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    Am just trying to better understand my performance with the trade analytics tool and was wondering how often does the tool update with closed positions?
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    ...zero hedge calls it a short squeeze... volume looks interesting... is that just IG volume...? maybe a representative sample..?
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    ...think that might be worth a try for me as well...
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    I hope you canny loons got your order in before the U.S. open and made a tidy wee profit 😘
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    (on the ISA account) would be great if the % Changed value could be added to the positions view so the daily change could be seen 'inline' with the holdings
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    Yea i also have this question. it does now show you th time stamp fo when the data was last refreshed, but sometimes it can be 5-6hrs in lag, which isnt great. Would love to have a refresh on load function, or a manual 'click to refresh' option to pull the data through right up to date.
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    To make it short - I probably should have never started trading. Over the last 12 years I have accumulated total net losses that exceed my annual salary by a multiple. And I could have actually used that money quite well. To help my partner, my family, to feel more confident, more independent, to have more flexibility to enjoy life. I lived a relatively modest life, always focused on building wealth in the long term to be some day independent - free. And if it was not for my trading losses, I could have probably achieved that by now. But instead I not only lost massively, I also wasted an excessive amount of time trying to trade successfully. The fascination for markets I've had since childhood made me miss out on life. I made every mistake you can think of. And I made I made every mistake again, and again, and again, and again. Since I Iost my first 10 K when Lehman defaulted, I was never up. My losses grew to 40K, then 70K, then shrank to 40 K, and over the last two years rose to around 400K. In my best six months period I made 30K. So even if I would have only such periods from now on, it would take me almost seven years to break even. No need to mention that this affected my life in all areas. Depression, chain smoking, neglecting physical fitness, it all impacts on-the-job performance as well. Social contacts - don't get me started. What would have saved me, seems obvious: for one, setting strict loss limits, and adhering to them no matter what. Second, mentally preparing for losses. Having a clear plan what to do when you lose, like taking a break, waiting till you can be sure your head has cooled, and you're acting on the RIGHT emotions (intuition), not on the urge to mitigate your suffering. So why didn't I? More on that further below. With my track record, I guess 99.999% of you would tell me to stop and never start again. And I've tried that. And succeeded for periods exceeding a year at times. I also succeeded trading only small amounts for months. As well as following low risk strategies for a year or so. But positions suddenly moving against me, increasing market volatility, or also trades working out surprisingly well, all trigger "my other self" to take over - and suddenly I'm aggressively hunting for all the money I've lost - at times being extremely lucky and making nice short-term gains - just to loose them within a day, a few hours or even minutes. I am writing this, after seeing a youtube video by Denise Shull, who states that neurological research indicates that the better you can express your emotions, the better you will be able to handle them. And I believe my story may be useful as a warning for some of you, and maybe give hold to others of you, who may be suffering from a similarly disastrous experience. Such can take you to some very dark places - and I believe I can assure you I've been there - and I always found happiness again after. Time heals all wounds. You can change NOW. And yes, it's not only the money - it's the shame as well, being a loser. In my case, maybe it would have been easier if I was not working professionally in the investment industry, mostly in risk management, to complete the irony. I have a masters degree in finance with specialization in capital market research, am a certified financial risk manager, and a chartered alternative investment analyst. I've worked in the industry 15 years, been following markets for more than 30 years and have a Bloomberg screen in front of me for 40 hours a week. So if there's a loser of losers, the worst loser ever - it's most likely me and not you, so cheer up. But obviously I cannot tell you how to improve - if you're like me, then there's nothing I can say that has proven to work. There's a monster inside me, that keeps me coming back. I would name this monster "Hope". All you have to do is start with a thousand, double your capital 10 times (to 2, 4, 8...), and you're a millionaire, right? And how easy is it to double one's capital. We all can make 200 out of 100 within hours at some point (we may have lost a few thousands the hours before though). Finally back to above question: why did I not adhere to my limits and plans. I wish I knew. Maybe resisting urges is harder for some of us than it is for others - like those who have longer legs are likely to run faster - ceteris paribus. What do you think? I'm trying a new approach now. I changed my target: full focus is now on not losing more than 500 the coming week. As J Powell would phrase it: I'm not even thinking about thinking about thinking about profits.
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    A well defined plan will get rid of all your emotions. Trading has to become a boring job to be profitable, one that you do without getting any feelings from it, very close to what a robot would feel if it would behave like a person. If you are able to take a loss and continue like nothing happened then you are handling just numbers. If the meaning of taking a loss is no longer similar to a painful feeling you have reached a milestone. Two years ago I told every single one I met that I was getting into trading, it was so exciting that I didn't understand what I was getting into. Today I don't even talk about it with anyone, my relatives think that I stopped all together. I avoid getting into any conversation about it with anyone, very much like I would do with my IT job. No one is interested in hearing about my job, so trading has to become the same, another job. When is no longer exciting, loses don't produce pain and the only way to achieve that point is by executing a system step by step. When everything is scripted you know what is going to happen, you are expecting the result way ahead it comes, so feelings are way more reduced. There are many books on the topic but one I like is this podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9Z9qUTTuhA There are a couple of parts, they gathered together good advise for retail traders.
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    Hi, see this page and check your 'My IG' > Live Accounts > Share Dealing. https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/investments/transferring-investments/how-do-i-transfer-my-investments-to-ig#:~:text=Use%20our%20online%20transfer%20request,you%20don't%20have%20one.
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    Anyone know how to move the anniying IG Live popup to the bottom left of the screen?
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    it covers the deal ticket briefly at the worst times, has been complained about before but there was no fix.
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    ...whatever keeps me away from the trading platform..
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    maybe now... "companies should not both control and compete" ..so either sell the app stores or stop selling apps...
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    stop raised to 11475
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    100% this is the correct thing to do, I applaud the FCA's decision on this one. It's worse than gambling. Stories all over the internet where people are ruined because of it. Digital Currency is not the same as Bitcoin, there is a heck of a lot of work to be done and don't expect it to be the "norm" for 20 - 30 years yet. Also, that is backed by a country the same way we have legit currencies, infact little would really change it's just the method of transfer between banks and countries. It makes sense. The old methods like BACS, SWIFT etc are showing their age now. It makes sense they need to do a feasibility study for it. Bitcoin is just rife with scammers, hucksters, fraudsters, look at all these fly by night exchanges that get hacked because they are rushing to market. Also, a VPN won't help you here. The accounts will be placed on whatever registered address you have on the account. i.e I assume you are domiciled in the UK.