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    Yes, where the trading service for the stock allows it
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    It is public, if you understand it, there it is for you to use it. https://github.com/oneangrytrader Post a spreadsheet with your trades from this week, let's see how you have lost money. With times, markets and sizes, let's see if that cry is based on anything worthy.
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    I only wanted to post to trigger your OCD issues. I know you like you to see your name against every post on the main page.
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    You forgot to add a 6th option: 6) Looking for attention from other traders with sh*t posts
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    Shouldn't have to do this - and I'm unlikely to be do this much going forward, but as I'm making claims, they need to be backed up by factual evidence Trade one is a what you could class as a Gann Secondary reaction that fired off the other Friday 2nd the market is ISF which is the ETF of FTSE100 Index Now this trade did NOT meet the 2RSI criteria for the trade, It is however another method that I trade and it was that set-up that got me into the trade which happened to be also a Gann 2ndry reaction There was also another Gann Secondary reaction that the 2RSI failed to meet in early August - The tick UP above 25% with an Inside Bar is OK to trade too but you need the swing high taking out fast Proof of trade = Unleveraged inside a normal trading account SIPP account Trade Two is another Gann Secondary Reaction in the GOLD market, taken this one as a SB - This is now @ BE and will trail the stop up or target hit THT
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    It was still profitable, here's the amended one:
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    So have you been sitting on your 4rse all day letting your algo rake in the money while I've been sweating my guts off trying to trade and sharing most of them on the forum for other people to fade? Then you come on here and answer one simple question about API keys and then tell me that I'm sh!t. Well aren't you the big man who knows it all
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    Trade 41 looks like a nasty case of the runs Mary-Ann! Result A pair of plumptious beauties 😘
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    Trade 39 long Erykah Badu? 😽 Result Honk honk! Give me a smooch 😘
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    Suppose I could continue doing this even although we know that trading in live will be completely different (I get NOWHERE NEAR a 50% win rate in live lol!) Or we could just accept that we've lost two years of our life and learn something else? Or we could just go and walk in front of a fast-moving train? That sounds more tempting right now. 😘
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    Trade 33 short Result Recouped a small portion of my losses
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    Trade 30 long Result Well, that was deeply unpleasant
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    Trade 26 - foot long dong Result that was a slow burner Kathleen 🤪
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    Trade 25 long Result profit
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    Trade 24 long Result profit
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    Trade 23 short Result
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    Trade 19 short Result loss
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    Trade 15, another wee short Kathleen 🤔 Result lol!
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    Trade 14, let's try a wee short Humpty Dumpty Result 🤓
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    Trade 8 short Result loss
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    Trade 6 long result profit
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    Trade 5 long Result profit
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    Trade 4 short Result profit
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    Trade 3 long Result: loss
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    Trade 2 short result profit
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    Let's start by going long here on the 1st of May 2020. Result: profit
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    We shall make a start this evening, after I have done my daily shop at Lidl (which is actually only twice or three times a week, because I can't be 4rsed doing that either). I love Lidl
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    I don't read news in English, they are too correct and polite for my taste. I prefer other languages. I just pointed the Guardian because they seem to be the funniest when it comes to attacking the conservative wing. Can we spread-bet in Sweden? We'll need an extra coat but I am happy to move.
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    Carrot-face , your supreme leader, has recovered amazingly from the non-existent virus. This is the treatment he has received , apparently: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54418464 It seems a bit too much for a hoax, don't you think so? Now, you regular citizen with tin-foil hats, are you going to get the same treatment if you catch it? Nah...
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    SIDEWAYS market / trading range: ANYONE telling you that you cannot trade professionally and profitably using an Indicator, quite simply does not know what the hell they are talking about REMEMBER - VERY VERY few people actually make money trading, even fewer manage to make a living from it As with EVERY trading method out there - proof is in the pudding Notice the swing lows were often NOT exceeded - especially by the % ratios I've previously mentioned that happen in uptrends and downtrends - REASON IS market condition has changed For those of you like ME and want to know WHY = You are now viewing price action either "square on or very nearly square on"! In uptrends and downtrends the price action is "twisted" away/towards our view as viewed from on a 2 Dimensional price chart! NOTICE all the very near perfect double/triple bottoms and double/triple tops - If we could "SEE" price action square on then it would do this all the time, bumble, bumble, then whoosh up/down, bumble, bumble, whoosh etc! This is WHY you NEED a trading method/rules for an UPTREND, a DOWNTREND and a SIDEWAYS market - because price acts differently in each one of them! To start with, have all this info in mind, but just trade one market conditions, become an expert in it, then and only then move on to the next market condition, do the same, then the next then once you an expert in it you will see opportunities within 3 seconds of looking at a chart, know the market condition and be able to formulate expectations followed by trades that WIN and are PROFITABLE I just love using swing high/lows as my trend identifier simply because it works! Notes under the chart: This one had a slight upwards BIAS Right I've labelled the sideways action swings: # Blue 1 = This would be traded as a uptrend as its Gann Secondary reaction and long trade - it worked and you'd of been stopped out on a trailing stop as the prev swing high was never exceeded or closed above # Blue 2 = Even though the perceived trend was UP - this one could have been shorted as it is a Gann Double TOP potential which turned out to be right - target = #1 low, not reached came within 1 point of the low! you'd of been stopped out on a trailing stop # Blue 3 = Double Bottom, you'd of traded this long - you'd of been stopped out on trailing stop - this is your warning that a sideways range could be forming - the confirmation of the cycle and swing high in between #3 and #(A) is warning that market could be in a range - you would Not have traded short this mid swing high as with DB's you expect the trend to continue upwards # (A) = Triple bottom - you'd of also traded this long, the close above the prev swing high (not labelled) suggests long side has the bias - you'd of been stopped out on trailing stop on this trade # Blue 4 = Although this turned out to be a triple top and you could have gotten away with shorting it in reality it was not strong enough for me to be a triple top even though it turned out to be one! Catches us all out sometimes! # Blue 5 = Gann says 4th time @ same level and it usually goes through - I had a short on that triple bottom, it was not touched and as we had a 2RSI cycle low in = long trade - this was a messy one and you'd of been stopped out of the trade a couple of times - However, we now have a a confirmed triple bottom with a failed 4th time lucky trade that did not trigger causing a higher low or secondary reaction point @ #5 and if price rallies we also have a triple top in place and Gann says 4th time at a level and it should go through, so we want to be in that # (B) = short trade = stopped - this would have triggered the 4th time lucky trade long when stop hit = rallied up to # Green 1 # Green 2 = long as secondary reaction trade = stopped on trailing stop # Green 3 = double top = short (yes we can have both a active long and short in place # Green 4 = double bottom = long = stopped on trailing stop # Green 5 = no trade # (C) = triple bottom and we go long # (1) = No trade as expected direction is long #(2) = Long = secondary reaction again - stopped on trailing stop #(3) = you could have risked a short here, but in reality no trade as you'd be thinking long direction #(4) = Long = stopped - price gapped and you'd of been stop for a loss #(5) = Short - double top - stopped on trailing stop as #(4) was not reached # Black a = Long secondary reaction low - stopped on trailing stop # Black b = Short - stopped on trailing stop as # Black a swing low not reached # Black c = Long double bottom = stopped on trailing stop # Black d = the range formation is now very well established so as its a double top short - price target hit @ # Black c low # Black e = Long - stopped out for loss - then long again as price diverges with the Indicator - technically this would NOT be a trade taken in a trending section as you've got a violation of a prior swing low, BUT as we are in a range those rules go out the window as its clear price is trying to rally throughout this multi month sideways market = stopped out on trailing stop # Black a = no trade trend was up good so assumption is long uptrend starting but not on a secondary reaction # Black b = Long = Secondary reaction - stopped on trailing stop Also note that the **** of WD Gann from the 1930's does actually work It also poo poo's those traders or would be traders on here that say you can't make money from daily charts - just massively proven that you can within in this thread as all the charts are daily charts - If a market does not give enough opportunities per year, guess what you do? Trade multiple markets! or you could also drop time-frames again its all up to you as the trader DISCLAIMER: - You are 100% responsible for your own trading - no liability can be attributed to THT if you **** up a perfectly workable trading method, If in doubt then do not take a position! If you cannot make money in 1 year trading this method then I would take stock and quit trading, some rip off merchants would charge you £1,000's for a course/method like this
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    You're welcome, thanks for the comment Yes I could never get Larry Connors RSI2 to work as the UK markets aren't set-up for ultra tight trading - I think with his method too if you remove the stop it improves hit rate too, I might be wrong as I last read Street Smarts about 8 or so years ago DOWNTRENDS: Test it - It's not a direct inverse of the long only method - The reason for this and why I didn't show it, is depending on where you are in the overall cycle of the market will mean you'll need to trade this differently When the long term direction of the market is UP - corrections won't last long - you can't let profits run to the downside, you'll need hard and fast price targets or a defined trailing stop As the market will always fight upwards - stock market that is You need to define what a downtrend is and for how long, as it will work >75% (2RSI) but if the downtrend is a quick event you'll not have many signals and you do run the risk of being stopped out much more frequently than the long method Give me a few weeks and I'll write another thread on how to trade it in down trending and sideways trading ranges/markets etc as its not exactly an Inverse of the Long method I don't want to bamboozle with too much info Watch this space....
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    Right - Here's a very highly profitable and highly accurate trading method - misuse it and you'll lose as with any method! I've personally used this for over 10 years very successfully on multiple markets trading ETF's in my SIPP and ISA You CAN massively **** this up - It does NOT work in ALL market conditions - I'm showing you how it works in an UPTREND - it performs differently in a downtrend and a sideways market! Charts shown are the DAILY Nasdaq100 Index: This is how you use an Indicator properly and with precision There is no other Indicator better than the 2 period RSI Indicator for Identifying market cycles of price in the market The best thing to do in an UPTREND is to BUY the DIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They KEY to this is having a method for knowing when an UPTREND is starting, in play and potentially ending Here's what out old friend WD Gann says "The safest place to buy is on the second reaction following a down trend" - (This is the 1st black up arrow on the chart) "Watch out for a change in trend when a correction EXCEEDS BOTH in time and price any correction of the previous trend" Remember - markets won't always trend like this either - the only way you're going to know is by being in it! How would you of guessed the Nasdaq100 would trend? You wouldn't but you WOULD of known that following a 30+% correction the obvious direction is upwards bias, remember the USA stock markets have a bias upwards - so does the FTSE250 index - Then end of March as I'm polishing off another slice of birthday cake market rallies from the lows, retraces 1 bar, then rallies 2 bars, then retraces causing a higher swing low than the low of March = making a secondary reaction swing low AND the 2RSI trade set-up signal = possible change of trend from down to UP - which is what happened If this set-up up is of Interest to you are going to have to Investigate it - markets don't trend nice and flowery as I've shown below Also note - as previously mentioned in this thread - you define a trending a market as having higher highs and higher lows As you can SEE - the ONLY trade (not marked on the chart - I'll let you find it) that you would have got stopped out on was 3 bars following the highest high on the chart 8 winning trades out of 9 (The win rate is NOT always as good as this shown!) IMPORTANT: In a corrective pullback of a few bars - 2RSI will be FALLING - It will NOT have ticked upwards until the trade has triggered and you're long into it! The tick UPWARDS of 2RSI IS CONFIRMATION of a cycle LOW - the MINIMUM expectation is of a price close HIGHER than the swing high preceding the cycle low - as you can SEE, this happened in EVERY occurrence Ignore the reversals in 2RSI above 25% level - They signal the half cycles and generally give less bang for your buck You'll notice I've not mentioned targets or selling prices - UP to YOU, how you trade it As this is a very very high probability trading method - I like to trade 2 units (i.e. 4% Initial risk) Sell 1 unit at 1-2R just in case we're wrong! and then let the other unit just run, placing the stop under each valid swing low point until stopped- by that I mean the swing low confirmed by the 2RSI - Then pyramid the position with each new signal if funds permit If you do the above with a SB then the 1st unit needs to be a daily DFB type and the 2nd unit a longer futures contract What you should notice is that most of the time when you are WRONG your buy order entry WON'T trigger (the market is likely to make lower lows and lower highs as it pullback), the typical pullback for this is 4 bars max, any more and its odds on the trade will get stopped if you're taken in - If this happens WAIT until the next swing UP forms a secondary reaction low and then start again Also - SOMETIMES the 2RSI does NOT make it <25% on a secondary reaction - these secondary reactions are in themselves another very high probability trading opportunity in their own right without an Indicator "Skew the Risk:Reward into YOUR favour (which is a KEY to winning) and you'll make decent returns from the markets" I've mentioned and shown the WORST stop placement for you by skewing reward to you this would be improved There is NO logical sense in having a stop more than 1 price bars range from the low of the set-up bar to the high of the set-up bar - if price goes below the set-up bars low then the trade would be VOID Details: just showing you 2 trades here so not to clutter the chart with lines Green = Entry level + 1 penny Red = Stop placement level -1penny (worst case) How many other methods do you know that get you into a trade within 1-2 bars of the actual low? Further..... Check out the 2017 trending section too and the messy 2016 period - you can ONLY trade what the market gives you, sometimes its messy and other times such as 2020 its perfect - that's why Patience is a KEY to success Now in UPTRENDS - that are VERY FAST this method will not register a <25% 2RSI reading - there was a very fast price rise in Oct 2014 where price just kept 2RSI >40 - nothing you can do here but watch or have other trading methods to trade during fast markets Kudos has to go to Walter Bressert (RIP) who published details of cycles and using RSI to identify cycle lows etc and WD Gann who over 100 years ago was trading secondary reaction points People think that today's markets are different to 100 years ago - they are NOT, the very SAME market formations show up time after time after time - Secondary Reaction points are just 1 of them DISCLAIMER: - You are 100% responsible for your own trading - no liability can be attributed to THT if you **** up a perfectly workable trading method, If in doubt then do not take a position! If you cannot make money in 1 year trading this method then I would take stock and quit trading, some rip off merchants would charge you £1,000's for a course/method like this Hope it helps Happy Trading THT
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    And just so you can 'get where I'm coming from' for the last 6 months here is a data set from Asia I posted way back in February (Daily Dashboard thread). Looks pretty similar doesn't it and certainly a million miles from Ferguson's model predicting hundreds of thousands of deaths.
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    No evidence basic cloth masks prevent virus spread, increasing evidence they don't. No evidence total lockdown prevents virus spread, increasing evidence it doesn't. Lockdown did not protect the NHS, NHS running at 50% capacity since March. Surging excess deaths (non-covid) due to NHS running at 50% capacity since March. 90% false positives on covid testing because the test can not identify who is infectious, only who had the virus, if you had the virus months ago you ceased being infectious months ago. UK chief scientific advisor Patrick Vallance and US chief medical advisor Dr Fauci are both advising govts to continue with lockdowns until a vaccine is available, both have financial ties to vaccine manufacturers.
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    'Day three of a 10pm curfew: people in Liverpool have gone to the off license to pick up more drinks and continue to party in the street.'
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    1 last post - couldn't help myself!!! Simple 1 x 1 Gann Angles projected from the high/low price points - I'll admit that this is ultra advanced trading stuff here, the message here is two-fold The markets regardless of what you think or have been told are NOT random, they HAVE no choice but to work out a pre-set course according to their growth or decay Gann Angles are far far better at identifying support/resistance levels - BECAUSE the market or specifically price action is NOT 2D, we can clearly see price conforms to a grid system movement - that ain't 2Dimensional! You could blindly trade those gann angles if you have the right level of expertise and knowledge of them - look at the blue circles - price rallied then fell back to them and bounced pretty accurately, they won't all work and the highest swing high is under threat at which you can't project further levels from Again here's the secret of success - you could of skewed the R value into your favour by having a 20/25pt stop underneath, trailed a stop and made fantastic R value returns Gann said over 100 years ago "Markets are financial points of force and that EVERY low/high is connected to another low/high point of force in the FUTURE, as well as in the past" As you can clearly SEE - he was absolutely right - very few people look at the markets right, when you do you see things completely differently to most other traders/investors There's some real science behind markets moves - I might do a post in future months as understanding what is actually going on helps you see through the fog and makes things a bit clearer I'll admit I've studied Gann for years and it is not easy, it is very hard to grasp - he hides hidden messages in his course that can throw you off for months and when you to apply his methods some just do not work
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    This is my 2% swing file on the FTSE100 Index: Thought I'd show this as its messy! As you can SEE - there are multiple 2 higher lows that just did NOT work for one reason or another - this is why money management is crucial However, when it did work - the results were (profit target of 240pts, stop of 25 pts = 9.6R) If 1R = 2% of account then you're up 19% in 4 trading days Now the smart ones of you, will be asking yourself "How often does this happen in a YEAR on a DAILY chart?" The answer is go and look - This is the water, I've led you to it, it's now up to those that want to win at this game to investigate Oh and YES, there are many more ultra simple trading methods in a year on a daily chart with these sorts of R profit value returns - the SP500, Nasdaq100, FTSE250, FTSE100, EURUSD etc etc etc all produce OPPORTUNITIES per year that return you 100%+ and nearer 300% PER market - Nothing more than a swing file on your charts! NO Indicators, No Moving Averages, just RAW price action I think for this thread I'll leave it there - If you can't prosper with these ultra simple methods then you're doing something massively wrong and if you go back and check the rules to success that i started this thread with, you'll be messing up on 1 or more of them - REVISIT them and learn them The one thing i will say is "To win big in the markets, you have to do what most others aren't doing - WD Gann showed me in his works the 2 Higher Lows / Lower Highs trade set-up, he wrote about it 100+ years ago! Along with many others that produce mega returns from the markets - I'm willing to bet very little is published out there on this subject" If you go down the Gann route - contact me - it is fraught with bad information and works, this is because people devote a lot of years to researching Gann and when they get to the end and realise they can't work it out they still publish the sub-standard work they have been researching, which then clogs up the trading literature world and after reading 10 so called Gann books and getting nowhere people then form the opinion that Gann is a load of tosh - I was one of those people back in early 2010's, then I did something most others wouldn't bother doing, I decided to research and discount it all myself I can tell you for a FACT: That Gann angles WORK Time Cycles WORK Price Retracement and Expansion ratios WORK But only if you use them correctly, in the right context and conditions Why did the SP500 Index stop dead in March 2009 @ 666pts? Back in the 1900's WD Gann wrote of the "Gravity Centre" or the 50% level - there lies the answer Good luck on your trading journey, most f you are going to fail because you're not applying the keys/rules to success - this is another fact. Here's a little bonus material Gann Angles chart for you If you KNOW the Time Cycle date and a simple Gann 1x1 angle falls onto THAT date (to the day) then you can be quietly confident that price is going to reach said 1x1 Gann angle within a few days of the date! The KEY is knowing Time Cycle dates - the ones above AREN'T the Time Cycles Gann mentions in his works THT
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    Here's another 2 LOWER highs
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    Simply basic price patterns can make you an absolute fortune in this game - look at the one above on GOLD! This is 100% why I advocate using swing files - you get to see the market in a different perspective The chart is UK: WWH - the spread is way to wide to trade this The 2 high Lows trade to the left of the chart, worked, but you'd of broken even on the trade at worst - This is WHY money management is crucial in this game! There's nothing special to this trading method - It's also an Elliott Wave (EW) method too, but often if you employ strict EW rules you wouldn't take the trade. TIP: If you have software that can search for Elliott Waves, then set it to look for Wave 4's the blue W4 box on my software tells me that price is in the perfect price AND time zone for a EW 4 If price CLOSES below the #3 low then it would CONFIRM a bearish swing low For simplicity all we want is for price to validate the trade by trading LOWER than #3 and we'd be in the trade Again simple money management rules - Stop = 25% of the 50 period ATR (20pts) / once up 2 x risk (40pts) stop goes to break-even +0.1 to ensure some sort of profit and then protect 40% of any open profit Opportunity, excellent R profit potential, excellent risk management = As good as it gets, doesn't guarantee a wining trade though
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    I went on my side to check for the learning materials. They seem to be very detailed into everything you can do with PRT. Link to the library: https://www.prorealtime.com/en/indicator-library https://trading.prorealtime.com/en/programming-help Both links seem to point to the same files at the end. I think the course you are after is a fast track of what it is contained in those pdfs and with enough patience you would achieve the same goal.
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    I am not sure if I am pointing to the right hole, but the settlement period is T + 2 days, does that mean that you will get settled in 2 days at that price?
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    Because you are not trading the index itself, you are trading an ETF that tracks the index. So they run it after hours if they want to.
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    Opportunity is all around us - the aim of trading is simply to win Once again our good old friend from 100 years ago Mr WD Gann comes into play - The reason I'm showing you Gann is Three-fold: These methods actually WORK and You need to realise that methods from 100+ years ago are still smashing them out of the park to this day - there's a valid reason for this, as stock markets are auctions, then price will do similar things in the future as it has done in the past, the only difference to the party is different traders are buying and selling Most people would be petrified of buying after a recent plunge in price In this post all I'm showing you are WEEKLY S&P500 charts - This is for Investors as you can use DB/Triple bottoms to go long and just hold using appropriate trade management to protect profits and let the position move - for the ease of simplicity I've shown a target level - as you can see from the charts, price moved much more - I'll leave it up to you how you manage that one I've also shown you the worst case R profit value return possible on these trades by trading the shortest leg of the swings and by having a stop of 25 points - you could have trimmed the stop - again that's up to you to work out/sort If risking 2% of your account then 5R = 10% return - 2 -3 of these a year and you'll be massively outperform 99% of funds and fund managers out there, trade 5 different markets...... By tweaking the trade it is easily possible to make much more than 5R If its worked in the past, then it will show up and work again in the future, you just have to be prepared
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    Best thing to do is read what people post - you soon work out those that haven't got a clue - I "ignored" him weeks ago, so I don't see anything he writes - just ignore him, don't bite He'll fail to see that the reason people charge for information is because of the likes of him and his attitude, its definitely a reason I've not got involved with the public during the past 11 years, the world is full of people just like him I would not loose any brain power on him or replying to him
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    Back to our dear old friend Mr WD Gann - the trade below he documented in his trading courses 100 years ago and they still work miles better than most other methods out there to this day! Refresher - WD Gann said "BUY Double and Triple Bottoms - BUT the 4th time price reaches the same level it nearly always goes through" ( which means short the 4th time @ a price level ) Sticking with the old guard, a friend who knew of the impending plunge (Yes it is possible to forecast those big turns) asked me how to trade it, I showed him the following chart - at the time the plunge had yet to happen - but the triple bottom had formed - The chart is the WEEKLY FTSE100 Index chart - Triple bottom #3 formed week of 4th Oct 2019, it finally caved in 4 months later! (patience is a key to success as outlined in prev posts) The FTSE100 Index chart below worked nearly perfectly, the USA markets did not form this formation - for perfection you want confirmed swings as per the swing lines on the chart - notice #3 bottom did not produce a swing bottom as per #1 & 2 - the thing sealed #3 was price trading and closing above its [#3] swing high and then it simply glided into the new year and the time cycle zone Now these 4th Time Lucky trades are rare - which is why I'm showing it to you! They don't always work as with everything in trading! Gold WEEKLY chart below - trade from 2011 - This 4th Time lucky trade was PERFECT - for visual purposes of the perfect set-up Remember all the hype around how wonderful Gold was back in 2010/11 - some of us were sat there watching as that WEEKLY Triple top formed and shorted that down to the 4th Time Lucky level - Remember Gann said "Short Double & Triple Tops" - This really was a beautiful and perfect triple top/bottom trading range Now EVERY single market and time frame that is liquid will FORM this 4th Time Lucky set-up at some point - adding swings to your charts shows you different perspectives of the market - this is why I mentioned them in a previous post DISCLAIMER: The Industry stats say 85% of traders who try to trade lose their shirts - I reckon its probably 95% in reality, that means 95% of people trying to trade end up losing their stake money or at best going round in a circle I've got nothing to sell you, I don't impart my full knowledge in a public forum, because frankly I don't get anything back from doing so, so you can't expect me to reveal all the methods that I use to trade. Not trading advice, no liability can be attributed to any failed trades you place of your own accord, trying to follow any methods shown or mentioned- you're responsible for placing your own trades and bets - all i'm showing you are proven methods that when used with the keys to success enhance your chance of survival in this game - Trading is a game of probabilities, managing losses and maximising winners is the key of which no one else but YOU are 100% responsible for THT
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    If you really really really want to be able to trade effectively for a living then you HAVE no choice but to follow the rules - BUT, there are some "rules" that can be ignored! That does not mean doing absolutely everything that you read about in the guides, manuals or books - Hell man, the ONLY time I've had a Trading "Journal" was when i was back testing and testing a presumed trading method - so that I could work out expectancy etc - I do NOT keep a trading journal, I know from the trades I've taken whether I'm up or down - I KNOW my methods work because i went through the pain of testing them years ago and I know that if i trade them over the year I'll come out on top - I just have utter faith in the techniques and methods I use and I don't see the value in wasting minutes recording the trades, into something that I'll never look at Take this week - SB on IG platform resulted in a £40 loss as I'm testing a couple of things on Intra-day charts, but in my ISA (with another provider) I've made and banked a £5,000 profit on the FTSE250 ETF (MIDD) - I don't need a trading journal to tell me that I'm up - also if you've not read my FTSE250 INDEX Market Analysis page then you missed my expectation of the market rising last week, because that £5k profit came from that analysis - one of my trading methods gave a buy signal and I bought. You'll as we go forward that when i take a trade I type all the relevant info i want onto the chart window so its there in my face whilst the trade is LIVE, but once the trade is over I'll delete the info We'll get into the nitty gritty from now on
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    Can't sit round here educating you guys all day, until Boris organises food deliveries I've got to get down the supermarket and mix it with the general population. I think I'm starting to see some problems with this enforced lockdown gig lol.
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    New UK Govt list of people with existing medical conditions who should protect themselves by staying at home, they should add to this list everyone over the age of 70. These are the people who need protecting not ordinary younger people who, if they catch WuFlu, will not need hospital treatment because their symptoms will be no worse than ordinary flu in over 99% of cases. The US Govt directed total shutdown of all service businesses is predicted to lead to an 8% drop in US GDP for the 2nd quarter as well as mass bankruptcies. Repeat throughout every western country.