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    The forum has an option to ignore users but unfortunately it doesn't remove them from the grid. It just blanks their content creating a weird state where you still see the user but you can't see what they are posting. I created a small script that you can add to your browser with the TamperMonkey extension. This extension is very famous among IT fellows in order to remove users from their feeds. It is widely used on Facebook. Attention seekers are completely ignored after installing it. Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tampermonkey/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo?hl=en Opera extension: https://addons.opera.com/en-gb/extensions/details/tampermonkey-beta/ After the installation within the settings page you can install the script that will do the job. The script is at https://github.com/oneangrytrader/TamperMonkeyScripts/blob/master/IgRemoveToxicUser.js Save the content of that script to a local file and add it to the extension. Within the script there is a variable called users that you can edit to add the user you would like to remove. The result is below with a couple of pictures: All Users Filtered users
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    actually more people would contribute if they felt they could express an opinion without some ignorant little troll jumping up and down insulting and flaming them at every opportunity. The perpetual negativity in the face of any evidence to the contrary gets extremely tiresome and leads people to better trading forums where the moderators actually take an interest and stamp out blatant flaming.
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    TA is less about blindly adhering to some textbook chart formations and more about seeking context. Trading Composure @TradingComposure Charts do NOT predict prices. No form of TA predicts prices. Charts suggest the path of least resistance Charts provide a means to determine the risk of a trade Charts offer help in timing Charts offer POSSIBILITIES, not probabilities and certainly not certainties Peter Brandt @PeterLBrandt Finding and combing indicators to give entry signals with a positive expectancy for your preferred market and time frame takes experimentation and testing. The Trading Rush videos showed backtests of basic trading plans, below is more about building your own. https://nononsensetrader.com/how-to-backtest/
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    The Story of the Trolls. I joined this forum early 2016 and have contributed throughout the working day everyday whilst trading and was trading contentiously for years before that so I've seen a lot of trolls go through on this and other forums and I've noticed they all follow a similar pathway. It all starts with a cry for help, they're losing and can't turn it around. People try to help and show them that learning to trade is a process, both their development as a trader and the development of a successful trading plan. But that's no good, that means work and takes time, they didn't start gambling to do work, there must be an off/on switch somewhere, why won't anyone tell them where it is, why is everyone holding out on them, it's so unfair. So they spend some time pretending to work but make a game of it, just playing around really waiting for someone to take pity and tell where the switch is. No ones biting, getting angry now, new approach, start goading and insulting, force people to defend themselves and reveal where the switch is. Still not working. Make fake claims with no intention of providing any evidence but instead demand others provide evidence the claims are not true, also demand others provide evidence for claims they never made in the first place. Who can forget good ol' Oilfxpro who ended up demanding everyone produce a broker statement signed by an attorney. And poor ol' dmedin, been losing a grand a month for the last 15 months, not long to go now. But you will notice even after all that he's still not one for listening, he has a filter that just labels everything he doesn't like the sound of as just **** to be ignored. You'll also notice he's never short on giving others advice on trading, seriously. Gamblers don't survive gambling or trading, their only hope is to learn to discern the difference between the two.
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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This is how I view Risk - If my account value is £x then the max per trade I'm prepared to lose is 2% of the £x - lets say the £x = £2,000 The the most I'm risking is £40 per trade I take (The £ value of this 2% changes as my account goes up or down) Then on the market I'm trading for ease, say Entry = 100p and I ascertain that my stop needs to be at 90p = 10p range of risk Then the £ per point is simply = £40 / 10p = £4 per point Read Dr Van Tharps - Trade your way to Financial Freedom - it explains the laws of probability and probabilistic returns - these laws CONTOL things when you trade, they cannot be avoided You need to build into your mind a mechanical emotionless setting everytime you trade - it should not matter whether you win or lose, the way I do this is I take the trade happy to take a loss Depends on your method too IF (and most traders don't know this) you know the exact stats of your method over many many trades then you could just trade a fixed £ risk amount and know that at some point it'll come good if you take a series of losses one after the other
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    I did. It led to catastrophe. Read my 2nd post on this site. If I could start again, I'd NEVER increase size as a reaction to a loss.
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    Help desk has responded and they are investigating why this issue has occurred.
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    👍 Peeps should only really be risking real money near the end of the process not right from the start, it doesn't matter then if the process takes years to complete as it will do for many.
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    Makes a lot of sense. That's how he funds his trading account which he constantly blows up We got you dmedin, we finally got you 😎
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    Back on topic.... Have you completely given up on technicals? The problem with fundamentals is the very long timescales. You spot a company in trouble, how long before the trade pays out? A long time, so that's a lot of capital tied up in a trade. I have tried fundamentals, based on some guidelines from the "Naked Trader". I think in a long slow bull market, this will make you some £$£, but I remember he was bullish cineworld. Covid really killed that trade! On a side note: What return do people aim for? I am thinking a steady 25-30% a year would be great. People seem to earn a lot more, but can they do it day in, day out, without blowing up an account? J
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    Guess that depends when you start with your 3-year-period I would expect something between roughly -30% and +30%. Then the problem is, where you get those £500 a month from? Don't tell me I have to get a job first in order to do that The goal should still be to make roughly 50% per month. 100k account, 50k profits. That's the gold discipline we're all aiming for
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    1) Because it works and more importantly 2) Because it annoys the hell out of you I get more satisfaction from #2 than I do from the money #1 creates
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    Your personality is very well defined in many articles. There is one big reason behind Facebook's usual way of creating a user in an online forum. People speak very differently when they can't hide behind a username. If you had to use your real name you wouldn't insult like that. You have shown yourself in many posts over the years, don't worry, we know who you are.
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    Cheer up Dmedin, it could get worse.. You could be shorting the Dow. Or voting for Trump. As for revenge trading, simply give it a miss, over trading same. Losing money is a fact when trading, just as making it is. Suicidal dispression? Never. Desperation? Methinks not. Believe in yourself, she'll be alright mate (as the kiwis say). Take a break and clear your mind. Walk or swim or just go somewhere conducive to relaxation. Give screens a miss, then come back, trust your instincts and rationale and knock some trades out of the park. Rage trading is bad for the body, soul and wallet. Don't forget to relax and take time for yourself.
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    Hi @CharlotteIG what has happened to the ability to download share trading history via CSV file. Without this it makes things extremely difficult to journal and keep records of trading activity.
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    Hi all, Do you set your stops/limits on trades and then let them play out? My only real issue with this is that i don't know if my stops/limits are in sensible places in the first place so there is a tendency to monitor it. What about waiting for a series of signals from tech indicators to close instead, again you've got to be disciplined and do it when said signals arise. Thanks,
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    I've already spoken at length about demo, the point being is it's not live, nothing really matters. Once you've tested your strategy and it's working on demo then the progression is to see if it will work live (are the rules sound and can you stick to them). The progression is part of the learning process, there is no point in spending years and years in the 5th grade repeating the same lessons over and over. 20 trades back test 20 trades demo 20 trades live on min position size .... does it (and you) still work? if not work out why, make alterations and go back to the start and try again.
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    I've already fended off the temptation to go straight back into live a couple of times, which is a big improvement. At least six months I would say. I'd like to see if I can grow the £5000 demo account to £10,000 first. I still have no idea what I'm doing, switching views, time frames, moving averages all the time. Not nearly ready for live yet
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    Hi, just wanted to pop in and say hello. Im going to lurk for a few days and find my way around, but hope to get posting soon. Bye for now
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    Dax bounce up off S2 now looking to do the same off S1. H1 chart;
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    EWP does NOT work - They've been calling for a top and decline to near 0 since 1986!!!!! Certain things in EWP do work though and can be used to profit from the markets Again there's a massive myth about Fib Rets and Ext's - sometimes they work, often they don't, that in itself tells you something is amiss - but again they can be used to profit from the markets I would look at the 50% ret level which is not a fib level, its a gann level - Hence why the market came to a smack bang stop around that level in the 1960's, 70's, 2003 and 2009 If all you ever did was trade Elliott Wave 2's which are in fact Gann's Secondary reactions (gann wrote about them 1st) you do rather well
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    As our very old friend WD Gann said "4th Time at a level and it often goes through" Same with the FTSE100 Index yesterday - bingo
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    This is the key for me. It doesn't matter if you have more losers than winners, what really matters is how you manage your risk.
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    So i guess the answer is no you don't adjust bet size to account for losers. Good to know thanks. Quite astonishing that anyone makes any money out of this game, hats off to you.
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    Martingalers at it again, what could go wrong? Listen to HMB and THT, their words are coming from experience.
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    Isn't this the old roulette "strategy" where you bet on red or black. Bet $1, lose $1. Bet $2, lose $2. Total Loss: $3 Bet $4, lose $4. Total Loss: $7 .... Bet $256, Lose $256. Total Loss: $511 Bet $512. Win $512. Total Win: $1 Works 100%, except when it doesn't and red comes out 50 times in a row, whilst you are on black
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    I just noticed this too. Please keep us updated. Thanks.
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    I think you assume we all sit watching this thread 24/7 - I certainly don't and that we've been with IG for years I joined IG in April 2020 - my main accounts are elsewhere with various other providers mainly in SIPP/ISA accounts I know EXACTLY where you're coming from, 95% of retail traders fail, 95% of all traders fail, the 5% that make it are no longer retail traders they become professional traders in their own right and I don't mean the monkeys that work for the banks - I mean people living and trading off their own funds Right let's do it - lets make it 20% a year What market(s) are we trading? Aim is 20% Rules are - As soon as we're UP 20% on the account we stop trading, if this happens before 31st Dec then we just STOP until 1st Jan the following year and then restart again until we make 20% then we stop, restart, stop etc What account account size? are we using to determine risk etc and how much are we risking per trade? - I would recommend 2% I'll determine the rest of the rules - We'll be trading off DAILY charts to make it even more harder to achieve and rather than flood the thread with "Trade setting up here - then it fails to trigger" I'll post the chart once the trade is OPEN/LIVE and on that chart we'll have all the rules applicable to that "live" position - This will also mean that people don't blindly follow Now for the rest of this week I'm heading to the Lake District, so I won't be constantly monitoring this thread, nor will I be trading. As we are nearing end of Oct and 10 full months of the trading year have expired, should we say that from now until 31st Dec 2021 we need to return 23.32%?
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    On Friday Aussie Broadband was listed on the ASX under ASX: ABB. I was part of the customer offer but I wanted to invest more than the 2,000 shares the customer offer was limited too. I'm not able to find it listed in IG and was curious as to why, maybe I'm just missing something about how IG works or I just need to be more patient. It did open a week earlier than expected so maybe that has coursed some confusion?
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    The markets love stimulus. Talk of stimulus is stimulating. It excites the markets, brings them up, perks them up, they rise like a spring tide with even the idea of stimulating stimulus. Oohh stimulus is soo exciting I know markets will rise. The markets are saying " give it to me", Congress is saying "I've got it, You want it? Yes, you know you do" Predicament Trump says "I gonna give it to you and it's going to be real big!" Jerome says, watching on, " Go on give it them " .. coy Mitch says "ooh you want too much but I'm gonna give it to you"...And so the markets rise with even the mention of the word Stimulus. The markets foment and rise in anticipation....and promises are made...and the markets rise. And rise. Until investors realise (too late) that they have bid the market up so high that it's suddenly over valued and overbought! Again. Reminds me of particularly unsuccessful nights in my youth when finding an attractive, potential partner and flirting and hoping, but at the end of the evening wholly and completely failing to get laid. Such is the Mitch, Nancy and Donny love in. Perish the thought, it's enough to put one off one's breakfast. Even if they did get it on now and sign a deal, it would be like a **** of shame, a liason of ludity, a sham shameful **** that all parties come to regret. "We did it for the union" even if the very idea of unity is anathema to them. I fear they have missed their opportunity for stimulating stimulus. No big bribes for Thanksgiving, for black Friday, for the election. Maybe a bit more talk, but sooner or later the markets and electorate know they are not going to get lucky any time soon. After the election maybe, which may not be as straightforward as appears now, with perhaps a split senate and an uncertain result, as there is no way Teflon Don will be going easy into the night (even if he has lost by 6 million votes). Maybe it's better to dream of stimulus and politicians doing the right thing for their electorate..... I did say dream....
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    His buddy DSchenk is doing the hard work with some examples and proper analysis. I hope he is making notes there.
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    For me multiple time frame analysis is more of a solid approach than hopping from one “indicator” to another. I am most profitable scaling in and out of a swing trade.
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    Yes, those guys Anton Kreil and his gang are great. All ex-pro trades at Goldman's etc They are doing 80% fundamentals, 20% technical trading style if I'm not mistaken. Everyone who says they are a scam just doesn't understand anything about the industry. Period. They are indeed one of main the reason, I'm thinking of trying the fundamental based trading system rather than looking 100% at technicals.
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    Interesting post…. Apologies for my long post below, but I hope some readers appreciate its content. From a funds management point of view, these guys (non-gender specific when I say this), need to manage according to their mandate. Now, if this means they need to be invested in all sectors or only allowed to hold a certain amount of cash (for a lot of them, this is < 5% of the fund), which means they pretty much have to be fully invested at ALL times. Depending on the mandate, this might also mean they are only allowed to hold a certain weighting in a particular stock, sector or company (amongst other stipulations). This inherently makes it complex to perform in all types of markets, which is why you don’t see the ~30%+ performance in all types of funds, which we all wish we could have if it was as simple as buying a certain fund. This is not to mention the other factors of portfolio management, which relate to redemptions or capital inflow (i.e. selling stock to raise funds or investing new capital for a balanced portfolio – daily, weekly, monthly etc.). A private investor has much more flexibility when deciding what they want to trade and when, which in turn means more flexibility in what they want / can trade. The above comments in this thread about wishing to achieve 30% are entirely possible, provided you are in the right trade at the right time. Remember as a retail investor, one good trade of 30% (if that’s how we want to measure it), can make a year. But Investment managers have to take thousands of trades (in stocks they HAVE to own, but not necessarily WANT to…) to make a year…..our stock and asset allocation is very different…. Getting back to the primary point of the post – fundamentals. Let’s look at some very recent examples (some which I have either been invested in, or watching). All reporting or giving trading updates this week: ASOS: profits quadrupled from their announcement on Wednesday Stock is down 13% since then – hammered on the announcement Technically – this stock has had a great runs since the crash in April – +278% Dominos: 19% increase in sale for the third quarter announced on 15th Oct Stock is down 9% since then - hammered on the announcement Technically – up since July peak prior to sales figures– +24% AO World (on another thread on this community) Sales up 57% in first half Stock up 34% since the close on Wednesday – to the moon on announcement Technically – this stock has had a lovely trend following run since the crash in May – 332% Whilst I have been selective with the stocks above (in terms of performance), I’m trying to point out that pure fundamentals may not reap the rewards which certain investors are trying to gain purely on their fundamentals. Two of the stocks mentioned above have had has big increases in sales and revenue (i.e. things are looking good…), but have had quite large falls in share price since announcing. This could have been because “all the good new was priced in”….but as retail investors, how do we know this…? What I’m learning is that we have to trade with the market and THEIR view of the market, not of ours…. TFFX_
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    Look at IG's 'Trade of the week' to see how often IG's two 'technical analyst' experts get it right That's what you want. You want to be a technical analyst because you can do amazing charts and with the power of hindsight make yourself appear very credible, and TA is very seductive to technical- and visually-orientated people. You can make a good living pitching your 'analysis' to high net-worth clients, who will be risking their own money. Which you would never risk yourself on your own trades because you know that TA is next to useless
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    Which of the typical trading experiences do you love the most? Expound thereon, prithee. 1) Losing money 2) Feeling of desperation 3) Revenge trading/overtrading 4) Crashing into suicidal depression 5) Staring down the barrel of the gun
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    Nobody cares, Tom. People come here to learn about trading. The vast majority of people who come here would love to see examples of others who have managed to overcome difficulties and 'trade successfully, consistently'. Have you ever been able to do this?
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    To be fair to him - I went through a really bad period in the 2000's where everything I looked at turned out to be utter **** - my personality is that of precision, exactness etc and it took a lot of years to overcome this with markets being as they are and I did rather rudely challenge people claiming this and that - so I can see where he's coming from That being said there's no excuse for some of his posts and comments
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    Nasdaq on fire again, ATH beckoning......while the others are taking a rest
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    I can talk about China, I am not sure about the rest of Asia. A VPN is very random as you say depending on where you are. It is mainly because of the DNS providers that are pretty slow resolving connections. I normally setup a VPS and connect to it remotely via RDP, that way I connect via IP addresses and don't need to resolve any hostname. You can setup a VPS on Amazon for about 20 quid a month and will bypass any issues you have there.
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    We all loose money and we don't go crying around like babies. Post your history from this week, that will be useful for some. Maybe they can learn from your mistakes.
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    I only wanted to post to trigger your OCD issues. I know you like you to see your name against every post on the main page.
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    You forgot to add a 6th option: 6) Looking for attention from other traders with sh*t posts
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    100% this is the correct thing to do, I applaud the FCA's decision on this one. It's worse than gambling. Stories all over the internet where people are ruined because of it. Digital Currency is not the same as Bitcoin, there is a heck of a lot of work to be done and don't expect it to be the "norm" for 20 - 30 years yet. Also, that is backed by a country the same way we have legit currencies, infact little would really change it's just the method of transfer between banks and countries. It makes sense. The old methods like BACS, SWIFT etc are showing their age now. It makes sense they need to do a feasibility study for it. Bitcoin is just rife with scammers, hucksters, fraudsters, look at all these fly by night exchanges that get hacked because they are rushing to market. Also, a VPN won't help you here. The accounts will be placed on whatever registered address you have on the account. i.e I assume you are domiciled in the UK.
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    Yea i also have this question. it does now show you th time stamp fo when the data was last refreshed, but sometimes it can be 5-6hrs in lag, which isnt great. Would love to have a refresh on load function, or a manual 'click to refresh' option to pull the data through right up to date.
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    That would indicate that 24% do 🙂 Admittedly the odds are stacked against us.
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    I thought i summarize my experience so far day trading in case any newer folks are interested Day trading is much harder than swing trading and especially at those lower time frames. From 100+ day trades so far I am certainly no expert and I like being honest, I am on average losing but I learnt a lot. My thoughts so far are: 1. Forget 95% of youtube, it's full of turds just trying to market courses, **** out their channel. Same with forums, no matter what topic it is (fitness, languages), a lot of people lie their asses off and pretend they are experts but in fact know jackshit about it. Even the supposedly guru's are full of sh@t. For example the guy who wrote that best seller "Trading for a living", Dr Elder. He came up with his own "impulse system" and brags about it. It just MACD and Moving average, nothing more . Aslo on their own private forum (which I was on for $60 a month) the group consistently underperform the S&P and even their best Gold start traders barely out perform it. Everytime you asked a question you got told, "buy this extra course for $100's Its the same with Anton Kreil, $15k for a course? I have no idea if he is good or not but its seems to me that it's the easiest thing in the world to prove your validity. Publish your trading accounts, get them audited by an auditor, show tax statements, do live streaming etc If I was building a business as a trainer that's what I would do. 2. Having said that there is a lot of useful information that if you look at it objectively it can be great advice. Keep a word document and write down your own points. Ignore every cherry picked chart they show you (apart from the educational content), use your own, scroll back a 500/1000 bars and then start looking at the extreme right hand bar, moving forwards bar by bar and ask yourself "ok what will I do here", you will soon find out that even if you got the direction right, spreads, commissions, trend reversed too quickly, stops etc killed it . It will paint a very different picture than what youtube baseball-wearing-cap-on-backwards hipster is telling you. 3. Day trading is a job, not a hobby and a difficult one, you need to put in the hours, research, do your homework, keep a trade journal take notes and analyze what you have done etc 4. You are essentially trying to make cash like flipping a coin over the long run with one side weighted in your favour. 5. Forget working on hunches or "I think the stock price will go up / down" You are doomed to failure. A proper system is the only way 6. Risk Management is the most important concept by far in my view. The generally advice is never risk more that 1 - 2% on a trade. I personally think that is too much . I would keep it at 0.5% max until you work what you are doing. 8 losing trades in a row at 1-2% and it starts to hurt and self doubt really creeps in. 7. Demo always seems like a good idea but in reality it never worked for me. I put on trades forget about them, have no psychological connection to wins / losses. You need to use real money, even if it's just the bare minimum to see those losing ££ . I have put on 4 trades over last few days.All 4 were up 2 x Risk but because I am a total **** I didn't cash out and all hit stops resulting in 4 losses. It was only £80 between all 4 but the fact I got greedy (yet again!) annoys me 8. If your profitable with a year you're lucky. My aim is to just break even by christmas to see if I can sustain a modest living in this. I have income from other sources anyway. 9. The reality is that its a heck of a difficult job to make money day trading., Brokers like IG, and all the others make money by continual flow of clients coming in losing cash and eventually leave, hence the large marketing. I don't blame them, it's a business model, not a hippy self help group, but just be realistic. 10. Most news, ideas is **** and pointless. I worked in investment banking on the trading floor for 15+ years. Every Monday we had to come up with a trade idea for clients , Derivatives / inflation, bonds, 90% of them were sh@t, I know I wrote them, we just had to do something. It's the same with market news, broker webinars etc, trading channels / ideas etc, the staff are tasked to do something. More noise, more videos, more website hits, more trades = more commissions / sales. 11. Don't jump around from stock to stock, to FX, to crypto. I believe if you are not making money in two or three the problem is you, not the asset. They all have their own personalities, e.g. Coca cola barely moves, Tech stocks jittery as hell, respond to news, others hardly at all, so you need to spend sufficient time on see what influences what. 12. as above, don’t jump around with different trading strategies, 200 different indicators etc. You need to limit all the moving parts and focus 13. Best way I found to improve, (so far) , For every trade, I immediately write down why I entered the trade (note 5) , for example Long MA Strategy (a) Rising 200MA (b) Rising 20MA , (c) 20MA crosses over 200MA (d) price near 20MA seems like a winner on paper but I still kept getting stopped out. Then afterwards write down what happened, e.g. after the trade exit I put screen shots of 3 time frames (daily hourly / 15min) into a PowerPoint and detailed where I went wrong. Several things became clear such as - 2min charts was pointless, you would never make the spread back - The risk / reward (1:2) was to high, a 1:1.2 would have paid off > 50% of the time . - I was fannying around with stops, for no reason. etc - I'm putting on trades because I'm retarded, e.g. long trade, on a bearish trend in larger time frame The point being, you start to learn about your technique and they way you trade which no book can possibly know. Heck it's boring but I am starting to see patterns about the way I trade (= c@ck up). The best traders I saw in banks were the OCD ones. The wannabe Burberry wearing chavs all got pushed out or sent to Starbucks to pick up the coffee The million dollar question: can you make money? At this stage, I am still undecided. I think there is light at the end of the tunnel but its going to require work, a plan and mental commitment for sure. Anyway, long post but hope it's useful for some folks (apologies for the obscenities!)