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    No, it's short sighted and refusing to accept the future. The finance industry as whole is as bent as they come. Whether it's bankers coordinating Gold movements via Bloomberg chat, 4pm fix shenanigans, HSBC knowingly laundering billions of drug cartel money or JPM in the dock for yet another multi-billion fine for illicit activity. So please don't preach about Bitcoin/Crypto being rife with scammers when one looks at regulated banking in general and as for worse than gambling? Gambling itself ruins thousands and thousands of lives the world over. Crypto doesn't even come close. It's still in its fledgling stage so of course there's going to be a bucket shops set up to take advantage of the naive, get-rich-quick herd, just like there was back in the day before *coughs* regulation. And of course Forex isn't rife with scammers, hucksters, fraudsters and fly by night exchanges is it? And Forex is regulated.
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    'Creating a better tomorrow' - https://www.bat.com/group/sites/UK__9D9KCY.nsf/vwPagesWebLive/DO89KHEK You need to scroll down a bit further to understand who they are creating a better tomorrow for. And it's not for smokers' lungs.
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    I mean ... can we not open bank accounts in foreign countries, deposit money there and use it to trade on whatever we want? Or is it only billionaires with access to Tory politicians who can do what they want with their money?
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    Ah yes, nothing quite like a bus shelter in some dreary desolate spot of Britain to make the brain ponder.
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    Professor of Medicine Stanford University 'Professor Jay Bhattacharaya has joined 6,000 health experts in signing the Great Barrington Declaration, a global anti-lockdown movement: "This is the biggest public health mistake I have seen in my career".' https://video.twimg.com/amplify_video/1313879291671707653/vid/1280x720/corrm97v3asvWeO-.mp4?tag=13
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    100% this is the correct thing to do, I applaud the FCA's decision on this one. It's worse than gambling. Stories all over the internet where people are ruined because of it. Digital Currency is not the same as Bitcoin, there is a heck of a lot of work to be done and don't expect it to be the "norm" for 20 - 30 years yet. Also, that is backed by a country the same way we have legit currencies, infact little would really change it's just the method of transfer between banks and countries. It makes sense. The old methods like BACS, SWIFT etc are showing their age now. It makes sense they need to do a feasibility study for it. Bitcoin is just rife with scammers, hucksters, fraudsters, look at all these fly by night exchanges that get hacked because they are rushing to market. Also, a VPN won't help you here. The accounts will be placed on whatever registered address you have on the account. i.e I assume you are domiciled in the UK.
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    I wouldn't short gold in these times. I think most would agree the long term trend is bullish. I can't see silver dropping back down to sub $20 and that is the next resistance levels if newer recent lows are continued. I got into a small long position in silver last Monday, have moved my stop to cost neutral and it's 200 points or so in the green now. That said I wouldn't be surprised if it tests that $22 price point again. Would reflect the same for Gold but I tend to trade silver as it always has more volatility to mess with.
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    Along with the absence of a clock and market hours which I have replied about in an other thread, one of the first things I noticeed the lack of in IG coming from another platform is the lack of ticker symbols. I know in the deal ticket I can see the 'code' or ticker, but searching by ticker and it being displayed by ticker would be really useful. Currently when you search using a ticker, you get a list of companies and so you need to know what the full name is, which you dont always know, I know I can find this elsewhere, but it is a basic ask and implemented on most other platforms. Just list companies/stocks etc by their ticker symbol, or include the ticker symbol in an obvious place. sometimes we just see a ticker talked about somewhere and want to know more, with IG finding that ticker can prove cumbersome currently. Thanks
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    3,448 may be a level of interest on the S&P500. It is the weekly R2, daily R1, top of a large bearish outside bar on the eighth of September and around a .618 retracement from the September low to the high.
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    oh dear, clearly just a conspiracy theory. 'World Economic Forum -- The Great Reset' Meanwhile, new research papers appear on mandatory vaccinations, 'Ensuring Uptake of Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2' https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp2020926 As airlines test Covid passport travel docs, World's first Covid passport technology will be trialled on flights from Heathrow this week in bid to let passengers travel without risk of quarantine in future BUT requires authorities to trust test lab results from abroad. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8814245/Worlds-Covid-passport-trialled-flights-Heathrow-week.html