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    Useful educational piece on the different types of orders from Dailyfx using IG's deal and order tickets. https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/education/trading_tips/daily_trading_lesson/2019/02/21/forex-order-types.html
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    this is really relevant to me, see 15:20 min onwards https://www.piworld.co.uk/2017/01/02/conkers-corner-edward-roskill-interview/ "trying to be really disciplined is very important" "trying to be distinguish between fundamentals and the stock price which can be completely different" 18:00 "prices can behave peculiarly" "price is an irrelevance" https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/18/eldorado-resorts-caesars-explore-merger-sources.html we wait.
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    I had a read of this thread, and don't take this the wrong way but a lot of what you're encouraging people to do is going to cause them to lose money. Mainly because you're holding short into support and long into resistance as that's in the direction of the current 'trend', but you need to anticipate the end of trends too or you end up giving back huge chunks of profits, or worse, if you've added to your positions, end up over leveraged and with big losses. For example, in December, 2350 was the 200 week MA, and also marked 20% down off the high. Typically in bear markets, that's the kind of area where the first bounce has come in. On top of that, on Xmas eve you had the PPT conference call so you know there's the possibility of a strong rally off there. You then added into the first bounce and it never retested the lows. The market was extremely oversold so it was obvious there would be a huge rally as soon as momentum turned around. Then on Monday you're talking about it being in an uptrend so looking for long entries, but the trend has been weakening since last week and price was right at the horizontal resistance in the 2810s. That's a sell set up not a long, regardless of where you are relative to the MAs. I see that now you're saying under the 200 day in 2740s it's a sell, personally I can see it running to the downside for a while, but you're wasting 70 points by waiting for that, and obviously the risk to shorts is right back up to 2800s, so it's critical to get in near the turns and not half way to avoid the whipsaw. For any newbies reading this, I'd say you should focus on being in control of your trades and avoid large drawdowns. To do this, you should focus on little and often. By that I don't mean taking profits as soon as any trade turns green, but I mean that you should focus on 2-3:1 risk reward set ups, try and cash profits every day/few days. It feels good to cash profits, it keeps you fresh mentally and unbiased. The key to this game is keeping the losses small.. you should be winning 50% of the time and losing 50%, with the gains bigger than the losses = profitability. To make the big money it's all about consistency and being able to incrementally increase your leverage.. you won't manage that if your gains are lumpy and inconsistent, and you have large drawdowns. Only risk 2% of your account at a time, set a realistic target for the week and keep building. In addition, I tend to find that markets often bounce around multiple times between levels so this approach allows you to take profits and play the same set up many times over... if you hold on you tend to get annoyed waiting for breaks and sometimes they don't come. Very few people can hold trades and make money, and that's the truth. Because it's very hard to determine how long a trend will last, and psychologically it's also very difficult to sit in positions and not do anything - invariably that leads to adding to trades and losing control of exposure which is a recipe for disaster. You become dependent on your market calls to make or lose money, whereas profitable trading is reactive not predictive. Not saying any of this is easy, but need to give yourself the best chance of being profitable and that doesn't involve adding to positions in random places, chasing momentum and not taking profits at very clear support and resistance areas.
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    @Britcoin, your pick is of the cfd platform, IG options in UK are only available on the spread bet platform or 'professional' cfd account platform. you will need to open a spread bet account.
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    @NigelC, yes it's on the cfd platform but not on spread bet as IG consider the potential conflict of interest of otc trade.
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    A while ago I posted that I would wait for a significant retrace before considering a Short on Oil as I had missed the to of the previous rally. I am not a regular trader of Oil so only go into it when I see major turns and perfect set ups. I did go Long recently when Oil finally broke out of the bearish Channel into the current rally but exited a week or so ago as I saw significant trend change signals (inc strong resistance zone, gaps closed, 1-5 EWT count, NMD on Daily and hourly charts). On the Hourly chart a strong retrace was repulsed a the Fib 76/78% level followed by a sharp bullish move. I am watching for a new lower low followed by another retrace before a stronger bearish move, although the retrace may not be that strong. I have taken a Short off the Wave B turn. My road map remains unchanged. I believe the current turn is a Wave A that will lead to a B-C to come to complete the full EWT 1-2 retrace. After that we should see a longer term bearish move as Oil gets swept up in a general economic malaise, the evidence for which we see daily with continuing Retail hits, the latest int he UK being high street stalwart LK Bennett.
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    Comment replicated here as probably better placed here than Tech Support for Platform or App IG, Could you please flag markets that are not open to trade on the screen prior to Place deal, or other activities are performed. So if you have closed down one side of the market for what ever reason , the flag should make it obvious to a trader before doing any analysis or attempting to place a trade and get a THIS MARKET MAY NOT BE SOLD TO OPEN message. Many thanks again.
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    @RJDemo and @andysinclair - I've passed your accounts on to be manually resolved whilst we look for this batch fix. Apologies but hopefully should be resolved for you soon. Thanks.
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    It seems likely to me that what will actually happen here is that Mike Ashley will bid, because aside from anything else, the House of Fraser is not of critical size without combining with Debenhams and is losing money heavily. As Mr Ashley does not have access to enough luxury brands, so he is having to fill the House of Fraser stores with Sports Direct stock which is badly weakening the House of Fraser brand. He needs to combine Debenhams with the House of Fraser fairly urgently I would say, especially now that Debenhams has signed off the Li + Fung deal which promises a pipeline of decent quality items into its stores. Equally, I believe he will use a mixture of Sports Direct shares and cash to make such a bid, this being far cheaper for him than using just his own cash or the supposed £1billion warchest he has accrued. It will also allow him to unify the purchase behind one corporate entity and use any tax advantages to the full. It seems to me that this possibility is being ignored by many writers, yet it seems very likely. The issue of the £220m bondholders is to a degree a red herring in this. It is akin to the entry price to being involved in this bid, as the bond holders have to be paid back in full if he makes a bid, equally if an administration event happens, the bondholders are the first to become indemnified and will simply swap their £220m for equity in the new entity via the administrator. That means the bondholders have to be bought out automatically as a part of the cost of buying Debenhams. Why should Mike Ashely want then to allow Debenhams to go into administration? He would totally lose his equity stake and have to bid for the parts of the group he wants from the administrator in a queue with any other bidders, without preference. That may then be more costly to him that just paying the equity cost now of a bid – say £150m plus the bonds = £370m = bargain price. The banking facility can then be renegotiated afterwards or combined with Sports Directs facility, probably with the same banks, but at a fraction of the cost! So then it is down to the cost of the equity – a takeover at these share price levels would be very cheap – probably around £100m – 150m plus £220m for the bonds, and plus say another £100m to stabilise Debenhams would mean that the total purchase would cost less than half Mike Ashley’s £1bn warchest. I’d say that would be a bargain for him for such an asset.
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    APAC report not showing up today, needs admin reset.
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    Very good short video on supply and demand as a leading indicator, support and resistance, and the difference between the two. https://www.tradeciety.com/supply-demand-leading/?mc_cid=7800da6988&mc_eid=5e22afae3f
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    @RedSwift, Market makers can create scenarios which can be perceived by traders as demand for a share and they can move the price (bid/ask) to make it look like a price gain but in realty it is not. I see this on the U.K. AIM and NEX markets a lot. A lot of shares on these markets are illiquid and the market markets try and look to create price movements which look like there is demand for the shares. In reality there are liquidity issues which are being camouflaged.
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    I was listening to the recent interview that IG conducted with Jim Rogers, the famous commodity investor, and of course the Co-Founder for Soros Fund Management and the Quantum Fund. If you have not seen this interview then it is nothing special and the usual vagueness and spiel. You most probably can still find it on IG's platform and within the IG Community section. I was disappointed in the lack of any detail or substance within the interview which seemed a waste when you have a so called legendary investor in Jim Rogers. One thing that Jim Rogers mentioned was Sugar. He stated that Sugar was around 80% down from its all time high and at some point it had to go up and recover. It got me thinking. More and more sugar is being reduced in soft drinks and confectionary. More and more sugar substitutes are being launched around the world. More and more sugar alternatives are being introduced. This may have something to do with the depressed prices, demand and of course a glut of supply in Asia! Why must it go up? I then conducted some research on the internet and established that Jim Rogers has been singing the 'Sugar Mantra' for well over a year now. You can by all means check this via Google to confirm this. I then carried out more research and he was humming this tune back in 2008 and singing this song in 2009. It seems he has been 'long' Sugar for over 10 years now. He will want to make the biggest return possible and will want as many people as possible to jump on his bandwagon. When everyone piles in, he will be exiting and profiting. This is why he is a billionaire. Then I began to think does Jim Rogers have his own sugar company somewhere in the world which is not doing as well as it could? Has he investing in Sugar producing companies and wants to raise the prices? I looked at the Sugar - London No.5 chart on IG and it seems it is making new 'higher lows' since middle of August to date. The chart looks horrific from a long term trade perspective due to the sharp upward and downward moves. Risk management would be extremely tricky and it is not an easy trade at all. However, could he be right (timing would be key) in the sense that Sugar is about to go on an upward trend and could this trend if it ever happened be worth trading? I shall be keeping an eye on Sugar going forwards via this new thread and commenting on the price action and any trends that materialise. At the moment it is trading above its 200 DMA but below its 20, 50 and 100 DMA. If it begins to trade above all four of these and the MA curves being sloping upwards then I may get interested.
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    FX is 24 hr, spreads don't change on a time basis but will change for periods of high market volatility so there is the minimum spread and the average spread.
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    so Dow is using the USD rate and USD uses 360 instead of 365 in the calc so the IG rate (commission and libor) is 5.02% for a long trade and -0.02% for a short. so to give the the full calc for the cost of the long trade in the example above is; (£6.69 overnight charge for a £2/point bet.) see calc below And for the £2/point short in the example; -£0.03 overnight charge (credit) see calc below; So for your own calc you will need to use your £/point and update the closing price, the commission is set and the libor rate is currently fairly stable.
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    @Nelsy-Boy, First of all I keep my charts very simple and with less 'clutter'. If I need to look at higher highs and higher lows then I look at it using a 'line' chart rather than a 'bar chart'. The reason for this as I am applying trend following principles and my timeframe is likely to be longer than yours. For me bar charts are more for shorter term traders which I am not. Also I tend to look at each indicator individually on the charts. So when I want to look at volume then I just look at volume. When I want to look at moving averages then I just look at moving averages, etc. On any long trend following trades I tend to 'add to my positions on the dips' and pyramid upwards. I use oscillators to try and identify attractive entry points but I am not too fussed about not getting the optimum entry point. As long as I am around that area it is fine. There will be times when I do not execute additions to my trade efficiently as my timing or execution is out. That is also fine and is built into my trading strategy. As I am going to trade with the trend than against it then I have 'tolerance built' into my trading system to allow me to add to my positions not at optimum levels. If I could do that then I would be a perfect trader and there is no such thing and I am certainly no where near that. I have flaws and make mistakes just like any other trader. Gold is actually quite difficult to trade short term at the moment as Brexit and the US Dollar are making it rather volatile. Stop losses will get triggered if they are too tight. If they are too wide then losses could increase if the price moves against the direction of trade. This is one of the reasons why I tend to trade for the longer time period and ride the trend using a longer timeframe. Yes there are daily charges with Spread Betting but if the trades moves in your direction then your profits more than make up for it.
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    If the price stays the same on the daily chart today and I know it's a big if, has that formed a double top?
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    No worries. Have found it is 13p. Hope this helps anyone else who comes here looking.
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    The chart above demonstrates a failed double top, a successful triple top and a potential double top. The key is the neckline which must be broken to confirm a double top for an expected measured move down (equal distance from the neckline to the top). https://www.babypips.com/learn/forex/double-top-and-double-bottom
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    Hi @Masonmmunch, the share dealing platform will be updated to html same as the sb platform with all the bells and whistles but it's taking a long time and there is still no date for roll out yet.
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    @Pikto, With the second day of Brexit related voting in Parliament, Gold, has remained in its bullish tone. With a further third day of voting tomorrow I am expecting further uncertainly surrounding Brexit and Gold has a high probability chance of going beyond $1310. You asked me on Saturday if Gold would go above $1302. Well Gold's price action has answered your question.
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    No problem @Nelsy-Boy, trends should always exhibit a zig-zag succession of higher highs and higher lows (bull), if that pattern is broken the trend has at least stalled or may have collapsed all together. The pullbacks are caused by profit taking, the continuations are caused by re-entries, there has been no real bear participation up til now because the bears have all been sat here waiting for price at 3340, after all, why sell at a lower price when price is rising. This is why support and resistance is the king of indicators, they are obvious levels on a chart for like minded types to hang out and wait for price to come to them.
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    HI @Tigerflow, ok, just looking and see the March contract which is about to rollover has been taken off so the next is June 19, I'm not familiar with the palladium market but the June price seems a very long way from the spot price so I'm presuming that has something to do with it. Check out some of the other spot vs futures prices and see what I mean. Also, have a look at the video on this linked page comparing spot (dfb) and futures. https://www.ig.com/uk/glossary-trading-terms/futures-contract-definition
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    I've built an Excel Add-in and have added some client sentiment formulas. What I find interesting is the much higher proportion of long positions across all asset classes. Surprisingly the FTSE100 is the least shorted of all the major stock indices. In the FX world, IG clients are long on all major pairs, regardless of whether they are effectively long or short the USD. I will post this again with updated data, will be interesting to see how it changes over time (I suspect it won't actually change that much!).
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    Hi Andy, I can confirm the the API works with IG Switzerland. Some responses come in german. This is the only difference I noticed so far.
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    The recent rise in Gold prices has not continued. Now in my experience this could be simply down to short covering activity. This is an assumption by me as I do not know for sure but it would not surprise me. To me the short term trend is down. There will be a lot of traders using technical analysis to predict / assume how the price will react. The market knows and understands this. The professional traders know this. The best Commodity Hedge Funds know this and is most likely to be programmed into their trading system. As a result I am not expecting Gold to follow the conventional rules that technical traders will be hoping for in terms of Fibonacci retracements, etc. Now I could be wrong so I will use this opportunity to test my assumption by following the price action to see how Gold's price behaves and what happens.
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    Unfortunate stop out @Mcg but it does demonstrate the problematic nature of calling trades. Most traders struggle to get a 50/50 win/loss ratio and rely instead on a advantageous risk/reward ratio to define success. So individual winning or losing trades are meaningless in the greater scheme of things but they will be used by observers unfairly to 'rate' a traders proficiency and a small string of losing trades is usually enough for them to dismiss altogether. They will rarely hang around long enough to find if you are profitable in the long term or not. This is often how novice traders define their own trading skills and so a small number of losses is usually enough to cause constant system hopping until their account has finally evaporated and is a reason why they desperately search for someone to copy. It takes time to discover trading is about the long haul and that though the rationale for a trade may be sound it is no guarantee of a successful outcome.
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    Gold is getting a small bounce but is that on the back of stocks Bearishness, USD apparent strength or something else. I can't really tell right now and unless Stocks are following my #2 scenario (see USD indices, are we there yet thread) I can't really see this as the end of the larger retrace. So I remain with my previously posted road map. This rally will, under that scenario, either trace a wave B from here or give us another small leg down before it does. After that comes a longer wave C to complete the retrace, possible as low as a retest of the prevailing long term supporting trend-line, which would suck in a lot of precious metal Bears, prior to a long, long rally. For precious metals I feel it is important to watch USD moves in the short to medium but overall economic and stocks moves for the long term. The Negative Momentum Divergence is still dominant in the technical set up for me but Stochastic is over sold so a period of bullishness is likely, remains to be seen whether this will turn back down before a higher high or run up to hit the the overhanging resistance first before any medium term retrace. This uncertainty means precious metals are not a good bet right now for me. I am content to hold Longs from way down for the long term, having cashed some on a dual bet strategy. I am waiting for this current pattern to trace out before looking for additional Longs but I will not be taking precious metals Short nor swing trading in what I expect to be a volatile (whip plash type - not the good type) period and view the set up as too uncertain. I would rather look to swing trade stocks and main USD FX pairs that Gold/Silver at present.
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    @Pikto, The honest answer is that I do not have a 'crystal ball' so I cannot possibly know the outcome. My personal opinion, gut feeling and instinct is that it will cut through $1302 before the Brexit vote. After that it all depends on the reaction to the outcome of the vote by the rest of the world. There could be further downside movement and one cannot rule that out but at the moment there are 'recessionary risks' that major economies around the world face. There are increasing national debts in the US that do not seem to be managed effectively. There could be monetary policy implications going forwards. For now I think we could see a couple of days of positive price action for Gold and then I don't know. These things always tend to go the opposite direction of what one thinks is likely to happen. So it could easily continue the next leg downwards. If you go long or are already long then just ensure you absolutely have a stop loss in place and if in profit a trailing stop loss based on your risk management strategy. You must have an exit plan and and opportunity to exit if the trade should go against you.
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    Hi @Masin098,, the expiry for a ftse future is set quarterly, current one is March 19th (see chart below) and there are no overnight charges for spread bet futures (see link). Make sure you are on the futures chart by clicking the dropdown box top left corner on the dfb chart and selecting Futures Mar 19. https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/what-funding-and-interest-charges-do-you-to-apply-to-futures-and
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    It tells me that IG have not tested their web pages across multiple browsers.
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    @mckenzie126 & @Trevbeats, see this IG comparison page (recently updated to include the US); https://www.ig.com/uk/compare-our-leveraged-trading
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    I would add watch so many charts that at some poi t the patterns will start to be self evident and the behaviour of the price will be less unpredictable. Commit little money but master your system at every trade. Embrace the power of timeframes 😀
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    @Dantro, No problem. Stick to one specific asset and master it. So for example one specific FX pair, one commodity or one major indices. Then just trade that specific asset, learn what makes it move and why it moves in a certain direction. Learn to identify trends and really master trading in that asset. Learn about volatility and how to set effective stop losses so that volatility does not stop you out when you are correct in the direction of the trend and right in the trading direction.
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    @Dantro, First of all you need to decide what type of trading do you want to conduct? Do you want to participate in day trading, scalping, trend following, momentum trading, swing trading, contrarian trading, etc. You need to do the following three things before you trade any more of your capital. Create a Trading Plan Create a Trading Strategy Create a Trading System I repeat do not trade any more of your money until you have done the above three. To do the above three you will need to put the hours in (effort), have the desire / passion to apply yourself and then conduct some serious reading and research around this. Google is an easy place to start. You will then find references to reading material. This process takes as long as it takes. If it takes you three months or a year then so be it but make yourself a strong foundation to build upon. Try Googling why a trading plan, a trading strategy and a trading system are important. This will be an excellent place for you to start and then take it from there.
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    Hello, I was wondering if IG could please confirm a) if they are looking in to providing the following and b) if so, what the timelines are. 1) fund dealing, UCITS and mutual funds, the type HL, ii, AJBell and most others offer. 2) adding new international markets, (Canada, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Finland, Japan) EM markets like, India, South Africa, Egypt would also be great. 3) provision of better details for company financials (e.g. what Morningstar, Reuters provide and including cash flow statements) Is IG going to commit to improving their Stock broking offering for the long term, or should current customers be seeking alternative providers? It would be helpful to understand the direction of travel. The stock broking offering seems to have taken a backseat in the strategy yet there is the potential to create a strong competitor to the likes of HL, II, AJ Bell, that offers DMA and good FX charges for foreign dividends, however personally I am growing impatient waiting for the above improvements to happen. Any information that can be provided would be appreciated. Many thanks,
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    Dear @TrendFollower , you probably wont like this response but , I just trade what I see, not what I think. There is so much geopolitical stuff going on that it could screw your thinking. However, the politicians & Central Bankers seem to prefer the markets going up, any dips & the Central Banks come to the rescue.. We are over halfway through the US Presidential cycle & I'm sure Potus will want everything looking good next year. I attach a current chart. As you see we are back at a trend line resistance. I have suggested some consolidation @ here before a further move up, but who knows. Short term trend is up, but you could also say that the market looks sideways albeit in a big range. Sideways is my best guess
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    What do traders and investors on IG Community think will happen should the three major US indices hit their respective 52 week high price level? Does the IG Community think they will continue to go upwards and if so why? Does the IG Community think this will present one of the biggest shorting opportunities of recent time and if so why? Does the IG Community think there will be sideways price action for a considerable period of time and if so why? I shall try and keep a score of how many of you respond to 1, 2 and 3 and see what the IG Community thinks and then what actually happens. This will be an interesting exercise that will really provide some insight to the price action expectations of the IG Community for US indices. I hope traders and investors alike partake in this. @JamesIGyou may wish to share with the IG Analysts / Staff who may wish to participate if allowed to do so. I am including @Caseynotes, @cryptotrader, @elle, @PandaFace who seems to be both active and frequent participants on the IG Community to help start kick things off but please do not wait for them to respond.
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    Gold has dropped hard and fast. It has breached the $1300 level which means a bearish phase to me. Silver has dropped just as aggressively. This is with the backdrop of Brexit and India-Pakistan tensions. The stronger US dollar is not helping matters. I think the US Dollar has played a part in this deep sell off. Both Gold and Silver have gone below their 20 and 50 DMA's. Silver is awfully close to its 100 DMA and Gold is on its way there. I personally would not suggest anyone try and be clever and go 'Long' on both Gold and Silver while we are witnessing a 'Falling Knife' scenario and an aggressive drop such as this. By all means go 'Short' even if it is a short term trade but I would recommend waiting for a trend reversal confirmation before going 'Long'. This may present a better entry point to a longer term upward trend but patience and trend reversal confirmation will be key. It is possible that this large drop leads to further downside pressure or is the big correction before the next bigger leg upwards. At this moment in time I do not know which so all one can do is monitor the price action closely.
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    IG has the 'Parabolic SAR' as one of its technical indicators. This can help identify trend reversals. One can use this indicator to help set 'trailing stop losses'. One could also use it to assist in the identification of entry and exit points. I like to use it along with moving averages and RSI. A point of warning is that it can be ineffective when the price is trending sideways.
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    Regulations laid out by the FCA (or other regulatory bodies depending on your geographical location) require us to send cash back to the same source in which we receive them from. This means we can send funds back to the card used to deposit, however, if you wish for funds to be returned to a different source i.e. directly to your bank account, we would first need to verify the original payment source. Although from your perspective your card and bank account are linked, they are actually separate things and there is nothing which we can see which link the two. For example if you have a bank account with Barclays and make a deposit into your IG account with your debit card, there is no way that we can link these two without additional validation. I appreciate that this additional step for a withdrawal is frustrating, but it is required to comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML) policy. Unfortunately to reduce this risk requires regulated companies such as ourselves to make these verification checks for all clients. You should still be able to withdraw funds to the same source you deposited from (for example if you deposit with a card you can withdraw to that same card. If you make a bank transfer in you can make a bank transfer out). I'm sorry that you feel this is harassment, however as stated above it is required.
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    It's the lookback period which I suspect is in days (a 14 day lookback seems to be standard for stocks).
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    @Dantro & @Dantro, Price action is key when using trend following principles. In fact I would argue that price action is key regardless of the types of trading principles one follows. Yes more reading needed. Research trend following or go through this thread from the beginning as it may assist you in getting a better understanding of trend following and price action.
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    Traders who adopt trend following principles will love to see strong trends as you can see in Live Cattle. Trading with the trend increases your probability of success in the trade. The odds tilt in your favour. It does not guarantee a profitable trade but merely increases your chances. Trading is difficult at the best of times. The markets are ruthless. Trend following may not be the most profitable strategy but it is a strategy that can certainly decrease some of the risk associated with trading by never trading against the trend.
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    Shanghai composite gets massive boost in volume.
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    24/02/2019 - ProOrder still down and no word...
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    @Dantro, My personal basis is to start with the daily and then compare it to the weekly and monthly. Only then do I look at lower timeframes and primarily 4 hour to 1 hour timeframes to establish if in sync with direction of trend. I only use lower timeframes for day trading or short term trades. When I am trend following then I am looking at the longer timeframes more as I am going to keep the position open until the trend changes. If there are any big drops and the trade has clearly gone against me then my stop loss should have triggered and executed an exit from the trade. I always know my exit price before I enter the trade. This is a key part of my trading strategy. When I am in profit then I switch to a trialing stop so I know I cannot make a loss in that trade. I have no issues re entering that trade should trend confirmation take place. I am comfortable entering the trade as many times as I need to but at the same time I am happy to move on to the next trend should any trend confirmation not be established. I try not to trade against the trend.
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    Predictions on the next 10 years that’s the question! There must be a way to plot movements like this and then draw those comparisons. Good for the SIPP or ISA.
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    Hi, I've recently moved to IG from Etoro and just getting my head around the new fee system. Let me see if i have this right; As an example - i bought x amount of shares for Tesco (single trade). I sell them at £40 profit an hour later. The fees are; the spread AND a trading fee of £10? the CFD fees are only applicable overnight? Is that the only fee or is there also commission on top? would this be correct? also i noticed on the demo account that fees aren't brought up in the history section. In which case i was wondering how to actually find a record of them within the account. Apologies for the lame questions - seems the spreads are better here at IG - but the interface isn't as intuitive. Just want to get these questions sorted before i open the live account. Thanks, Olly
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    Thanks for your reply. Should have mentioned in my original post I am interested in API integration rather than using your online interface. I have just attempted to make a session request (POST https://api.ig.com/gateway/deal/session) passing my live shared dealing account ID however it returns error "error.public-api.failure.stockbroking-not-supported" - does this mean that I will not be able to make simple share deals via the API?