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  1. Life can be viewed as a series of random events to be survived. Others may prefer to see patterns within the random. Others again see patterns repeating and the random chaos being slightly more organised than previously envisaged. Other fatalists see it all as the omnipotent ones' great plan and who are we to question? Which is great if one passively accepts the seemingly inevitable, not so great if one sees the chance to change and actively seeks to affect change. As the planet spins and we experience constant change in motion. Commodities have boomed, on a Bull run last witnessed during
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  2. @CharlotteIG Are you able to add these newly opened markets for share trading? Both NASDAQ
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  3. I have subscribed to shares in an IPO via Primary Bid. I have nominated IG as my broker. Do I need to fill in a form for IG to accept or will they automatically appear? Also when will the shares be available in my account?
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  5. Hi, I've recently become interested in cryptocurrencies given the huge increase in their value and, having investigated them a bit, it's apparent that their security protocols are substantially better than anything offered by IG Index (and most other stockbrokers I suspect). Now, obviously we don't need cryptocurrency wallets and similar features, but at the very least I think our two-factor authentication needs to be beefed up. I appreciate there's the IG Index app but I can't imagine it's that hard to crack to be honest and doesn't have great reviews on Google Play. I'd suggest
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  6. @EdFuk, not that I'm aware of, I simply played around to find the values starting low and working up. Each broker seems to assign the platform with their own specifications.
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  7. covid-context.com/index.html (covid-context.com) 1 Comparing annual death rates over the last 30 years, 2020 only ranks 19th highest for England and Wales.Office for National Statistics provisional data – January 2021 https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/adhocs/12735annualdeathsandmortalityrates1938to2020provisional 2 The average age of a Covid-19 death was reportedly just above average life expectancy (82.4 years vs 81.1) in England and Wales.Reported November 2020 https://
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