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  1. Points (can) mean prizes An active Community is a great thing, and the more people who interact the better. The more you post and the more likes / thanks you get, then the higher your personal score will get. Sometimes we also run specific Community competitions which will rely on this leaderboard voting mechanism. You can see who the top contributor on the leaderboard is currently, as well as see past leaders and all-time top posters. Have a click around and change the specific time periods from all time, to month or simply day. Although posting, replying, commenting and helping others is the best way to create content, there are a number of different yet important ways to get involved. These include Reacting to posts by liking / thanking them (using the thumbs up / laughing icons) Up/down voting questions and answers in the ‘help’ section of the forum Sharing posts and threads on social media Voting in polls Adding tags to other posts Simply reading the forum
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  2. Updates, directly to your inbox There are a number of areas within Community which you can ‘Follow’. Threads, community members, blogs, and gallery posters. When you click on the ‘follow’ link you will be asked specifics on how often you would like to be updated on the content published. You can see an example below of a ‘follow’ on the Cryptocurrency thread. You can also follow individuals by visiting their profile (simply click on their name), however the updates options are slightly different. You can also decide if you want others to know you are following a specific individual. This is a good option if you like the content someone posts, want to keep up to date with stuff the Community manager or moderator’s posts, or even the IG analysts.
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