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    Both through the web platform and ProRealTime... I cannot close out an open position on US500... IG are you going to refund any money lost because of your techincal error?
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    One of my open positions have disappeared form the positions tab. I had a total of 5 open positions, the number beside the positions tab says 4. There are only 4 positions displayed. However the account totals row in the bottom is behaving like the last position is still there, the total positions sum takes into account all 5 open positions, likewise with the market value and profit/loss columns.
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    I am Not able to see open positions. The customer hotline is also not working. What is the issue. Rectify ASAP.
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    Web app and mobile apps are not working in the middle of the trading day! This is precious money making time but IG is making it going bankrupt time!
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    The same thing happened to me after the scheduled maintenance today. I'm missing seven positions! The sum total seems correct. I've just shot an email to the helpdesk. I'm assuming they're going to be receiving a lot of these emails, and I sure hope they get this fixed pronto.
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    It really is unacceptable. I’ve been trading with IG for 4-5 years and experienced various outages and frustrations with the stability of the platform, typically at the most inconvenient of times. However, these outages in the last 24 hours are serious. Calling to deal doesn’t help when market volatile.
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    Trading app is very unstable. Could not see my open position. Can't close my position. Same thing happen 12 hrs ago. Please rectify it asap. I need to close some position.....this is terrible. Will you bear if there are losses.
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    is there a reason I'm still getting charged commsion even though I'm making 3 trades a month?
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    This is the second outrage in 24 hrs. I live in Singapore and I can’t see my opened position. The first outrage occurred on Thur (21 May) at around 10.30pm local time whereby I can’t adjust my stop loss. Where is the recourse for the losses? I am switching to CMC MARKET after this incident.
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    Usually IG does refund if the error is 100% theirs but often you need to provide yourself Screenshot and video... which is a little ridiculous. I'm now using a Desktop recoding tool every single time I trade with IG because last time there was an outage I couldn't close some long position I had which then endup being all negative. I had luckily took a video with my phone as a proof otherwise theyr would have not refund anything.
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    Same here. Cannot close position. It's now -6k. It was +2k when trying to close it I have taken video and screenshot.
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    Logging in this morning, I found all my positions were missing. Looked again a few minutes ago and most were back, but there were still two missing off the list (UK shares). Whilst I don't doubt that the problem is related to weekly maintenance, and the missing items will be back by Monday, the number of these 'glitches' is somewhat concerning, and doesn't inspire great levels of confidence in their systems. I daresay, the current grand farce may also be contributing to these problems with staffing shortages.
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    casynotes a helpful chap
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    @CharlotteIG Is this something you can assist the community with? I notice others in different forum posts are complaining about the same thing.
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    yes that is true but I'm not a new trader and my performance is reflected in the stats I keep of all my trades and have done for years so everything is constantly monitored.
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    Hi, if on the deal/order ticket you have selected 'Net off' the platform will net off your trades and leave open just the portion (if any) of the remaining trade. If you wan't to have 2 trades running in the opposite directions (hedging mode) you need to select 'Force Open' on the deal ticket. see pic.
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    Hi IG, Any plans to become a supported broker on Tradingview? I like the IG web platform but Tradingview stock screener is great and would be nice to trade from there. https://uk.tradingview.com/brokers/
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    I am looking for a reputable FX broker I can work with.
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    Its real easy to "code" a trading system in prorealtime using simplified creation (profitable thats another story😎) https://www.prorealtime.com/en/help-manual/create-trading-systems I did a system a couple of weeks ago (took me 1 minute😉) and put in on demo forward test using this indicator https://www.prorealcode.com/prorealtime-indicators/leo-moving-average-supportresistance/
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    Did a promotion for Prorealtime here😉
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    For over an hour I have been trying to put in stop losses and then close 2 open trades. not sure what happened but I was unable to get in due to what looks like a system crash. what is my recourse, im loosing money im not suppose to , by no fault of my own
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    Hi, first email the helpdesk explaining your circumstances eg day, time, positions affected, actions taken or unable to take etc. If you are not satisfied with IG's response you are then entitled to fill out a formal compliant to IG (see the Contact Us, linked at the bottom of all IG's web pages, for details). If you are still not satisfied you can escalate the complaint to the FCA (contact details linked on the Contact Us page)
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    We need compensation. It's definitely not our error or fault.
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    To add on, I have tried to call the Singapore helpdesk but line got cut off. Greatly appreciate if anyone can offer some help on this matter. Thank you
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    I concur, there was a plaform issue in open markets last night in the northern hemisphere. Today, Mar22 Sydney 1500hrs - my platform shows no open positions, all else on the platform seems to be working as it should though. Very strange, please fix ASAP Ig
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    Same thing happening now. Can't see my position. This is terrible. IG had better sort this out asap.
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    Have not been able to deal for the past 30mins,and cnt even log in now;
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    HI Everyone, Ive noted some system errors, re the ability to login when site admin/maintenance is done (very communication about it), un-contactable phone support (been on wait to speak to someone today 3 times for 40 mins and no one answers, and now i have an order that will not clear when i try to delete it. Is this platform going all downhill? Should we all run for the hills,, or is IG going to give us some customer support? B
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    I just like to test anything I'm considering to absolute destruction, to pick outs its flaws or identify the market types it struggles in etc - just my personality though
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    yes, the key is to learn how to trade first and then consider which markets to specialise in and so you should look for more liquid markets rather than the chart above, something more general like the FTSE.
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    My account balance is correct , but my open positions does not include one share . It would seem this is a general Tech problem , so I`m expecting it will be resolved .
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    I'm missing positions from the ASX, LSE and NYSE. So, it isn't limited to US positions. Have had no response from the help desk via email. Attempting a call...
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    I am now having the exact same issue, I have 4 open positions and my largest one (which is a US position) has just disappeared. my P/L shows the total as if it is still there as a line item, but it isn't there... When I go into the stock in the trade screen to sell, the "SELL" option is blocked out as it thinks I don't think I own any. I called up the IT Helpdesk and they advised it is a glitch, and are expecting the US positions which have disappeared to come back on line after the weekend.
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    Same thing has happened to me. I have five open positions that have disappeared. However the balance seems correct..... Positions are not visible in opened or closed sections.... I have contacted the help desk via email Can someone please explain
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    All my positions have disappeared!
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    actually gold futures has just broken out;
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    who cares about your doubts (and it's you're).
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    I don't think it matters whether you deal in the ISA account or the share account - they both count (as far as I am aware). I only deal in my ISA account at the moment, and can verify that it counts towards the discount
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    you really need a price line each for bid and ask on crypto charts; always a bit of a shock seeing minus 36 points on entry 😳
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    yes, sign in on 1 in a 'Incognito' browser window.
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    @JPoynton thanks for your post. There have not been talks of reducing the fees however I have passed this on as feedback as someone else mentioned it before. Unfortunately, these aren't decisions I can make but if this is passed on my myself and the client facing team it will be discussed. If I hear of any news on this I will let you know. All the best
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    I don't seem to have received my daily statement today either. Must be due to the holiday perhaps?
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    I think so - mine is doing the same. Very odd; it seems like some sort of glitch this evening, I've not seen this before. I panicked initially when I first logged in this evening!
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    @CharlotteIG..can you help with this please? I too seem to be charged full fees this morning on my Shares ISA despite making over 30 transactions in UK and US stocks last month? I am still on phone after over an hour..as I trade small considerations in multiple stocks it was the main reason I use IG. Thanks
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    Thanks for responding. When I check the transaction history it seems to have deducted £10. However, I am still seeing these charges. Its the next month (May) I bought 5 USA stocks last month (April) but I still see this charge quoted when I try to purchase. I think I read somewhere this is a bug and you do actually get the £10 refunded but want to confirm this is the case before I make any further stock transactions. Please ignore the second screenshot (vodafone) I dont know why I cant remove it.
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    I queried this via IG support chat before opening my ISA. I was advised the custody fee would only be applied once for both Share Dealing and ISA and only then if a minimum of 3 trades were not made in the previous quarter (in either account or in a combination of the two). A dealing account with zero holdings would not incur a custody charge anyway, as it's a fee for holding custody of shares, rather than an account management or inactivity fee. In a similar way, 3 trades made in my dealing account in March entitled me to the £3 UK commission rate and free US dealing in my ISA account from the moment I opened it on 6 April. Hope that helps.
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    Hi, wonder if could offer a bit of friendly advice? It seems to me that you could really do with introducing some urgent risk management into your trading. Monitoring large positions is essential, as is learning how to cut losses, not adding to positions that are already seriously in the red. Can highly recommend a book by Mark Douglas called 'The Disciplined Trader' - it's a great read and could help give you the mindset to protect your capital in future and avoid these kinds of situations arising. IG will give margin calls as appropriate, but are under no obligation to notify you that your portfolio is being decimated as you put it. Really sorry that you're so badly under water...but learning to cut losses quickly is the best way to avoid serious losses (and significant overnight funding charges).