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  1. Can I trade share options with IG? This question has been popping up around the community. Yes, you can trade a range of share options with us. Select popular stocks are available to trade on our web platform, and our full range is available to trade by phone. Can I trade share options online, or do I have to phone to deal? That depends on which markets you’d like to trade. We are testing online trading for share options, and to start off with we’re offering Tesla shares (weekly and monthly expiries). Over the coming weeks we hope to expand this
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  2. We're offering weekly equity options on the platform for some stocks over earning season. Meaning you don't have to call us if you want to trade certain equity options. This week it's Netflix. We're also offering Tesla but that will stay on the platform going forward whereas the weekly options will change depending on which week of earnings season we're in. What is an Equity option? Equity options are a form of derivative used exclusively to trade shares as the underlying asset. In essence, equity options work in an extremely similar way to other options, such as forex o
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  3. Brexit Update: for EEA clients As we’ll no longer be able to service EEA clients after the Brexit transition period ends, your CFD account will be set to ‘closings only’ from 31 December 2020. You’ll have at least 30 days to close your positions, before they are closed at the prevailing price from 31 January 2021. Your account will then be closed. If you have previously agreed to transfer your account to IG Europe but have not received confirmation that the transfer has taken place, please email the helpdesk / live chat us as soon as possible so we can look into this. What if I want t
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  4. You can find changes to trading hours over the Christmas period listed below, in UK time. Please make sure that you’re familiar with the changes, as they may affect your trades. Date Changes Thursday 24 December Half day in most markets. All out-of-hours markets close at 6.15pm, forex and cryptocurrencies close at 10pm. Friday 25 December All markets closed. Saturday 26 December Normal weekend trading (8am open)
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