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    Apple +6% - which breakthrough are they gonna present tomorrow - the mobile phone..?
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    Hey THT, Reading Gann atm, it's very nineteenth century reading and quite heavy going... for 2020 his notes suggest market and stock highs...... as markets can be viewed as cyclical does that not suggest 2021 US Indices will be lower? Question being how high can or will the US indices go? Are we currently at resistance before reversal or resistance to the upside, with more market euphoria in the wings upto new all time highs beyond the 30000 for the Dow even up to 31000+- 500? My personal bias is the peaks have been hit and resistance will prove too much; translating to bearish trends, where there may be sense in buying, then selling the "dip"....However, I have been consistently confounded by the Dow movements. Less so FTSE which has behaved pretty much as expected and has failed to weather the nexus of Covid and Brexit (potentially bad and hard) and lost a full 30% from market highs in Feb 2020. It could go much lower... US equities (Dow) have lost 3% by comparison. To return to markets, I appear to understand (Oil and gasoline) am generally bullish over the medium and long term. (Counter to equity). Suggest there may be a shift to commodities when equity fails to shine. Bear in mind also there has been an irreversible shift between how people live and how and where they work, how they purchase (bye bye cash) what they value and what is of value. (USD anyone?No I'll take gold thanks, or bitcoin?). A paradigm shift. Folk are going into equity because it is seems to be the only game in town (it isn't) and there seems to be pent up tensions that need to be released, so equity seems the only logical answer. Even if earnings are down 20% year on year, for example. It's counter intuitive. Big time. Just curious to hear your thoughts.
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    Really appreciate the input THT. I'm not a trader but it intrigues me. Maybe one day I may try. Burnt badly on crypto in the early days but have since learned to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Thanks
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    Thank you for adding the extra posts around downtrending markets. This is an interesting strategy which I am testing at the moment. I usually use a Stochastic.MACD combination to determine entries, the 2RSI approach should compliment those nicely. Thanks again for your time in putting this together.
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    Hi dmedin You post today had me interested and questioning the meaning. Until I checked it out. I see exactly your point now if it had happened where would the world be now? Somebody would else would have 'found' America BUT would they have done? CAn't say But market wise we are trying to 'beat the market' or play with the professionals - foresight and vision and TRUST in trustworthy people is only the way I mainly succeed on here. PS I do not day trade but have done well trading (started 40 years ago. I really like and checked out many of your posts (over the last 6 months) as you are a super contributor.You said recently you had been actively trading here for 3 years.? I know more as you have such depth of knowledge. Also I only stick to what I know or follow. Keep posting and have a good day. I love history. THEN ... I though I REALLY must recechk about Columbus and Roseveldt and what now happened on 6/10/20. What a can of worms (well not no we are dealing with peoples lives so yes your comment has educated me more on this fact in history. Which president will have the guts to remove the day completly - one day yes. Anyway thank you for highlighting this day which should not have been set at all.
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    can you check mine as well . my documents got approved but account is yet to be activated. thanks
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    Thanks for your reply. I am in the UK. I was told a couple of weeks ago that it would be £7.20 for L2 LSE, but they are now asking over £200!
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    Did some work over the weekend! The main Idea with 2RSI is to catch the cycle turns in the market - notice the "triangles" that show up at times and in varying shapes of triangle/arches - the reason these aren't perfect is your viewing multi-dimensional price and time data forced into a 2 dimensional price chart Rather than bog you down with the markets, just have to have a pre-established method for determining if a market in in an UPTREND / DOWNTREND or going SIDEWAYS and then trade according to what condition you think the market is in As you will see in the trade below the market was "potentially" transitioning from up to down, but in the end it didn't, HOWEVER, the R:R was more than acceptable to have a crack - bear in mind I'm showing R:R worst case on the charts, in reality you can easily DOUBLE it, so a 3R profit potential trade then becomes 6R+ for 6R anything is worth a crack/punt If you do that you will be able to effectively trade 2RSI in those market conditions - In UPTRENDS buy the dips only and in DOWNTRENDS sell the rallies - In a sideways range you can do both buy the dips and sell the rallies the thing to remember here is that if you're using the 2RSI correctly you WILL catch the cycle turns and that means that the high or low of that cycle turn whichever it may be WILL be the high/low bar of it until the cycle ends and the next cycle forms - notice how when trading in the right market condition's you're very rarely caught out by a "stray" stop, this is BECAUSE you're catching the high/low of the cycle! Obviously at some point you're going to get caught out - but this is trading, you need to manipulate the risk:reward into your favour to offset such times Not all violations of a swing low change a trend, but they DO open up some short trading opportunities for you - see very recent action in the Nasdaq100 below Zoomed in chart of the chart above: Chart below shows a temp downtrend in an overall up trending market - lower highs and lower lows are the confirmation, but remember when trading we are always best guessing the blank space to the right of the chart, all I can show you is perfect conditions to utilise the methods - you WILL get caught out occasionally, its just part of being a trader which is why you HAVE to accept losses will happen! Next swing: Next swing down: Here's a decision you have to make about how you trail stops as too tight and you'll easily miss the trade potential, too loose and on other trades that don't hit target you'll end up giving profits away! If its a genuine downtrend then by the laws of nature the prev swing low HAS to be hit - HAS to be Right Targets: IF you trade 2RSI correctly, in the right WAY in the right market conditions and you improve on the stop placement shown which means you'll improve the R:R significantly, then you will not be too concerned about scrabbing for a few extra R profit as you'll be making enough profits not to be too concerned Swings often make 100%-200% of the prior swing - it is IMPOSSIBLE to know what % level price will stop on - so here you need to decide in your trading plan what level if any you're going for and devise risk management around it - as you can see in these charts sometimes levels are hit, other times they're not - also you will notice that once the swing lows are hit sometimes theres a big retracement in the opp direction followed by % levels being hit I personally make enough from Rvalue profit that I don't often chase the % target levels - its entirely your choice Next Last chart in shorting post Read this carefully as there's 2 projection methods on this chart - 100+% retracements of the UP swings and then 100+% projections of DOWN swings projected from the high of the trade in question In this case if you chased the projections you'd be well rewarded - once the swing low was hit only a small retracement occurred then crash I don't want to confuse you too much as lots has happened in this post - make sure you get your head around it 1st In the 2 charts above you could have trade 3 units - sold 1 unit @ 1-2R profit to ensure a profit, sold another unit @ the swing low price target and then used the 3 unit to trail loosely down aiming for those price targets Up to you - there's no real right or wrong way to do this - as we've seen sometimes price targets get hit, other times they don't, but you sit there thinking "If only" when they hit and you're not in on it This is for DOWNTRENDS - as downtrends aren't like uptrends, especially in the stock market as its natural bias is to go upwards! In the stock market uptrends you can let unit 2 just run as the profit returns when this happens (which is often) MASSIVELY outweighs the limitations of doing this method in a non-trending sideways market - as you will see in the next post on sideways market - unit 2 doesn't work that good Again this is why you need to know exactly what you're doing trade wise before you even enter a position and just follow your rules For example- If I have a holiday or time away for days coming up from the market, then I will only trade 1 unit and use targets of the swing high/low, but if I'm not away from my screen then I will trade 2 units and its up to you to trade markets in the conditions you want - that's your job as a trader to seek out DISCLAIMER: - You are 100% responsible for your own trading - no liability can be attributed to THT if you **** up a perfectly workable trading method, If in doubt then do not take a position! If you cannot make money in 1 year trading this method then I would take stock and quit trading, some rip off merchants would charge you £1,000's for a course/method like this
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    You're welcome, thanks for the comment Yes I could never get Larry Connors RSI2 to work as the UK markets aren't set-up for ultra tight trading - I think with his method too if you remove the stop it improves hit rate too, I might be wrong as I last read Street Smarts about 8 or so years ago DOWNTRENDS: Test it - It's not a direct inverse of the long only method - The reason for this and why I didn't show it, is depending on where you are in the overall cycle of the market will mean you'll need to trade this differently When the long term direction of the market is UP - corrections won't last long - you can't let profits run to the downside, you'll need hard and fast price targets or a defined trailing stop As the market will always fight upwards - stock market that is You need to define what a downtrend is and for how long, as it will work >75% (2RSI) but if the downtrend is a quick event you'll not have many signals and you do run the risk of being stopped out much more frequently than the long method Give me a few weeks and I'll write another thread on how to trade it in down trending and sideways trading ranges/markets etc as its not exactly an Inverse of the Long method I don't want to bamboozle with too much info Watch this space....
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    Right - Here's a very highly profitable and highly accurate trading method - misuse it and you'll lose as with any method! I've personally used this for over 10 years very successfully on multiple markets trading ETF's in my SIPP and ISA You CAN massively **** this up - It does NOT work in ALL market conditions - I'm showing you how it works in an UPTREND - it performs differently in a downtrend and a sideways market! Charts shown are the DAILY Nasdaq100 Index: This is how you use an Indicator properly and with precision There is no other Indicator better than the 2 period RSI Indicator for Identifying market cycles of price in the market The best thing to do in an UPTREND is to BUY the DIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They KEY to this is having a method for knowing when an UPTREND is starting, in play and potentially ending Here's what out old friend WD Gann says "The safest place to buy is on the second reaction following a down trend" - (This is the 1st black up arrow on the chart) "Watch out for a change in trend when a correction EXCEEDS BOTH in time and price any correction of the previous trend" Remember - markets won't always trend like this either - the only way you're going to know is by being in it! How would you of guessed the Nasdaq100 would trend? You wouldn't but you WOULD of known that following a 30+% correction the obvious direction is upwards bias, remember the USA stock markets have a bias upwards - so does the FTSE250 index - Then end of March as I'm polishing off another slice of birthday cake market rallies from the lows, retraces 1 bar, then rallies 2 bars, then retraces causing a higher swing low than the low of March = making a secondary reaction swing low AND the 2RSI trade set-up signal = possible change of trend from down to UP - which is what happened If this set-up up is of Interest to you are going to have to Investigate it - markets don't trend nice and flowery as I've shown below Also note - as previously mentioned in this thread - you define a trending a market as having higher highs and higher lows As you can SEE - the ONLY trade (not marked on the chart - I'll let you find it) that you would have got stopped out on was 3 bars following the highest high on the chart 8 winning trades out of 9 (The win rate is NOT always as good as this shown!) IMPORTANT: In a corrective pullback of a few bars - 2RSI will be FALLING - It will NOT have ticked upwards until the trade has triggered and you're long into it! The tick UPWARDS of 2RSI IS CONFIRMATION of a cycle LOW - the MINIMUM expectation is of a price close HIGHER than the swing high preceding the cycle low - as you can SEE, this happened in EVERY occurrence Ignore the reversals in 2RSI above 25% level - They signal the half cycles and generally give less bang for your buck You'll notice I've not mentioned targets or selling prices - UP to YOU, how you trade it As this is a very very high probability trading method - I like to trade 2 units (i.e. 4% Initial risk) Sell 1 unit at 1-2R just in case we're wrong! and then let the other unit just run, placing the stop under each valid swing low point until stopped- by that I mean the swing low confirmed by the 2RSI - Then pyramid the position with each new signal if funds permit If you do the above with a SB then the 1st unit needs to be a daily DFB type and the 2nd unit a longer futures contract What you should notice is that most of the time when you are WRONG your buy order entry WON'T trigger (the market is likely to make lower lows and lower highs as it pullback), the typical pullback for this is 4 bars max, any more and its odds on the trade will get stopped if you're taken in - If this happens WAIT until the next swing UP forms a secondary reaction low and then start again Also - SOMETIMES the 2RSI does NOT make it <25% on a secondary reaction - these secondary reactions are in themselves another very high probability trading opportunity in their own right without an Indicator "Skew the Risk:Reward into YOUR favour (which is a KEY to winning) and you'll make decent returns from the markets" I've mentioned and shown the WORST stop placement for you by skewing reward to you this would be improved There is NO logical sense in having a stop more than 1 price bars range from the low of the set-up bar to the high of the set-up bar - if price goes below the set-up bars low then the trade would be VOID Details: just showing you 2 trades here so not to clutter the chart with lines Green = Entry level + 1 penny Red = Stop placement level -1penny (worst case) How many other methods do you know that get you into a trade within 1-2 bars of the actual low? Further..... Check out the 2017 trending section too and the messy 2016 period - you can ONLY trade what the market gives you, sometimes its messy and other times such as 2020 its perfect - that's why Patience is a KEY to success Now in UPTRENDS - that are VERY FAST this method will not register a <25% 2RSI reading - there was a very fast price rise in Oct 2014 where price just kept 2RSI >40 - nothing you can do here but watch or have other trading methods to trade during fast markets Kudos has to go to Walter Bressert (RIP) who published details of cycles and using RSI to identify cycle lows etc and WD Gann who over 100 years ago was trading secondary reaction points People think that today's markets are different to 100 years ago - they are NOT, the very SAME market formations show up time after time after time - Secondary Reaction points are just 1 of them DISCLAIMER: - You are 100% responsible for your own trading - no liability can be attributed to THT if you **** up a perfectly workable trading method, If in doubt then do not take a position! If you cannot make money in 1 year trading this method then I would take stock and quit trading, some rip off merchants would charge you £1,000's for a course/method like this Hope it helps Happy Trading THT
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    I do not understand what you mean.
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    It's a big beezer Kathleen 🤓
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    A quant that knows about the 3 hardest topics within computer science tries to use a cup and handle pattern. Really? This is how a quant would ask a question: https://quant.stackexchange.com/questions/58604/has-a-closed-form-formula-for-the-collateral-choice-option-been-found
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    Hit the ceiling and bounced off it toots
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    Back from the dead, Fred ☠️
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    I always develop my own libraries so I don't have to deal with others' bugs. Where did you get that library? Let me clone it and see how the headers are being set up there. Is there any github I can clone to test it?
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    I just realised that the "orderType"is a variable and is not a parameter, ignore that line about "type" , the rest still applies
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    There are a few posts on the subject https://community.ig.com/search/?q=w-8ben&quick=1
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    you should have both live and demo accounts side by side under the settings tab.
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    A common approach is to hedge with options. There are good books on the subject that can show you the path: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Option-Strategy-Hedging-Management-Depth-ebook/dp/B06XS26NRB Probably someone else could recommend better books as well, it is a wide topic.
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    Looking at all the techniques that could be considered scalping, I think we just have to count that the life of the trade is very short. Short in the sense of seconds, half a minute the most. The numbers of pips-points don't seem to be part of any scalping technique if you want to get strict. You could modify your exit point in the range you would prefer but if you exit within seconds, that is considered scalping regardless of the limits you are setting up to exit the trade. For that reason you need a very volatile market with the minimum spread possible. As some of you have said already, major Forex pairs or indices are the best. I don't think DAX is going to work every day, there are days when that market is very static because is highly correlated with the rest of major European indices. One that is very popular for scalpers is https://www.ig.com/uk/marketanalysis/ig-indices/russell-2000. The spread seems to be decent and it is constantly moving within a strong sideways trend. The movement range seems to be within 400-500 points the most so you might have a good chance there.
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    Treat dmedin with care and love, he needs a few more years to cook himself into a person. Right now he is just asking for attention. Insulting him back will only feed him even more.
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    Adding to what Caseynotes said, margin is leverage and is not to protect the broker, it is to protect the small retail trader. When talking about spread betting, margin and leverage are used to define the same concept. The link I sent refers to the ESMA regulations, there are multiple references to spread betting and there is a specific paragraph related to IG, noting that they claim to do a different kind of business compared with other brokers: https://www.thearmchairtrader.com/spread-betting-cfd-changes-under-the-new-esma-leverage-rules/ In this link they go in detail about the specific margin required to trade on spread betting and CFDs, you can see how the title is labeled as "leverage restrictions" and in the text the use the word "margin". Margin is there to protect the small retail trader for one simple reason, there are many people that don't understand that trades can go against you and can wipe your account in minutes. Margin requirements are bound to the usual price fluctuations in a market, if you look at any market you will see that your margin depends on the price as well as the average volatility, so you are "forced" to have an stop that is defined at least by your margin. Meaning that if you don't have enough funds in your account to support a margin call you shouldn't trade in that market at all. Before those regulations came in place, what happened is that people didn't account the usual price volatility in their trades so they didn't have enough funds to support the trade going against them, resulting in either getting a stop call or a negative balance in their account. I know it is easier to think that brokers are in the dark side but those regulations are coming from the ESMA . At the time those regulations came in place pretty much every single broker tried to stop them. They sent many emails out saying they were trying to stop the enforcement of the regulation. Of course, think about that they had many retail trades that went to trade with 1K knowing nothing about trading, getting stopped and wiped in days. Those regulations stopped many people opening an account because 1K wasn't enough to play anymore, it wasn't ever enough but after the regulations were enforced, it became obvious. So the regulations went directly against any broker business.
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    Link to the L2 Dealer Manual https://a.c-dn.net/c/content/dam/publicsites/1594969881776/igcom/uk/files/other/200701_IGM_UK_L2DealerManual.pdf
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    Thanks, I'll give it a go soon.
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    Just wanted to share the data sources that I normally use in case you find them useful. These sources have been mentioned in the forum a few times before and I was wondering if you use them at all or prefer other sources for back-testing. Duskalcopy - https://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/marketwatch/historical . Free Yahoo Finance - https://help.yahoo.com/kb/download-historical-data-yahoo-finance-sln2311.html. Free EoData - http://eoddata.com/products/historicaldata.aspx. Some examples for free. CSI Data - https://apps.csidata.com/FactsheetListing.aspx. Some examples for free. IG Streaming API - https://labs.ig.com/streaming-api-guide . Included with your account
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    I didn't complain much when I was there (2 years ago), I used it mainly from the north of China, Nanjing area. It will depend on your ISP when you get there. There are helpers to improve your connection if you find it unusable. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/performance-tuning/role/remote-desktop/session-hosts If you are not able to connect via RDP you can always use a VNC client. That will require installing a VNC server on the VPS. The help -desk team of the VPS will also be able to help if you ask them, I am sure they are used to clients that ask for the same service.
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    I don't use the Excel add-in. I develop in c# using plain html Rest calls, so I was more talking about the json response from the service itself. I replied to your initial message just to say that I was having the same problem, so you don't get mad But looking at the sample code for Excel provided from IG I can see that there is a Subscription group that handles this call: private SubscriptionGroup accountBalanceSubscription; This object is within the IGApiExcelClient class. That subscription connects ultimately to the rest endpoint that throws the error, you will need to change it to use the information coming from the authentication response instead of the accounts response. I can image anyway that this error should be fixed very soon. I am expecting it to go away tomorrow during the day. Can we log this error anywhere that would reach the API team? I saw that you posted the same message on the API forum as well but no one seemed to reply.
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    Hopefully this message reaches someone that can alert the IT team. I am constantly getting a pop up message that is asking me to confirm an ISA account for someone else. I can see that this bug is not only blocking the app to function but is also giving away personal information. Within the pop up message I can see full details of the other person. You guys at IG should have a look at it as soon as possible.
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    Dow continues in it's bull flag while the others are still looking for support. A look at the monthly charts shows a different perspective where the Dow is within striking distance of the highs while Dax, FTSE and Nikkei regroup.
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    Interesting split as the Dax and FTSE break below their weekly support levels while Dow and Nikkei remain in touch with their highs. Early price action this morning suggests the Dax wants to go lower, the desync between the US and Euro/UK indices is a bit disconcerting. As mentioned in the APAC brief there is no scramble to safe havens in the US as yet so it's wait and see. NFP tomorrow may rearrange things. Weekly charts;
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    Dow and Nikkei still have their bull flags intact while Dax tries again to lift up off 12298. FTSE looking to continue its move upward, currently at yesterday's high after a US session pullback. 4 hour charts;
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    Increasing chatter on twitter that a US deal with Canada looks increasingly likely by today's deadline.
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    All a bit hesitant yesterday but a look at the weekly charts show Dow's continuing rise while Dax and FTSE moving up off good support and Nikkei pushing hard against resistance.
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    Dow, Dax and FTSE remain stuck in this tight range of the last 4 or 5 days waiting for something to break it, China trade news presumably. 4 hour charts;
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    Dow, Dax and FTSE look well positioned for a push higher today. 1 hour charts;
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    Lack of enthusiasm to have a real go at the 4 hr (yellow) resistance levels in the indices charts, current picture looks like a retest of the 4 hr support levels most likely this morning. 4 hour charts;
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    Looking like they have found support and as with the Nikkei are likely this morning to explore higher for resistance. Daily charts;
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    HI @Kazeko, I don't trade the Nasdaq but included the post on it a week ago as it made an all time high and many think it is something of a leading indicator for indices. If I were a long-term trader (which I'm not) I wouldn't be trying to pick the highs. The uptrend prevails and with no resistance levels ahead where the bears might ambush price dip buying is the only play until the bears have shown they have taken control. I look at the Dow every morning as it is often a leading indicator for the other global indices then I look at the Dax as that is the one I'm going to trade. If the dow looks bullish I would be looking for similar signs in the dax but more importantly I am looking for price to move from one support/resistance level to the next on an intraday basis. This morning there were mixed signals but if you look at yesterday's dax post price was moving up off clear support and the target was also clear and that was indeed how the day transpired. So I don't really try to make predictions, basically I'm looking for clear direction with a clear target then I'm looking for an opportunity to jump aboard.
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    Today looking for the Dow to continue higher to retest resistance at 25590 and drag the others with it. 4 hour charts;
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    Nasdaq ends the month over 2% higher at a new all time monthly closing high.
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    They are all getting a lift on reports US and China have agreed to re-start trade talks. 1 hour charts;
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    Meant to add this report I read this morning but couldn't find it again. Relays how Beijing is being unusually cautious this time round (China only imports $130 Billion of US goods). https://www.scmp.com/news/china/economy/article/2156349/why-beijing-unusually-muted-donald-trumps-latest-us500-billion
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    One of the most amazing charts of the S&P500 you will ever see plus the very interesting article behind it (posted today). http://theirrelevantinvestor.com/2018/07/19/pareto/
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    The Dow 4 hour looks poised for a break to the upside which could carry the others along with it.
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    Dow makes an important break up past 24944 resistance of prior high and now aiming for 25405. Looking to Dax and FTSE to follow. 4 Hour charts;
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    Dow recovered on the US session open yesterday pulling the dax and ftse up along with it. Dow now stalled at resistance 24373 while ftse is attempting to break 7659 with a view to 7705.
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    Was interesting @PandaFace, even more so now as people realised Trump was only discounting the most severe response to China (for the moment), not actually halting the 'trade war'. Bounce off the 200 MA on the 1 hour chart and back to retest 24084.