities!)
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    What's up with IG and paying dividends? IG's official position on paying dividends is that it they will be paid within 2 business days of the pay date. Besides ASX-listed stock, this arguably never occurs. Microsoft dividends recently were more than three weeks past pay date. Royal Dutch Shell, still outstanding, now pushing a week and a half. Suncor, Brookfield Renewable, Enbridge...any of the Canadian corps, they're always weeks late and often incorrect. Incorrect withholding tax, usually. They'll go in, then out, then back in again at an adjusted amount. Fractional refunds for stock splits or rights issues. Never come through. Ever. My main beef (besides not getting my money) is the response. I'll always start with calling the IG helpdesk. Normally people are really good. They'll investigate. They are never able to reach the Corporate Actions team while I'm on the phone, but they almost always email me back later in the day and promise a payment date. The only problem is, it never happens. Will be paid tonight. Promise. Then nothing happens. I had the same email three times regarding Microsoft payments over a period of two weeks. Always promising the next day, and then...well, you know. Nothing. Today, I had an email from someone at IG telling me that I had in fact been paid for a dividend - I believe their words were that it is 'reflected in my account' - the only problem is, it's not. The email was just flat wrong. So...what do I do? I've escalated to Compliance a few times, particularly for errors with stock splits. But why should I have to? Isn't this what IG do? Stock stuff? Why should I have to keep track of every dividend and then have to follow up multiple times in order to receive a correct dividend...or even just a dividend. @CharlotteIG B
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    Have you managed to 'get it up' at the eleventh hour Jeffrey 🤓
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    No more crypto derivatives from next year. You can buy Bitcoin just not trade it. Sooooooooo short sighted by the FCA. You know what FCA actually stands for, right? Let's cancel the future because Mrs Miggins at No 32 got scammed even though the UK and ECB are looking at their own digital currency. Fishy much? Thank God for VPN's.
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    Seems to be poised to go lower from here.
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    can't be worse than me
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    yes, if one can afford a wide stop..
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    Trump went short...
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    It's a big stonker Kathleen!
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    ...I mean Jay basically demanded fiscal stimulus, Don Quarantino on the phone with party leaders... what else does an efficient market need to push valuations closer to infinity...?
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    ...but higher low..:
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    ...later lunch hour breakout - no news... think that's ultra-short-term bullish...
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    Same - still waiting for my iShares FTSE250 DIST ETF dividend...
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    For the curious minds... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmcYTShN4Fk
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    I have faced the issue with dividends for iShares FTSE250 DIST ETF. Dividend was supposed to be paid on 30th September and IG helpdesk said it would be paid by 1st October. Still no dividend has been paid. I have sent an email to compliance as well but not sure if that is going to fix anything here.
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    Get a groove on, Nancy 🕺
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    Hanging on for dear life my sweet 🤯
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    The pound sh4t the bed in a big way Geoffrey
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    It doesn't look at all canny Eileen, I shouldn't have bought at that point as the last green candle had too much of an upper wick
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    Shall we have a wee go toots 😘
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    A hammer forming Kathleen 😘
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    A wee beaut, Jessamine 😌
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    Come on now Eileen, give me a smooch 😘
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    one of the stocks mentioned back then
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    Aaaaand... GBP hoists down its breeches and squeezes out a massive stinky t*rd 💩🤡
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    It is a buy on the hourly timeframe
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    Lost again hahahaha
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    Neither a buy nor a sell according to the daily Itchy 🧐
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    GBPUSD is at a cross-road. October in the Spotlight