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    @CharlotteIG Please ignore above post - paid into my account this morning!
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    Weekend indices: big margin, big spreads and inaccurate pricing. Way to go!
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    It's not the same as our leveraged accounts. You're going and physically buying shares. What is it you would like from the videos/ help guides as I can try to find/ make them for you. Also if you call our helpdesk team they will be able to tell you what commission/ spread is more cost effective for you. All the best.
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    I agree with Jen2008 and Vinod. Monday's figures were wrong. Tuesday's and Thursday's figures for the Aussie 200 don't look right either when compared to other sources. Can you please check and update. We need accurate data please.
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    What are the adjustments for this week and next week? Will they be posted here?
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    Hey @backwardation, thanks for your post. There's no reported issues with this offering. We aren't offering ByteDance (TikTok) grey markets in Dubai, France, Portugal, Singapore and United States. If you're signed up with these offices you will not be able to trade this product. Apologies in advance if this is the case.
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    Here is the breakdown for the ftse 100 ex-dividend adjustment which comes to 1.11. The 1.14 is due to the inclusion of the 2 Special dividends listed for UKX in the OP and as specials have been included it's been given a red box.