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    Don't fall for it. Don't try and catch a falling knife. Manage your risk - use stops and guaranteed stops for the love of god if you're looking to hold stocks over night or ANYTHING over the weekend. If you're in to intraday trading think about options (my thing of late - check post history if you want) which manage risk when buying and stop you chasing losses. Get those alerts and notifications set up on your phone. Diversify a portfolio with some defensive stuff as well. Read read read read read the news people. Take a step back. Think about it. Actively say you're going to cut the emotion. ONLY THEN make your trade. Never risk more than you could lose. Any other things which would help? Lets share over this economic mardi gras...
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    Thanks for the responses guys. As I phoned them to discuss the situation I had a voicemail from my account manager cancelling the trade as they suspected it was a mistake. Great service 👍
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    they never really advertise it but think its worth noting
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    Step 1 - buy daily puts at the start of the session 1% out the money (basically above the line on the platform) step 2 - profit *nb: vast over valuation of stocks required and exponential growth on nCoV deadly virus V useful discuss....
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    I've transitioned to a sell and hold position 🤠
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    There is absolutely no reason for such language. IG have excellent facilities and service both novice investor, and experienced trader, extremely well. We all have bad days and I wish you every success in the future.
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    It would be great if we could right click on a price level on a chart and have the option to add alert. This would be much quicker than going into the alert panel and typing out the price level for the alert. 🙂
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    yes you could have done this as well your max risk would have been the 80 and the 50 = 130 quid total, and the NET profit would have been the 820 profit on the put, minus the 130, so NET PROFIT of 690 quid on a 130 quid risk. Not bad.
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    Hi, Logged in this morning and all my drawings/indicators etc are gone. The screen has reset to the 5 minute chart with no indicators or drawings. Is there a way to get them back? I put a lot of time into these. Thanks James
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    Apple warns may miss quarterly guidance estimates due to virus impact starts a new pullback in the indices.
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    Before market open - check current risk on or risk off ( on = indices and oil up, gold and bonds down. off = opposite ) expect continuation of current until new news affects the charts. - note times of up coming news events that day that could affect the markets if outside expectations. During I used to have squawk box years ago but found it a distraction and only told me earlier why the market had jumped or reversed, watching the charts is instant and someone on twitter will tell me why about 30 seconds later anyway (they still have a squawk box). Also on twitter is info that may come into play in the near future to keep an eye on. the news feed on the IG web based platform is good (IG pay Reuters well for it) but the IG mt4 news feed is not the same so I don't use. The more you get used to chart reading the easier it becomes but it does take time.
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    I don't use anything else - have looked at other news sources and they don't seem worth the money 🙂 I sometimes look at Youtube videos from DailyFX, IG, Bloomberg and anything else that looks interesting. FT.com is said to be indispensable, but I'd rather just look at the charts!
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    Can't add to the recently restarted US OIL thread now so start anew again. "Oil has been showing some signs of "hope" over past 24 hours. Given the fact oil and Chinese CSI 300 move in tandem, maybe the oil bounce could turn violent to the upside."
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    As I've tried to point out often it looks like you were lured into thinking you could go into full time trading without a viable plan or tested strategy and learn on the fly. That may be because you were listening to people who are constantly giving out professional sounding advise but even after years of trying can't themselves make a living trading but instead rely on other income. On forums and on SM these ego driven guys are by far the majority, be careful who's advice you follow. Not necessarily a question of quitting but more a case of needing to rethink your whole approach.
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    The new share dealing platform is now live. Let me know what you think. You can find the help video by following the link below: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/investments/share-dealing-and-isas/how-do-i-use-the-share-dealing-platform
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    Dow still has higher to go from here. I cut my losses drastically and hedging the remainder. Can't be too attached with wanting to be right 😄. Need to live longer to fight more battles to win the war. I expected Dow 30000+ later this year after a correction first but seems much sooner now which I am caught by surprise. The retracement will come when more trader's money like myself is taken first. @dmedin - trading against me may be a good strategy going forward 😂
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    The 100 ema is quite a long drop on the intraday, also consider having 2 MAs because when they spread apart or converge towards each other is useful information but whatever, the actual candles need to be the actual trigger. On the HA chart look for the Doji to stand by and then next bar colour to go.
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    fair go, the failure to break through the blue rectangle was crucial for further downside. Now looking for resistance (sellers to step back in) and the most likely area is just before the red 29400 defending their initial stops.
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    So TSLA up over 20% today. I've just updated one of my spreadsheets, interesting to see how the "upstart" manufacturer is getting close to Toyota to gain the number 1 spot by market cap!
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    Don't know anything about Wheat @cheviot and can't get sufficient years of data on IG to get a purely bearing, however the chart from 2000ish they do have looks very similar to some agri crops I do track and trade (NY Sugar No.11 and Aribica Coffee). All of these soft commodities seem to have topped out during the commodity super-cycle top in 2011ish and since then have been in decline, whereas some of the harder commodities and precious metals have rallied harder, and in the case of PMs the general market bias is definitely bullish (not yet convinced!). In my Coffee and Sugar posts I have discussed the case for an impending massive cyclical bull market on the basis that we have been at or near the long term range bottom, although there was still room below. These markets took off, especially coffee BUT now it looks to me like Coffee is reversing and is more likely to put in lower lows on the long term trend before that Bull can take hold. I had reversed and shorted Coffee near the top of the recent rally but thought it was a bullish retrace rather than a reversal. Sugar is not there yet, although I am tactically Short now and waiting to see how it plays out. My concern is that Sugar could follow all the rest of the Softs (And indeed hards as well, currently) lower. Part of my thesis for a bull market in the making was technical and part fundamentals (As always). The Fundamentals part was that in a trading range market, once you reach the bottom (or top) the probability is massively in favour of a reversal into the opposite trend. Timing is hard as these markets can stay hugging the extremes for a long time. There are signs that in both Coffee and Sugar farmers are leaving the market (supply issue building). However, as @TrendFollowermentioned a while ago I believe, there was is a large stockpile of coffee about to be released on the market in Brazil. Sugar definitely has a supply problem though it seems. Another part was the idea doing the rounds of hyper inflation, driven by central banks getting what they have been seeking but not being able to control it. This is being called the "reflation trade" and unsurprisingly not everyone agrees with the hypothesis... The third factor was a falling USD, which ought to be good for commodities in theory (doesn't trump supply demand drivers though) but currently it is looking increasingly likely we will see DX at about 10000 (currently 9760ish). So all in all it seems that another period of commodity bearishness is in play (check also the thread on HG Copper). I remain convinced that a commodity bull market is going to happen and that softs will be the place to be when it does as I feel that industrial commodities will get hit by a recession (we may get that inflation trade first though, especially on Oil, which may then trigger the stocks crash and reflect the recessionary forces). All of these markets are related but food and water security is the single biggest issue the planet faces long term, far out weighing climate change (the climate gang are talking about the wrong things!). If the population is set to grow to somewhere between 9-13 billion by 2100 where is all the food and water going to come from? That's long term of course but if prices are depressed and farmers leave the industry then supply shortages at low prices are inevitable. Cue prices increases, and probably in a dramatic fashion. The question remains, when? I thought we might be there but this months price performance on Coffee makes me thing we are not yet.
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    There are many revenge traders out there mate. Cannot accept the market going against them so they double down and double down. How do I know? I was this idiot before.
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    From the Los Angeles Times: “Since Feb. 2, more than 8,400 returning travelers from China have entered California, according to the state health department. They have been advised to self-quarantine for 14 days and limit interactions with others, officials said.”
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    GRAPHIC – China's top container ports unclog backlog as virus curbs ease 07:43 BEIJING, Feb 27 (Reuters) – China's top container ports are loosening the backlog of cargoes on their docks as workers return to their posts after coronavirus travel curbs that kept them away and jammed up global supply chains have been eased.
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    Following on from this post I made a few days ago I decided to show one of my options trades yesterday on Wall Street as an option with a daily expiry. I thought we would have a short term swing and see a rally (before plummeting again) so I bought the call. Turns out it didn't go so well but I only lost 80 quid on a CALL on a market which fell 800+ and I was dealing £1 a point which wasn't too bad in my eyes! I also posted a PUT trade a couple of posts down which ended up 820 quid from a £50 risk. Not bad (if you had called the direction right ) so probably worth doing again. Lets look at the US and do another? But risking £100 as it's early on in the day. Or we can look just before US open and see what's occurring. If you think the market will rally you could buy the call at A (103.6) If you think the market will fall you could buy the call at B (101.1) both of these are daily options. as you're buying you cant lose more than that trade size, and given the moves we've seen that's the trade for me right now. DAX down 2% but wall street not seeing it right now only down 0.6%, so I'm going with the PUT today. Waiting for retail to wake up and get scared.
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    Dax, Dow and Ftse all trying to keep in touch with their respective monthly chart (recently beaten) resistance levels (purple). S&P seeking support around 3130.
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    my trade is so far gone you have to laugh - look ho many worthless options above me 28100 strike - its unreal. At 7.30pm we're looking like this. That 27900 put though is storming at 780 points (up from 50!). Bet of 50 quid for a 15.6x increase. I (would have) like(d) those returns. BUT im staying optimistic. Risk has been managed on a crazy crazy day.
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    you could be trading this then £80 risk ALSO look at the PUT 27900 in the original image when it was at 50, now it's at 150. Triple your risk money in the first hour of trading, with only £50 maximum risk (and 150 profit now - not looking at spread either). power of options hey.
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    I’ve had a reply from IG. “Thanks for your email.The technical team is looking into this issue affecting demo accounts. We are looking to get this fixed shortly.
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    Latest IG client sentiment chart;
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    Dashboard working now in Australia.
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    Absolutely GUTTED, it was going to be my BIG BREAK into the world of FASHION.
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    Over the weekend continues risk off. Indices and Oil down. Bonds, Gold and USD up. Today Ger business climate data at 9am.
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    I woke up to the same #%&£. Placed a small hedge last night before sleep to counter my big loss and found a token of goodwill. Doesn't help much. Let's see if the uptrend is in play today. I have noticed my recent calls have been correct a day ahead of time which is total nightmare. Could be put to good use though if true...
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    I fell asleep at last and woke to this!
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    Maybe i could do a separate trade idea? Pick a market and it may explain it better?
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    Nothing happening. Going to stock up my fridge from Tesco instead.
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    Yes all the dip buyers make it hard shorting Did not trade today because i suck at trading😉 But maybe something like this for those that can? 2 short scalp 20-30 points or so? If i had placed a trade i had probably **** it up😄
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    Would like a full Level 2 functionality (albeit a premium paid for service) as there are very few platforms in my opinion that have a decent GUI on UK Level 2 (IG CFD Level 2 is limited to select securities) . And the ability to invest in funds (not just Investment Trusts). This is one of the reasons I donlt have an ISA or SIPP with IG as they don't allow you to buy OIECs
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    The ability to have two separate instances of two different trading platforms in two different tabs of my browser. Right now if I navigate to the new share dealing platform in one tab, my spread betting account in the other tab automatically redirects to the new share dealing platform also. Totally unnecessary.
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    Reuters is always very amusing when it begins the day with an article saying 'oil prices bounce on rising demand', and by lunchtime it's turned into 'oil prices sink on growth fears'.
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    Maybe PRT V11 will have more data? If we are still alive by then😉
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    you could pay a subscription there are many news sources from a basic £50 a month squawk box up to Bloomberg's top offering which is a computer read 250K a month or quarter (can't remember which) that plugs straight into your robot and starts placing your trades before the bloke on the squawk box has even opened his mouth. 👀 Unless you have the latter you will never catch the spike, so wait and look for follow through instead.
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    For a minute I thought you were talking about my time with my ex 😂. Seriously consider trading much shorter time frame if TA isn't helping you for longer term trades. I got in Nasdaq yesterday and was going to hold a few days but I got out just now. Holding even for a few days might instill a little doubt especially if you are using a lot of margin. A person cannot expect a different result if they keep doing the same thing over and over.
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    Right ! I am always wondering why those guys invest so much time in getting an income via YouTube if they are already so successful with their trades ? He could rather go outside, enjoy life and....buy a new T-shirt...
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    Hi folks, apologies if I've missed any etequette. I'm new in here, and fairly new to trading. I'm after some advice I was going well. I managed to increase the trading capital by about 50% in 6 weeks, by using a Trading the Gap strategy (plus 1 or 2 major economic announcements such as an interest rate or election result). Basically, the strategy went, that I'd wait for the opening bell on the NYSE and then simply trade, on a 5 minute chart in the direction to close the gap, provided that the gap was within 50 points. I started with a small amount and gradually pushed until I was closing the gap with as much as 35 contracts per pip sometimes. I looked to be in and out of the trade within 10 minutes. It seemed to work most of the time and when the trade went South, I'd pull the plug quickly. Then, it just seemed to stop working, and in the last 10 weeks, Ive been on a continuous loosing streak and have been dying with death by 1,000 cuts. I'm still 22% up on my initial deposit. I decided to backtest the strategy over the last 2 months on the Dow (Dec and Jan) and the gap closed very few times and where it did close, a 1:1 stop would have been taken out first. I've stopped with that strategy for now, since it doesn't seem to be working but would love someone who has experience of trading a Gap strategy to give me some suggestions of what might have changed. Like I said,I'm fairly inexperienced.
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    Results: GBP BoE Interest Rate Decision Prev: 0.75% Est:0.75% Actual: 0.75% GBP BoE MPC Vote Unchanged Prev: 7 Est:6 Actual: 7 GBP BoE Asset Purchase Facility (Jan) Prev: £435B Est:£435B Actual: £435B GBP BoE MPC Vote Cut Prev: 2 Est:3 Actual: 2 GBP BoE MPC Vote Hike Prev: 0 Est:0 Actual: 0
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    You d be proud of me ...I m bullish about wheat does that count ?? Long wheat short SP Short of f####ing Apples .....Great mix ! haha
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    was intrigued to see Carney speaking at 12:30 today but the BoE don't do a presser post rate decision so not sure what the speaking event is.
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    All eyes will be on the number of people who voted for rate cuts