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    I think there's a nicer way than what @Caseynotes suggested. If you use multiple screens, you can "tear-off" charts or even put a workspace in a separate browser tab. Then you can just drag whatever you want to a 2nd screen. Does that make sense?
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    When looking at these markets and the trading behaviour of the average retail trader it seems to me that many don't really understand the market they are trading, there are also psychological factors that influence decision making to the detriment of trading success. If you are not confident in your understanding of the market then you are solely dependent on technical analysis but TA is not a given, it can only play out if assisted by fundamental and macro factors, those factors currently point to bull continuation. So the US major indices are routinely hitting new all time highs, the retail trader thinks they need to sell the high in order to buy back lower (buy low sell high right) so the retail trader (the crowd) are constantly trying to pick the tops (and patting themselves on the back thinking they are being contrarian). The positioning data of IG clients tell us this is exactly what's happening. Every time price goes higher the sell position ratio increases, when price is falling in a down trend the buy position ratios go higher. So clearly this is all wrong, when price is continually rising you need to buy high and sell higher. You buy breakouts or pullbacks, you should not be looking to sell a bull trending market at all. So why do they do it? The market is too high (no it's not), it must be the bears turn (wait and see first), but I need to sell the highs, the saying says so (no, you're not an investor), the chart is looking 'toppy' (just no), the TA is pointing down (doesn't matter without fundy and macro assist). An understand of a market comes with experience, until it does stick with the basics and look for longs in an uptrend, don't try to second guess the market and end up constantly fighting against it.
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    I stayed up for the referendum vote and kept a rough commentary going here on the forum. It was an absolute wild roller coaster from the disclosure of the first exit polls right through and remain/leave changed lead so many times through the night as the votes were counted. Never seen such wild swings on any chart before or since, you could smell the blood in the water and feel the agony the next day.
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    Couple of learnings for me: I don't think I'm good with adding to my position. From tomorrow I'm going in with 90% of my account size, so that I can't add. It's more of a win or lose situation. Easier to take profit as well. Today on OBSV I didn't take profit instantly, because I didn't add to my position yet. Then I added and both trades went into the red afterwards. Don't buy the freaking top !!! Wait for the pullback.
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    Buddy, you don't need me to tell you....but just in case I do; You're over trading and not sticking to your trading plan. To the rule, you were up £35, but then lost 4 trades in a row to a total of -£100. It's not just the value, but 4 losing trades in a row means you're off game. That's it. You're done. Personally, when you got -£50 it was over for the day. At least we're still learning, but giving it away like this and that 5k marker is a long way off. I was up £300 last week in 2 days, but I think it was less than 10 trades in total and less than 1 hour trading. However, that's OK, coz, although we might have detailed what we're hoping to do, it's still OK to Make Mistakes so long as we're learning what Not to Do going Live. Because it's the Demo, I've not been paying attention or been distracted, I've still been placing Random Trades to see what happens at various times after the bell. What is happening is the more Random trades I place, the more losses I incur. We're either trading Breakouts or looking for Reversals. Trying to play both one after another on the same stock is a sure fire way to give back profit you've just made. Remember, the direction either long or short is only assured for a few minutes after the bell. Playing after this and you're in random territory. Limit how many trades you will place as well as maximum loss and profit. I know you know this, but I like to hear it back to for my own sake also. Let's see what tomorrow brings for us both.
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    Yes because they want you to keep your money invested. That is how they make money so they have a vested interest in punters keeping their money in. Yes in a bull market but as soon as things turn nasty (1929 nasty) that strategy fails spectacularly. Unless you believe it will never happen again...? It took 30 years for the stock markets to regain the 1929 highs.
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    Not this week but last week, I noticed at one point the Swiss Index was moving in the exact opposite direction as the EUSTX50. So, I think that some of the things which used to take place with the currencies are now taking place in the Indices to avoid the risk of Central Bank intervention.
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    @DSchenkThe desk don't offer as many smaller cap stocks because there's not as many people wanting to trade the market and due to the price the amount being hedged is small. However I can see there is demand for these so I will speak with them and update you. I will also see if the minimum cap for US stocks can be reduced. The cap itself is only a guideline.
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    Alright guys, this is it for today Finishing up £48. First tried BLRX, but it was just selling off. Stop-loss hit immediately. After that I struggled to find any momentum at all, so decided to play some shorts on IPXL. Worked out well, especially the second leg. End of week 3: -£132 Account Balance: £658 Total Performance: +£158 Let's see what we can wing next week, more or less the last real trading week of the year! If I can get the account back up to £1k, happy. If staying below £1k, then gonna extend the DEMO into January.
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    China press conference live; http://www.reuters.tv/l/Pltw/2019/12/13/china-s-state-council-holds-newser-on-us-china-trade-talks
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    Slight cautionary note going into the weekend is that President Xi has actually signed the phase 1 deal himself yet.
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    Sounds familiar. Happens to me every day, haha
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    Don't forget that hedge funds were conducting their own private polling on the day of the Brexit referendum, no doubt they are doing the same today: From: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-06-25/brexit-big-short-how-pollsters-helped-hedge-funds-beat-the-crash So maybe this move is in response to private polling?
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    When buying a call/ selling a put you're betting on the market going up. If you're buying a call you have limited risk. The maximum you can lose is the deposit (premium). You've bought the right but not the obligation to buy at a certain price. Selling a put has max risk losses if the market hits 0. When buying a put or selling a call, same principle applies. If you're buying a put you have limited risk. The maximum you can lose is the deposit (premium). You've bought the right but not the obligation to sell at a certain price. If you're selling a call all you can win is the premium from the buyer no matter how low the market goes. If you're selling a call all you can win is the premium from the buyer no matter how high the market goes. Meaning selling a call has unlimited losses The margin when buying a call/ put is the maximum loss. The margin when selling put/call is the margin for the underlying market.
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    @dmedin Which point did you get back in, first dip or second:
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    Hey @dmedin, our analysts did a piece on this yesterday you might be interested in. https://www.ig.com/uk/news-and-trade-ideas/what-will-happen-to-the-premier-oil-share-price-after-the-electi-191210
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    USD punching a lower low. Looks like the USD bear phase is on!
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    Missed the trading session today. Firefighting somewhere else. Back on it tomorrow. Heard @nit2wynit had some fun though
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    though your PnL will do that but that can be misleading and cause people to abandon a system too early, it really is all about the collated stats, that's the only thing that will give the confidence to keep going or to recognise when it's time to change course.
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    Hi @dbhill, welcome to the forum. Nice to see a new name appearing. Trade Ideas on Demo account works perfectly fine for scanning gappers pre-market. For Momentum Stocks in play it won't work, because on Demo the data is 20mins delayed. For scanning live I use ProRealTime which you can get for free with IG,if you trade 4x per month (or else costs £30). I did a screenrecord how to set-up the pre-market scanner with Trade Ideas here (if you've not seen it yet): https://youtu.be/UHoLM5eIwco Let me know how you get along!
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    Found a PC to go with the new monitor; https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/12/10/21003636/apple-mac-pro-price-most-expensive-processor-ram-gpu
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    The ASX operates on Sydney time and pre-market opens at 7am while trading opens at 10am but IG opens for trading at 9:50 though with a higher than normal spread. IG also allows for trading after ASX close at 4pm right through to 8am but again with a higher spread.
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    Hi, yes I used PRT years ago but prefer the mt4 platform though I think PRT have upgraded their analytics section since.
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    Hey ya, here is that screen shot... its basic... but a step in the right direction
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    Looking at a period of USD strength to complete a retrace. As noted elsewhere I expect GBP and EUR to rotate lower for a while, the former until the election, the latter until support is hit, which may occur around the same time as the UK election as probably clarity on Brexit would lift the Euro as well as GBP. My call is for a Tory majority, better than May had but not off the charts. I have spoken to many Labour voters who are conflicted and the Ashworth thing bears out what I was hearing about how the Northern areas are feeling (see link below if you haven't already seen it - priceless, almost as good as Corbyn's Andrew Neil interview). In London many remainers I have spoken to are likely to prefer to get on with Brexit rather than let the Marxist/IRA sympathiser into No. 10, which Ashworth also seems to agree with them on..., and a lot also do not want another referendum for democratic sanctity reasons (i.e. they are accepting the defeat). It does rather seem that whenever BoJo makes a Gaff (and I can't believe he is the best the Brits have to offer) the Labour moderates find a way to give the Tories a leg up... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50726592 A Tory majority puts Brexit to bed, other than the exact trading and political relationship with the EU, which is not nothing but at least the toy throwing will be over. The spending plans light a fire under GBP because interests rates will have to go up. This takes up to, say, 1.38 at which point we consolidate and then we see if a breakout is staged or a reversal kicks in, which will have more to do with USD and global economics at that point than the UK.
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    If you are a very important person, you are supposed to behave responsibly ... and you should be called to account and held to high standards. And of course Trump is a very high-quality president, just like he is a high-quality 'businessman'
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    That's correct we only offer L1 data for US exchanges. After speaking with the desk they confirmed that L2 data for US exchanges are too expensive. We do pass the cost of L2 data on to clients and we don't think it will be something many clients will be willing to pay (looking over one hundred per month).
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    🤣 Where have you been for the last 3 years?
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    @dmedin why is this not proof to you it can work? these are 4 'risk managed' trades using a £500 account. My risk on each one would have been £50 or less. What is there to doubt? i really don't understand you, but i think you've been studying the wrong strategy for too long you simply don't believe it, or won't believe it. Why aren't you trialing along side with us doing this? Go on the Demo, Look at the watch list, give it a go. What's the problem? Risk no more than 10% each trade. Max loss, Max Stop etc. Get in get out 1:1 Aim for 50/50 PL Then come back and say it doesn't work. We'll talk more
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    Requires Fracking big time. At present Fracking seems to be the devils work in the Zeitgeist. I imagine that will change when the lights start going out...
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    Overnight the US Indices just pausing back up near the all time highs, Oil broke though near term resistance on Friday while Gold hang close to key support. Not much on the calendar today, FOMC rate decision on Wednesday.
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    told you he was good 🙂
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    Breakout and failed retest? Higher high on the 1H would confirm for me and obviously need a close above resistance on the daily.
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    I have net COT positions for non commercials around -33k, this is not significant in the current scenario. The last significant up turn occurred in Aug/Sep on net -60k, which produced the current rally and has been unwinding ever since. Early Nov produced the lowers net COT non commercial read (-21k) and coincided with the turn back down. You would expect the net reading to be heading more negative as the market moves south. The contrarian reading of this is that the non commercials are max net short when the market turns bullish and the reverse when the market turns bearish (at major turns). Anything in between is trending. We are missing last weeks data due to Thanksgiving so the picture is currently out of date.
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    yes that's true though they all had to start somewhere. I think myself FX and crypto is more difficult to trade than stocks, indices and commods and yet FX and crypto are the gateway into trading for the majority. FX I think is particularity difficult when volatility is at extreme lows.
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    If I remember correctly on IG US stocks need a min market cap of $250M to be included on the leveraged platform, if a stock falls below that then new trades are disallowed but it stays on the platform until all those with running trades exit. Other reasons not to take bets may be that IG has reached it's risk/hedge limit on a stock. Worth repeating that a broker is not there just to automatically take the other side of your trade, that's a bookie. A broker matches buyers and sellers.
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    Dow continues upward but a big day ahead with NFP this afternoon. The OPEC mtg rumbles on but a cut in production looks a likely outcome. S&P now back up over 50% of the Mon-Tues drop.
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    Hey @MAR- Thanks for your post. We don't offer exports of volume data but I will bring this up to our developers if it's something clients want in the future.
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    Next up Phase II 🥳🥳🥳 lol.
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    Conservatives have secured a majority after winning their 326th seat. Awaiting full results.
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    Jo, been a struggle today. Ups and downs like crazy. Closing the day -£30. Traded TTM, PT, IPXL and DEPO. First trade on TTM, went in on the big move, but got stopped out basically at break-even. Afterwards it surges. Lol PT, was hoping for the big move as well, but never happened, lol. First made 5 bucks, then lost 30. Moved on after that, as clearly selling off and no trades to short. DEPO got me badly. First made some bucks on the move up. Cool. Then there was this flat top forming at the high of day and on this false breakout I went in, but it flushed down, taking all my profit. Hating false break-outs. Finally IPXL. Got in on the break over VWAP and got stopped out. Got back in on the move up and stopped out at break even. Classic. Then got back in on the next 5min set-up. This time it worked out and I made a good bunch of money. Balance almost at £50, which is where I would've stopped for the day. Obviously I went in again on the break over high of day and lost it. Balance back to 0. Tried a quick short afterwards, which was more revenge trading than anything. Also didn't work out.
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    I've been hoping my Pinterest shares will return to $24......but they keep dropping. This will be my Starting Capital going Live. Disappointing result. Another Kidney to sell then.