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    Are you about to do a stinky f4rt, Cuthbert? πŸ€“
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    ... and being made complete fools of ...
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    Meanwhile 'The Great Reset' shifts up a gear ...
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    Russell has a big stonker, Kathleen. Does this bode well for America's small businesses? πŸ€”
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    I am going to call you Detective from now on. It is much better than troll. Maybe you found your field, who knows. Such a sharp mind needs a challenge to stay motivated. Poor Swedish by the way, they are nice people.
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    I love you Geraldine 😽
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    Have you done a big poo, Jeremy?
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    We appear to have soiled our undergarments
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    Let's try out these 'zones' of Shupport and Reshistance! πŸ€“
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    Oh dear, it looks like we've had a 'follow through' and need to have a shower and change of pants
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    Come on Eileen, you can do it 😘
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    Time to wipe your b^m and carry on, Josephine 😘
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    What do you think Tamsin, will we see a higher high for the parpy bottom?
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    Not finished emptying your bowels yet?
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    Oh stop being such a poopy pants, Marlene
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    Almost there πŸ€“
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    Not there yet, look again at 11am 🀠
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    Copper has found support, and at the completion of bullish or neutral candle taking it above the pivot at 10am I'll be going long. Gird up thy loins Samwise Gamgee 🀠
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    Oh, John the Baptist! The voice of one crying out in the wilderness, 'Make straight thy paths; repent ye, for the day of the Lord is nigh!' Cry on John, cry on! 🀯
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    Nope, totally f*ked. But I can't complain. I was warned by John Kicklighter's post on Twitter about 'liquidity coming back into the market' after Labor Day. My own fault. Now, if I could just get hold of a gun I would finish the job.
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    Come now, rise like a phoenix from the ashes. 😘
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    Copper is climbing while the dollar is rising and other commodities are selling off? πŸ’¨
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    Here she comes, canny loon! πŸ€“
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    Well Tom Bombadil, well Peregrin Took, well Samwise Gamgee, well Cleopatra, well Erykah Badu πŸ’ƒ
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    Hang steady, canny loon πŸ€“
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    Tamsin? https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-china-metals-ahome/column-metal-markets-caught-out-by-strength-of-chinese-stimulus-idUKKBN25G1QH?il=0
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    It's not looking canny, Eileen
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    Copper has well and truly soiled the bed sheets.
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    Ah, it's a miserable, rainy day in mid-summer and copper sh!ts the bed. Just beautiful.
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    6878 in view next
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    Copper has a ginormous willy, and he goes on and on and on - what a stud!
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    It's indefatigable, Peregrin Took πŸ˜–
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    Oh Eileen, I hope it doesn't fall beneath 5887 πŸ€”
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    A pullback to the pivot of the Fibo line nearby, then buy againπŸ€“
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    Could it be that some IG clients know what they're doing?
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    AUS200 looking for another breakout, DAX considers getting back inside the range, DOW looking for support while Nikkei looks to the topside. Daily charts;
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    Indices down as Trump happily ups the ante.
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    This last post does not make any sense, please try again in English or use the Google translation function.
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    Err ... yes, that's how trading works. A strategy that has a winning ratio of 78%, a max drawdown of 35% and a return of 112% over 18 trades.
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    Dow seems happy with it's wedge break. Daily chart.
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    Dow daily putting in a pin bar up off triangle bottom.
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    Dow pushes down hard and drags everyone down with it;
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    Dax and nikkei back up to the weekly chart resistance while dow takes another look at the trendline.
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    Heading back up to test resistance.
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    Both dax and nikkei still nudging resistance (not forgetting the ECB rate decision and presser on Thursday) but dow remains undecided and cautious.
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    aus plays catch up, dow and nikkei form a flag and dax trips over the line for a foul. Barring WW III the mood remains bullish.
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    Dow has moved higher through the day dragging Dax with it, Dax now approaching the post gap high and strong resistance. If the upward momentum continues into the US session could see a clear break for Dax.