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    didn't think this required its own thread, but thought it was interesting. Saw it on reddit today. "In the 1640's the Dutch inhabitants of New Amsterdam built a 12' wall to keep the bad hombres out. In 1664 the British ignored the wall and took New Amsterdam by sea. It's now called New York. They took down the wall and built a street. It's called Wall Street" also, If you visit the street there is still a piece of the original wall in the ground. and then some non-finance related dutch/NYC facts : Coney Island = Conyne Eyland, meaning rabbit island (Konijn Eiland in modern Dutch). Staten Island = named in honor of the Staten-Generaal, a government body. Nassau = Name of the royal Dutch house (think "Windsor"). Brooklyn = Breukelen in province Utrecht. Harlem = Haarlem in Noord-Holland. Rhode Island = Roode Eylandt (red island in Dutch). Yankees = the common first names of Dutch men, "Jan" and "Kees" slurred together. Yell that at any Dutchman and you were likely to guess his name. ...thus concludes our history lesson for the day
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    I never knew what the RSI reeeeeeally meant. Thanks for the insight and real world example.
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    Thank's @NadelinaIG for the inclusion of the video interview with Prof. Steve Hanke on the Venezuelan currency crisis. I haven't laughed so much in ages, a complete take down of Socialism and the Maduro government, plus an interesting aside on gold and oil at the end.
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    Hi @cryptotrader, doesn't tend to comment particularly on crypto, his blogs are generally more concerned with macro events and how they might impact on differing markets. You can find out more and see more of his blogs here; https://www.dailyfx.com/authors/bio/John_Kicklighter
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    Thanks all for the feedback. I am actually based in Chicago, but you're right; usually don't start doing updates until towards the dying hours of London trade. However, this I usually write over the weekend and get out before the Asian markets start to trade. I have done these mainly for internal purposes; but James said they'd be useful here as well, so will drop them in the community blogs regularly as well. Good luck trading all!
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    You’re not wrong @Caseynotes I for one enjoy the macro trend review. So good to be able to login and get this on mobile on the Tube commute along with the EMEA thing that James posts.
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    Thanks for this John @JohnDFX, I noticed your sign up to the forum on Friday and look forward to reading your continuing, as ever excellent analysis.
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    Hey @backwardation, thanks for your post. There's no reported issues with this offering. We aren't offering ByteDance (TikTok) grey markets in Dubai, France, Portugal, Singapore and United States. If you're signed up with these offices you will not be able to trade this product. Apologies in advance if this is the case.
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    thanks for the feedback - I'll make sure to pass it on to the charts team. Whilst we don't have the SD Channel option, we do have the regular SD indicator which may be of interest.
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    Hi @The_Alnchemist, the function is only available on the new platform on SB and cfd accounts currently and not available on the share dealing platform but will be when share dealing platform is upgraded.
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    Further to the point above about Brexit, I thought the following article was quite good on the Financial Times. Source: FT
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    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos accuses the National Enquirer’s parent company, American Media Inc, of blackmail, as they wanted Bezos to stop investigating how they gathered his private messages of an affair "Alexa send my nudes to my secret admirer" "Sending your nudes to the National Enquirer"
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    @cryptotrader, Apologies if the Kia example did not make any sense. I have not stated anything about evidence. @cryptotrader, are you able to actually demonstrate or evidence any ETF's which have outperformed traditional Emerging Market or Frontier Markets investment funds or investment trusts over the past 1 yr, 3yr, 5yr or even 10yr? If you are then please do share with the IG Community. I am struggling to find any so I doubt there are many but if you know of any then please do share. I will keep an open mind and will personally consider investing in those ETF's which you suggest and bring to our attention. The point I am making is yes we all know about the 'extra' fund charges for investment funds and even investment trusts to a certain degree. Investing in hedge funds usually entail some form of performance fee. It is well documents that ETF's offer a cheaper and lower cost alternative to investing in those products. The question is on whether they offer superior performance and better returns? If they do then great they should be seriously considered over my examples. If they do not then I would rather pay extra fees and costs to obtain better returns as they is why I invest!
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    @PandaFace, Yes you are quite right. In any downturn in equities, Frontier Markets, will go down the most, followed by Emerging Markets of course. Risk On / Risk Off investor sentiment. I invest monthly into my investment fund portfolio which includes Emerging Market, Frontier Markets and many other areas. I use the 'Pound Cost Averaging' methodology. Where I have tweaked my investment strategy and approach based on acquired knowledge and experience is to invest lump sums only where there are major corrections, pullbacks, drops, etc. Otherwise I continue every month investing into these funds. Recessionary periods and economic instability are the best times that Emerging and Frontier Markets fall which is a good time to invest lump sums in my personal opinion. I have been executing the above strategy for many years now and it has served me well. I am yet to come up with a better investment strategy that is more effective and profitable over a number of years than this. Yes if you were to invest lumps sums only at the lowest point and sell that the highest point then it would provide better returns which actually doing this is very difficult without a 'crystal ball'.
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    do these dividend days only apply at / from a certain time ? I auto-trade btw.
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    It is great for establishing momentum when looking to identify potential trends to assess for trading possibilities.
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    Nice! I'm not a massive one for tech analysis and indicators etc, but its an interesting read to see how its used by putting in that real life example. Thanks.
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    Which commodities in the overall Base Metal Markets do you think will do better in 2019? Which commodities will be hardest hit if China and the USA cannot agree trading terms?
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    Is there any correlation between the oil price and base metal prices, be it positive or negative?
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    Thank you IG. This is one piece of information (tom next swap rate) that I have been waiting for years. CMC has provided that years ago and I am please that IG has finally caught up.
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    @sanjayish, look in notifications and scroll down to the IG Video link to start IGTV on the platform.
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    It's ok, Trump has decided oil is about the right price now. 🙂
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    Hi @hart, as @Caseynotes mentioned, this functionality has only been added to the new web platform so you would need to switch in order to view it.
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    I do not see such option on my platform,...kindly advise.
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    @Mercury an Elliot wave man for you here? May be interesting to bounce ideas off
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    In my personal opinion, If the SEC approve an ETF for Bitcoin then the price will go up. By how much I do not know. However, I do not think the a SEC delay or rejection at this stage is quite priced in. If that were to happen then I think Bitcoin could go down to $5000 levels or even lower based on negative sentiment. I think the price behaviour of Bitcoin is showing great strength and resilience and it has done this not just now but over the past 10 years. Large corrections have been seen and then larger comebacks in these 10 years.
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    Good question. Markets - 90% emotions 10% facts. People are deciding their money is safer in US dollars.
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    Hi @Ozee, NZDCAD is on the MT4 platform as well, you need to update your feed. Open the 'Market Watch' panel then right click anywhere in market watch and click 'Show all'. This will update the list and you should find nzdcad though you may have to restart mt4 first.
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    Hi @Verynicebloke, while waiting for IG to make available HA on the new platform don't forget you can get HA, Range and Renko charts on the MT4 platform ...
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    Good amount of corp news on this one. IMO better than just company financials like normal. Thanks.
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    Trump shows he is not a politician but a businessman yet again, he also pointed out in the same tweet that OPEC was operating as a cartel and that many of the big OPEC states were dependent on the US for protection (which should not be taken for granted). So much for diplomacy but the point was clear and bound to make the OPEC states think.
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    Great addition! I haven’t received an email on this? Community def seems to be the place to get news first!
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    What do you mean? These are the IG adjustments? Number of points as above x your bet size.
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    hi @miro, only 2 options really, have you thought of switching to mini contracts on the MT4 platform, it does most assets except shares and the indicators available are way better. Or move to an overseas account, for example IG Australia or Switzerland. https://www.ig.com/uk/compare-our-leveraged-trading
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    Thanks @JamesIG for the video inclusion, another great interview with Ron William on trader psychology with lots of constructive ideas to put into practice for a better trading mindset.
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    This was the article btw - skewed for a supportive argument of the MPC meeting but anyway, worth a read for anyone I think as it gives a great summery http://www.cityam.com/289920/bank-england-economists-split-monetary-policymakers-set-out
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    Last week "Expected Index Adjustments" indicated that Singapore Blue Chip would be adjusted for 0.36 on 30th Jul. However this was indicated as zero in this week "Expected Index Adjustment" Please confirm adjustment to be made on 30th Jul at 5pm for the Singapore Blue Chip index. Please note that the underline secuirties SIA and Suntec Reits are going ex on Jul 31st and thus have an impact on SBC,
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    anyone interested in the Twitter earnigns can pre register to listen to the webcast here: https://investor.twitterinc.com/ occurs 1pm UK time.
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    Yes! Please include drawing on indicators! And more customizable alerts would be great too!
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    Finally partial close via web app! I used to switch to mobile to do it before
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    Market close so 9pm BST assuming you’re in the UK. That’s the New York close so sort of 4pm eastern @el_clopo
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    Useful. Hopefully a perminant feature...
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    Love the chart name feature and yeh, weekend funding is good. It should save people (ie clients) more money in the long run as people can close their position mid weekend.
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    I believe there has been analysis on the correlation between a rising Copper price and the increase in GDP and rising world index markets. It is not necessarily always the case that a falling Copper price has meant recessionary behaviour. I am sure there is lots of research and articles on the Internet. The key is establishing which are credible sources and taking it from there. However, I think it would be prudent for one to keep a small eye on the Copper price behaviour. If it continues to decline and so too do equities around the world then I would not worry about historical correlation. There are times when fundamentals meet technicals and historical correlation cannot always be effective in testing any assumptions one may have based on past performance.
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    @JamesIG, Copper's recent price action is worrying for world stock markets. I am someone who monitors my investment trusts / investment funds portfolio on a daily basis and I have noticed a drop in my profits over the past week which are more significant than usual. Copper is a good indicator of the general health of the world economy and especially economies like China and the US. It is a barometer that can be used to indicate strength in economic growth especially in construction and manufacturing. They call it Dr.Copper for a reason! For anyone with large equity portfolios then I would strongly suggest they keep an eye on the price action of Copper. Historically, it has been a useful indicator for things to come in relation to the performance of equities.
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    I never get why these don’t get more views... granted this one is a little thin (hey it’s Friday) but most are great and give a solid 5 minute overview.
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    Love the ‘fluid view’ in the forum section. Easy to pick the things you’re interested it, omit the stuff you’re not keen on, and sort in chronological order so you’re always pushed the lasted most important content. Good one!
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    I don't know about other people but it's certainly seems like my radar is getting hit up with companies left right and centre moving away with the whole brexit chat. Do you think this is just media attention or actually legit?