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    Potentially massive resistance zone has been reached on the Dow, the area between 28,000 - 28,500. If it breaks, then we should see the price move up towards 30,000, but if it holds and falls, then for me this could be the top. I think the remainder of November will give us the answer. Very critical period.
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    Another record broken, as the Dow breaks 28k, another high goes higher. The Bulls are sure the only way is up. Regarding the China trade talks: are they really going so well? Wall street thinks so, but Shanghai is not as convinced. Maybe they sense the trouble in Honk Kong is not really over, or maybe they don't trust the eminent Mr Trump? Curious how there is little mention of the troubles in HK when discussing China trade talks, as if it were an inconvenient irrelevance. Or an elephant in the room? Or the next Tiananmen square? Curious indeed. As is the disregard of the ever widening Federal deficit hitting $134 billion last month. Mere peanuts? It would appear, it is the time of the Bull. But after the November figure fest and Xmas bump, winter will be upon us. The time of the bears? Or more unchecked expansion, profit and positivity? I am hedging my bets, even if the hedges are costing me margin. Either things will change or I miss out on my Xmas and years bonus by being overly cautious and sceptical.
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    When looking at these markets and the trading behaviour of the average retail trader it seems to me that many don't really understand the market they are trading, there are also psychological factors that influence decision making to the detriment of trading success. If you are not confident in your understanding of the market then you are solely dependent on technical analysis but TA is not a given, it can only play out if assisted by fundamental and macro factors, those factors currently point to bull continuation. So the US major indices are routinely hitting new all time highs, the retail trader thinks they need to sell the high in order to buy back lower (buy low sell high right) so the retail trader (the crowd) are constantly trying to pick the tops (and patting themselves on the back thinking they are being contrarian). The positioning data of IG clients tell us this is exactly what's happening. Every time price goes higher the sell position ratio increases, when price is falling in a down trend the buy position ratios go higher. So clearly this is all wrong, when price is continually rising you need to buy high and sell higher. You buy breakouts or pullbacks, you should not be looking to sell a bull trending market at all. So why do they do it? The market is too high (no it's not), it must be the bears turn (wait and see first), but I need to sell the highs, the saying says so (no, you're not an investor), the chart is looking 'toppy' (just no), the TA is pointing down (doesn't matter without fundy and macro assist). An understand of a market comes with experience, until it does stick with the basics and look for longs in an uptrend, don't try to second guess the market and end up constantly fighting against it.
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    Hi all, I'm using the online IG platform and one thing which is greatly missing is... TICKERS!! How come a trading platform don't have tickers?! PRT and all trading platforms on the market have tickers. Traders speaks with tickers, not company names. So please could you add tickers ASAP (as soon as possible)... you see TICKER!! I need SPY, I need AAPL, I need NVDA, MSFT and so on. And I'm sure I speak for everyone else. I've searched on platform options, forums, etc and couldn't find anything about tickers. So if there is a way to have tickers could you tell me where to allow the option. And if not, could you ask your technical team to allow them quickly? I agree I could use PRT as there are tickers on theirs but there are things that I don't like, like it doesn't show the amount of money used from balance when purchasing a stock unlike IG platform, so you go a bit blindly and i don't like that. Thanks and sorry for the rant but needed to say it. Cheers!
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    Yes because they want you to keep your money invested. That is how they make money so they have a vested interest in punters keeping their money in. Yes in a bull market but as soon as things turn nasty (1929 nasty) that strategy fails spectacularly. Unless you believe it will never happen again...? It took 30 years for the stock markets to regain the 1929 highs.
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    Not sure what you mean? Looks more like the lower channel line has held and we have a small rally off it so far. Of course it could reverse and breakthrough the lower channel line but that is a perfectly legitimate resolution to a wedge consolidation. Chartists will trade which ever breakout occurs (up or down), just have to watch out for the all to frequent these days fakeouts, which many do attribute to algos.
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    Part 1: Some of you will be familiar with the term 'Megatrends' when it comes to investment themes. I personally think within the Technology sector Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IOT are going to be high up in any list if they are not already. These technology themes have the potential to be what could be classed as 'Disruptors' in their field of use. They could also end up disrupting other trends. AI is a form of 'Machine Learning'. IBM and other large corporations have been and are currently doing a lot of work in this area. They are beginning to invest a lot of capital in the development phase. Here 'Big Data' plays an integral part. One company I invested in a while back which made a lovely return for me was 'WANDisco'. It is listed on the AIM market. AI is basically built on algorithms that learn by analysing lots of data. I think that is the simplest way I can explain it for those who may not be too familiar with this emerging and exciting theme from an investment perspective. Rather than repeat myself on Blockchain, those who are interested may want to read my Blockchain threads - Blockchain Trilogy by TrendFollower. IOT is happening now. To put is as simply as I possibly can it is where connected devices talk to each other. This will produce big data. This is where in my view AI comes in. AI will be able to analyse this data, identify trends, model / predict potential outcomes from patterns that us mere humans would not be possible to do, especially in the speed required. So IOT would be the way to supply the data and AI would be the way to mine the data. IOT = 'Data Supplier' and AI = 'Data Miner'. Blockchain is basically a 'Distributed Ledger'. Blockchain will keep a ledger of how devices which connect with each other communicate and when. There will be an audit trail which will be tamper proof (or least likely to be tampered with). It will keep a record of how devices interact with each other. It will be like a form of glue which can bring AI and IOT together and bind it with the ability to record and date stamp important events. Blockchain will be vital where there are any interactions and transactions. It is when tokens / digital payments / cryptocurrencies may possibly be used. 'Smart Contracts' could be used where there is an exchange of goods and services. Here is will be able to improve the compliance, improve the cost efficiency and I think will be crucial in the management, tracking and auditing of supply chains across the globe. From the reading and research I have carried out, IBM, is doing a lot of work in this area. They are one of the largest technology companies in the world. They will have hired some of the finest minds in the world for this area. To be continued... (Part II - Coming Soon)
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    Alright guys, this is it for today Finishing up £48. First tried BLRX, but it was just selling off. Stop-loss hit immediately. After that I struggled to find any momentum at all, so decided to play some shorts on IPXL. Worked out well, especially the second leg. End of week 3: -£132 Account Balance: £658 Total Performance: +£158 Let's see what we can wing next week, more or less the last real trading week of the year! If I can get the account back up to £1k, happy. If staying below £1k, then gonna extend the DEMO into January.
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    Slight cautionary note going into the weekend is that President Xi has actually signed the phase 1 deal himself yet.
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    When buying a call/ selling a put you're betting on the market going up. If you're buying a call you have limited risk. The maximum you can lose is the deposit (premium). You've bought the right but not the obligation to buy at a certain price. Selling a put has max risk losses if the market hits 0. When buying a put or selling a call, same principle applies. If you're buying a put you have limited risk. The maximum you can lose is the deposit (premium). You've bought the right but not the obligation to sell at a certain price. If you're selling a call all you can win is the premium from the buyer no matter how low the market goes. If you're selling a call all you can win is the premium from the buyer no matter how high the market goes. Meaning selling a call has unlimited losses The margin when buying a call/ put is the maximum loss. The margin when selling put/call is the margin for the underlying market.
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    USD punching a lower low. Looks like the USD bear phase is on!
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    Missed the trading session today. Firefighting somewhere else. Back on it tomorrow. Heard @nit2wynit had some fun though
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    though your PnL will do that but that can be misleading and cause people to abandon a system too early, it really is all about the collated stats, that's the only thing that will give the confidence to keep going or to recognise when it's time to change course.
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    Hey ya, here is that screen shot... its basic... but a step in the right direction
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    Looking at a period of USD strength to complete a retrace. As noted elsewhere I expect GBP and EUR to rotate lower for a while, the former until the election, the latter until support is hit, which may occur around the same time as the UK election as probably clarity on Brexit would lift the Euro as well as GBP. My call is for a Tory majority, better than May had but not off the charts. I have spoken to many Labour voters who are conflicted and the Ashworth thing bears out what I was hearing about how the Northern areas are feeling (see link below if you haven't already seen it - priceless, almost as good as Corbyn's Andrew Neil interview). In London many remainers I have spoken to are likely to prefer to get on with Brexit rather than let the Marxist/IRA sympathiser into No. 10, which Ashworth also seems to agree with them on..., and a lot also do not want another referendum for democratic sanctity reasons (i.e. they are accepting the defeat). It does rather seem that whenever BoJo makes a Gaff (and I can't believe he is the best the Brits have to offer) the Labour moderates find a way to give the Tories a leg up... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50726592 A Tory majority puts Brexit to bed, other than the exact trading and political relationship with the EU, which is not nothing but at least the toy throwing will be over. The spending plans light a fire under GBP because interests rates will have to go up. This takes up to, say, 1.38 at which point we consolidate and then we see if a breakout is staged or a reversal kicks in, which will have more to do with USD and global economics at that point than the UK.
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    If you are a very important person, you are supposed to behave responsibly ... and you should be called to account and held to high standards. And of course Trump is a very high-quality president, just like he is a high-quality 'businessman'
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    So I’ve been around IG for a while never used the forum since my mifid post now but thought I’d share a more positive post, as my IG experience is always good and some losses are tuition in my mind. I daily trade now always small but haven’t lost much in the last 6 months using the beta new data it’s around 350 trades at 87% which is good? My best prior to this was 10 weeks before I went rouge and killed my winning fund. How long would you say it takes to perfect the winning formula? Looking back I know why I bust the winning pot but for me it’s the emotional trading which always got me in the end where the last 6 months I’ve fixed that. I mainly trade ftse / fx / oil / gold but will play with others if it works in my chart rules.
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    Requires Fracking big time. At present Fracking seems to be the devils work in the Zeitgeist. I imagine that will change when the lights start going out...
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    If I remember correctly on IG US stocks need a min market cap of $250M to be included on the leveraged platform, if a stock falls below that then new trades are disallowed but it stays on the platform until all those with running trades exit. Other reasons not to take bets may be that IG has reached it's risk/hedge limit on a stock. Worth repeating that a broker is not there just to automatically take the other side of your trade, that's a bookie. A broker matches buyers and sellers.
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    with oil prices holding up & the OPEC meeting going on , the price of this is falling - maybe due to the rise in GBPUSD. Always tempting to buy a dip in this one, but there may still be more downside
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    I'm risking my entire profit from yesterday on Aurina. I'm anticipating a drop, a massive drop. My Stop is just above Market Open with a £143 loss. Here's hoping. 😮
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    It was tough going pal. Literally 10 or 15 from the scanner couldn't Bid with IG. He was up $158 yesterday. So, for now, we're all winning
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    Still green on the week mate, so all good. Didn't lose everything I made No trading for me today unfortunately, am busy with another project. The funding for my live account got to come from somewhere, right Wish everyone else good luck today! Btw, Ross did yesterday make his money on DRIO, the leading gapper. We can't trade this on IG, is this all a **** **** crappy conspiracy against us, IG???? For those interested, he also stated his account fees, which are £105 per month for the direct market access platform ( @Caseynotes was wondering this once) and about $2 commission per trade. Also he needs to tax his profits. So from the $158 he made yesterday, he pays about $16 in commission bringing him down to $142. After 40% tax, he's at $85 in profits. Who's better off now? UK Spread-betting or Ross? With SB at least I get to keep the full £158, if I make them, but can't trade everything. Will be real interesting to see, which account grows faster in this challenge. Ross is obviously the better trader amongst all of us, so reckon will be quite difficult to beat, even if we have a SB bonus https://youtu.be/_EDKOfOIJiY
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    I would like to see a new high for Gold on any potential next move upwards. I would like to see $1550 and above for Gold. If Gold is to turn bullish in the current economic and political climate then a move above $1600 does seem on the cards but any potential move will be at the mercy of continuous news flow being released in relation to the US-China trade deal situation. I have no doubt there will be positive and negative news coming out in relation to the US-China trade deal and this will cause the volatility in Gold. 'Milking the Cow' is a phrase that comes to my personal mind when it comes to US-China trade talks.
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    Overnight we saw a bounce off the daily channel line on the Nikkei, which then rallied to close the gap but turned at the Fib 62%. Great place to get Short, which I did, especially as I saw the Yen strengthen ahead. Setting up for another test of that lower channel line. Meanwhile the FTSE100 appears to have got it right and continued to trade down while the Dax buy the dips boys made another attempt at BAU, some people can't give up on the never ending bull bias I guess, even temporarily... Gold and Silver is rising, as expected and I would also expect the Dax to keel over soon now that its gap is also closed. US large cap gaps present a bit of a problem but some of them (the Dow in particular) look too far up to be closed any time soon.
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    https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-election-poll-icm/johnsons-conservatives-maintain-7-point-lead-over-labour-icm-poll-idUKKBN1Y61KA BoJo needs to release a few more maniacs from the prisons and asylums to whip up the public against Labour. On the other hand, if Labour wins and implements a tolerably Marxist regime we won't need to trade because money won't be so important. One can dream!
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    I hope you got in on ASLN at R1 with a £100 risk and made £500 then got out?
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    Wow, this is quite fascinating to find. -£1780 since i started. This makes sense. 46% Win rate. Lost £1000 of this on Spot Gold and the FTSE lol. Yey.
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    It looks like the clear signal was up, up and away! I mean the chart speaks volumes. The question now is whether there is a potential shorting opportunity? The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is showing overbought levels on the 'daily' as the chart below highlights.
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    I don't see any compelling reason to go long or short on gold right now based on this chart but it's fascinating how it's not dropping further as the indices rise. On the COT reports you can see that big speculators are still long on gold.
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    It's starting to look like the sudden and inexplicable drop in Ocado's share price was just an opportunity to buy back in at a better price, not to go short. 🙈 @CharlotteIG In retrospect your post sounded like a hint
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    force open allows you to have two open trades in the same market going in opposite directions. If you choose net off instead then they will aggregate to either cancel each other out or leave you with just the one trade still active if the two trades were of different sizes.
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    Don't worry, we will run out of food and water long before the seas rise or the currents reverse and freeze us all. On the plus side, we will have plenty of natural gas to keep us warm...
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    @CharlotteIG, All it takes is for the weather forecast to be slightly out, for it to be warmer than predicted this winter and supply not declining as much as expected for Natural Gas prices to decline rather than appreciate. The fundamentals can change the technicals very quickly.
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    Unlike other major USD pairs GBPUSD has already broken out but is now either in a Flag consolidation or a deeper retrace to retest the breakout levels. Perhaps election uncertainty is in play and we will get a resolution (to many things I hope) on Dec 12.
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    oops, got the days mixed up, half day Wednesday, Thanksgiving Thursday and call in sick Friday.
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    yes, I was just looking at the same time frame.
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    Seems like a definitive turn has also (as well as coffee) taken place on stocks as well... The US large caps, especially the Dow, have not put in their customary reversal, although the buy the dip permabulls did their best with the Nasdaq and SP500. Markets are opening bearish after the hour off and USDJPY is making a breakout...
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    Natural gas still moving down. I think everyone is wondering if/ when this is going to turn.
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    @dmedin, very strange, I will speak to our client facing team to see if they're aware of the issue. If this happens would you be able to send a screenshot, that will help when I go to our tech team. Thank you everyone for letting me know
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    The case for a Yen rally (USDJPY bear) is strengthening despite large cap USD stock indices advances, or perhaps because of them as the gas behind these stocks rallies seems rather watered down: low and declining volumes; Vix at very low (some argue complacency) levels; COT data is weak and the net positions declined (more towards the bearish side) last week; non US large caps divergent from the large caps; HK, China 50, FTSE100, Nikkei and Russell 2000 all put in bearish weekly candles last week with DAX showing a doji. Gold and Silver rallying and the Yen rallying. All in all I remain on the lookout for a bearish trigger on stocks, which we have not yet got, except perhaps on the FTSE100. But on the Yen the breakout is on and currently the channel is being retested. If the USD continues its current bearish direction and we get any stumbling in stocks then this pair will hammer down. My lead scenario is for this pair to make it past parity and probably a good deal lower than that.
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    Hi I am one of the successful person but I do not do Publicity about my success. I make few Hundred and few thousand from time to time . Everybody has different ways of playing the market so u should not follow the crowd . Do what suits you best . I do not use Bollinger bands . another Success theory is to be patient and Don't be Greedy. Take your profit and run its your hard earned money. If u dont take profit then the brokers will take it . good luck in Trading
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    Conservatives have secured a majority after winning their 326th seat. Awaiting full results.
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    Jo, been a struggle today. Ups and downs like crazy. Closing the day -£30. Traded TTM, PT, IPXL and DEPO. First trade on TTM, went in on the big move, but got stopped out basically at break-even. Afterwards it surges. Lol PT, was hoping for the big move as well, but never happened, lol. First made 5 bucks, then lost 30. Moved on after that, as clearly selling off and no trades to short. DEPO got me badly. First made some bucks on the move up. Cool. Then there was this flat top forming at the high of day and on this false breakout I went in, but it flushed down, taking all my profit. Hating false break-outs. Finally IPXL. Got in on the break over VWAP and got stopped out. Got back in on the move up and stopped out at break even. Classic. Then got back in on the next 5min set-up. This time it worked out and I made a good bunch of money. Balance almost at £50, which is where I would've stopped for the day. Obviously I went in again on the break over high of day and lost it. Balance back to 0. Tried a quick short afterwards, which was more revenge trading than anything. Also didn't work out.
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    IG did its normal practice of a shocking open on ether on 28th .. ig spiked it down .. standard line about spread ona spread doesn't cut it ... ig continues to be so bad for anything more than day trading